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MooGoo Milk Wash

MooGoo Milk Wash

4.6 from 30 reviews

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My favourite body product

MooGoo Milk Wash is kind and gentle on my combination skin. It never leaves me feeling greasy or dry like other brands, particularly supermarket brands, do. I love that it's Australian made by an Australian business.

Excellent For Cleaning Your Face

I have been using Moo Goo Milk Wash for a few weeks now and I find it amazing. It lathers up really well on my face and once I have rinsed it off, my skin feels so soft, silky and smooth. It really is a wonderful product that gives brilliant results. I have been using it as a hand wash too and it is quite moisturising, it does not dry out the skin on my hands at all which is great as most other hand washes I have used in the past were very drying. I feel like this Milk Wash puts moisture into your skin rather than taking it away like other cleanses. I highly recommend this milk wash for face, hands and body.

Gave my son horrible eczema

Had been using this on my 9 month old regularly until I realised that this was what was causing his horrible eczema. Was so bad on his back the skin was raw. Won't use again. Have also used the eczema cream which I found useless and my husband wouldn't come near me after using as it smells very weird. The nappy rash cream was useless also.

Excellent product

This is the second product I have purchased from Moo Goo and i love it. It is so gentle on my problem skin, it leaves my face so soft and no tight skin feel at all. It takes all my makeup of without leaving any makeup behind. Try it you will love it.

Great product!

Purchased as part of the Essen’tails Value Pack.....Love that I can use this as a face wash and body wash!
As with the majority of MooGoo products, they work extremely well at combating dryness and soothing inflamed skin. Its perfect for travelling as I can reduce the number of products I pack. I have also used as a shampoo on occasion. Bottom line: I will purchase again

Really is a gentle facial cleanser

Have been using this product daily for about 3 months now and extremely happy. It's gentle on my dry skin and skin feels so soft and fresh after using .Thanks Moo Goo .I'm a very happy user of your products and this cleanser is no exception. Love it.

Great For Shaving!

I just thought I'd share with you that Moogoo Milky Wash has another practical use which I accidentally discovered.

I have found that is also an ideal soap for shaving. Just apply it to your skin normally like any other shaving cream or foam, shave your skin, rinse & you're left with beautifully soft, silky smooth, bump-free, hair-free skin!

Another plus is that your skin won't be red or irritated afterwards.

Great Product

While undergoing chemotherapy my skin was very sensitive and I had a lot of allergic reactions to products I normally used. The local chemist recommended the milk wash because it's very mild and wouldn't irritate the skin. This was a lifesaver, skin felt great, no rashes and I have been using it for over 2 years now. Made life a lot more comfortable.

Great product

Love this product. Use it on adults & kids, good family product. One of my kids gets very dry skin, especially in the cold - this has helped. Such a lovely texture and scent!

Fantastic product! Used by the whole family

I had come across many people saying how moogoo products are great quality. When my second baby developed some dry skin I decided to give it a go.
Needless to say, the kids now use the body wash, shampoo and conditioner and I also use all 3 plus the Anti aging face cream!

These products are great quality. The body wash has only a slight scent so great for those who are sensitive to smelly body washes.
After the first wash, you could feel the moisture it provides and now several weeks into using this product all our skin feels so soft and looks great too!!

I have curly hair and so does my oldest daughter. I have spent a fortune on chemical induced products for myself over the years. Switching to moogoo shampoo and conditioner is worthwhile. It leaves my hair silky smooth and no frizz!

Only drawback is it is quite expensive but you don't need a lot so if used sparingly it will last a long while.

MooGoo Milky Wash

I trust MooGoo Products they are absolutely fantastic! I did try the MooGoo Milky Wash, and I was suprised just how soft my skin was after this, and there were rashes, in the past I bought Body Washes but they didn't work at all, and they all left me scatching and it was terrible! MooGoo Products are so soft and so beautiful on any type of skin, they are better than the very expensive Products which you can buy.

Very gentle, leaves skin feeling soft.

This is an amazing cleanser, it can be used all over the body but I use it solely on my face. It's very gentle & doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all, and always leaves my skin feeling super-soft. It comes in a large bottle that lasts a long time too, so it's great value for money.

Fabulous for newborn.

I've used this wash for my babies sensitive skin from birth. His skin was soft and it wasn't a strongly scented wash. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a natural baby bath product, someone with a baby (or themselves) that has sensitive skin or anyone just wanting a good baby bath product!

Gentle cleanser that works well and smells nice without being overpowering

I love this cleanser because it's very gentle on my skin but not so gentle that it doesn't clean properly. I've been using it on my face and body for a few months now and I never want to use another brand of cleanser again! Some people may prefer something a little stronger to cleanse their skin but for me, this one is perfect. It has a light pleasant fragrance too which isn't overpowering. It is in a squeezy bottle which is kind of annoying but I love the product so much that I just get over it.
Light fragrance, gentle effective cleanser
The squeezy bottle

Gentle and effective

This is a very gentle cleanser for my skin that only foams up a little bit, but is still able to wash away my makeup (I don't wear much though). This can be used as a body wash too. It has a light but pleasant fragrance, though I'd prefer it if there was no fragrance at all. It comes in a 500ml bottle and is very inexpensive, as it can last you ages.
inexpensive, gentle
contains some fragrance

Great for young kids

I use this on my daughter and its a brilliant SLS free option for those concious of harsh ingredients. It's gentle, and smells really good too. I would use it too, but I find its too expensive for the whole family, so I just keep it for my daughters bath time. If you are looking for washes that foam up more, this won't be for you.
SLS free!

Not good for nut allergies

This product was good however my son had a nut allergy which we weren't aware of and the almond oil in this product triggered further skin irritations on the enflamed irritated dermatitis areas. Would have been perfect otherwise. I would never for a second have thought that he had a nut allergy based i this until we had him tested
Natural product
Almond oil - not good for nut allergy prone skin

Love it!

I started using this wash as I developed eczema/dermatitis during my pregnancy which I discovered flared up badly after using conventional soaps, hand wash and body wash. It has lived up to it's claims, it is very gentle and does not irritate my skin at all. I have one bottle in the shower which I use for face and body and another by the basin which I use as hand wash. I have two young children in nappies so I am washing my hands often throughout the day but still no eczema!! It doesn't leave my skin feeling dry, it smells lovely and its nice enough to use on my face. I really love this product, and now use it on my children as well.
Gentle, doesn't irritate my eczema, can use on face and body, smells lovely
A bit expensive

Great Product for the whole family.

I started using this for myself as I found other soaps left my skin feeling very dry. This product is fantastic though and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I now use it for both my kids as well. I have been using it in my baby's bath since he was about 2 months old and it keeps his skin lovely and smooth with no rashes or dry skin (like he was getting from other baby wash)
Great for the skin, nice smell, goes a long way.

Very good skin cleanser

I can't speak in the name of people with very irritated, allergic or sensitive skins, since we're lucky enough to have fairly normal skins, BUT this is a good cleaser, it is natural, soft for the skin, and smells good. I used it as a shower gel for both my 2 years old son and myself, in his bath, as a face cleanser, hand wash and a nappy change skin cleanser. Despite using it all day long, the bottle lasted for ages. It is especially very good for the face and as a nappy area cleanser. No it doesn't foams much, but that's due to the non-irritating ingredients used
The reason why I put only 4 stars is that I found it is not a heavy duty cleanser, especially for my partner who comes home from work very dirty (he's a sheep shearer so he's covered with lanolin, dirt, blood and more) and I prefer their oat meal soap which makes my skin feel a lot more softer. But that's probably only a very personal feeling.
Natural based ingredient, can be used by the entire familly from new borns to seniors, on the whole body from the face to toes even for nappy change, last a long time
doesn't foam much, not my favourite Moogoo soap (but it is still very good)

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Questions & Answers

Does boohoo skin milk remove makeup?
1 answer
Yes it does

Do you apply to wet or dry skin & how long do you leave on.
1 answer
I apply it on wet skin and massage it in for usually 20 seconds to 1 minute :)


MooGoo Milk Wash
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