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Lux Body Wash

Lux Body Wash

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Fantastic product!

Fantastic product. Has the perfect texture, scent and 'after-glow' that you'd ever hope for in a no-irritant body wash.
I've tried many soapy over-scented body washes which leave you feeling itchy and tight-skinned!
This is the best yet .. Happy at last!

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Trash it !

Lux made in Taiwan is the worse body wash I've ever used. It feels like I am applying saliva to my body. no bubble at all. I have no other words for LUX.

Please bring this one back

The indulge was great for my psoriasis, I have used it for 12 years, I've tried the new range and they are too strong, my psoriasis is returning

Don't like the new version

Used to love the Shae caramel one, for the smell and texture - now it's weirdly sticky/gummy, can can hardly tell the exfoliating beads are there, and the smell is off-putting. Unwittingly bought in bulk, not sure what to do with them now... :(

Yang ylang

Bring it back please. One of the nicest smells ever. All my family used it and it seems it is no longer on the market. If we would have known this will be taken off the shelf we would have bought all of them. I do use other product but Lang ylang was our favourite.

Nice, but a little overpowering

I bought Lux Fine Fragrance, it was lovely to apply, but after you have washed it off, it still smelt very strong, i was hoping for a mild perfume, not something i try covering up with powder becuase it was too strong, especially before going to bed :( i recommend only using a very small amount, maybe a 10c piece size.
Appealing bottle, good price ( $2.95 ) on special, pretty purple liquid
A little strong, i recommend only using a small amount.


When I first saw the commercial for this Lux Bodywash, I just had to try it. I went shopping with my friends because we were all going to get a different one. We were pretty disappointed with the fragrances available, the bodywashes didnt smell too great. When I tried mine it worked fine, left skin feeling soft and moisturised, but for the price, I think I'll stick to other brands.
The packaging is nice, reasonable price, well known brand, huge range of fragrances.
Some of the scents are pretty bad.

Expensive for a 'supermaket' product, smell overwhelming

I've only used a couple of the Lux body wash varieties, and not for a couple of years (so don't know if their range has changed) but I remember finding the smell overwhelming. This is fine in a high-end product where you are getting high quality essential oils etc, but I found this to just smell cheap.
Nice texture, lasts a fairly long time
Expensive for departments store brand, overwhelming smell.

Terrible Product

I didn't like this at all! I have had eczema since I was a baby and this product made it horribly worse! It my be good for people with better skin but is horrible for me! If you have eczema or dermatitis then I do not recommend this product! I recommend QV lotion :D

This was horrible on my eczema

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Can't believe you have trouble with this product. What you describe is what happens to me when i use anything made by Dove - in the body wash line anyway. Lux does not cause any irritation at all.

Great product

Love this. my husband started buying the product and i fell in love with it. it has variety of scent although i wish they had melon/cucumber. But its a bit expensive for me on sale or not. But we buy it because we love how it keeps our skin soft.

Skin repairer!

I first started using LUX bodywash because I've heard that soaps are harsh and dries out your skin, and I was developing extremely dry skin around my tummy, lower back and thighs that I thought is a new allergic reaction to something. Instead of going to a D0c I wanted to try bodywash. And now I simply LOVE the results of my decision! Literally in 3weeks the skin has healed!!! I'm so passionate about LUX!
skin repairer
absolutely nothing

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It is fantastic to use. The perfume's and the soft feel on you skin is great. The added bonus is, that not using soap in the shower now you do not get any soap skum build up and it is alot easier to clean, which is a big plus for me also.


i love the shower body wah as it leaves me feeling clean and refreshed and it leaves a nice smell on my skin. I would have to say my favourite is the shimmering sea shower gel i love the smell and the bottle looks fabulace in my shower. I have tryed all of the lux body wash range even thou i have a favourite and i have quiet a collection in my bathroom cuboard and i highly recomend it to all of my famil and friend if they are wanting a body wash that is long lasting as you only need a small amount on your spong, and that smell grate and is good on ya skin.
love everything about the lux body wash
nothing at all


For what it is and considering you only need a tiny little amount to wash yourself well it is very well priced, it is perfumed very discretely and doesn't irritate my somewhat sensitive skin and my husband loves the smell too.
The Lux range would have to be the one of the best supermarket brand body wash I have tried. The whole range smells absolutely amazing, the packaging is nice and slim to fit in travel bags. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth it has a very mild exfoliant in it.
That you cant buy it larger bottles, but that is very minor because the body wash is great.


This lux body wash is cheap and readily available and comes in a great array of scents. It also has a couple that have shimmer stuff in them which is subtle but great. The purple one is my fav!!
Soft and soothing, this leaves ur skin feel great and smell even better. It is gentle and some leave your skin with a luminous shimmer. great for before heading out.


This is a good cheap body wash if you are looking for that special something I loved the exfoliating one but just not in winter as it got to over drying. Summer is fine especially after you have just come in from the pool or been out in the sun all day and want something to take away the summer grime. Its more soapy then other body washes I have tried a little bit goes a long way except it has bits in it that get stuck in the sponge and are hard to rinse out. Over all I like it as its a great body wash.
Love the colour and smell
Sometimes the smell gets a little over powering can be a bit to over exfoliating in the winter


Selling point for me is the strong fragrant that lasts on your skin after a shower. Enjoyed using this product.
Smells divine, nice lather and goes a far way, Lasts quite a long time
expensive, top end price for a supermarket item

household favorite

every shop has 2 in the trolley because the price is outstanding and the smell is just devine the caramel one is my favorite the texture is great as well as the exfoliation aspect
great exfoliator when in a rush


This product is lovely. Inexpensive and reasonable quality. The bottle does last a while (says on packaging up to 70 washes and thats about right). I bought one that was Orange that I wasn't too keen on but I would still use it again. They are even better when they go on Sale at Woolworths, Coles or Priceline. I'd love it if they introduced more variety (as I am starting to get bored with their range) but I will still buy them!
Variety of flavours.
Not enough to choose from! I'd love it if they brought more out!


I first tried this product because my usual range of body wash was limited - and i have been very impressed since. I first tried the Tahtian escape exfoliating body wash and loved it, it has a real summery fresh scent and i love how it has a gentle exfoliant - not too harsh. I had a really clean feeling after i used this product - my skin didnt feel dry at all which i was very impressed with as i suffer from dry skin with some products on the market. I have since tried the Lux indulge body wash and was equally impressed.
Great range of scents in this shower body wash and relative price when compated with other products on the market.
Nothing - i really like this product!


overall i think the lux body wash is great, it cleans your skin well without drying it out, all you need is a small amount as it lathers up into alot, it is great value for money
great value for money, great range of scents available, the packaging is great and colourful so you will be able to identify your favourite scent easily, great for the skin, does not dry the skin out like soap can, lathers up nicely, a little goes a long way so they last quite a while, it is very light, leaves your body feeling smooth and silky
there is nothing i dislike about this product

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Lux Body Wash
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