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Ego QV Flare Up Bath Oil

Ego QV Flare Up Bath Oil

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My son had very bad rashes after been use this bath oil


My son has eczema and our GP recommend bath oil for my 6 years old son. I used as required dose in water but after few hours my son start scratching and it became very bad rashes on his body and face as well. Very bad experience with QV flair up bath oil

Purchased in August 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $19.99.

Causes Irritation Yes


Welding22Hobart, TAS

Never again


Purchased to relieve some dry spots in and under arms after a bad washing powder mix two weeks prior. After to hours my skin was burning. Sent the rest of the night rinsing and cooling my arms and armpits under the show. Doctors visit to home, antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets. Never again as per doctors instructions

Purchased in August 2019 for $15.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Caused Bad Chemical Burn on My Baby’s Skin


My hubby accidentally bought this oil thinking it’s good for our baby’s eczema instead of the normal bath oil, we used it in the bleach bath formula recommended by RCH and after 2-3 days my son’s skin reacted very badly, it became dark red and looked very sore like sunburn, after few days it started to get scally, extremely dry and peeling, all over his body! Went back to see nurse from RCH, was told it was the substance in the QV Flare Ups bath oil that caused it. We stopped immediately and his skin improved. No more QV Flare Ups bath oil! I should have made a complaint to the company.



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Sons eczema completely gone!




Severe whole body rash


My 10 year old had a dermatitis flare up around his mouth/chin/nose area, I thought maybe this would help by having a bath and splashed it around that area. He had already missed three days school due to it. Gave my son two baths in one day at the correct concentration as outlined on the back of the bottle. The next morning he woke with a severe red rash all over his body, concentrated on back and front of trunk. Was itchy, eyes were sore as well. Doctor gave him prednisolone for five days to calm it down, and he missed more school. Will never use again!. Have contacted company and sent in remaining product for testing.



I was born with eczema and suffered from it my whole life (20 years). In the past few months my eczema became infected on my hands and feet.

After a fair few visits to the doctors, they gave me a sample of Ego QV Flare Up Bath Oil. Within my first soak I immediately felt a difference. The infection had become much less painful and the pus had decreased.

Amazing product, great for eczema sufferers.



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Get it if you have eczema!


I never had really bad eczema until about a year ago. After that even potent steroid creams weren't working as it was body wide and I didn't want to put that much steroids on me everyday. I soaked in this as a last ditch effort and it reduced my itching and blotchy eczema so much! I admittedly soak for about 40minutes instead of 15 to create a really thick layer of parafin on me, but after that I don't even need moisturiser. Use daily for a week to get the flare up down and then maybe once every couple of days if you feel it creep back up again. =]


Alan1954Gippsland, VIC

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It works for me


EV79LawtonWA, 6018

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Really help you to moisture your skin


Being recommended by my doctor when my eczema starts to flare up.
it really helps to reduce the itchiness and you can feel the skin been cover by a layer of moisture. Of course, I still need to apply body cream to 'lock' the moisture.
I do recommend it if you have a sensitive skin.


MotherMoonWA, 6210

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Thiswas a life saver when i broke out in exzma, all I wanted to do was scratch, but after applying this product the urge to scratch was gone, it seem to put a barrier between me and my fingers!! It is costly but well worth it in the long term as you require only a small amount of the product. I get exzma quite frequently and all i can say is thanfully this is available to buy, it easers the need to scratch which make your exzma worse and is used for many other things also, great for chicken pox, acne prone skin, plus more. So when you have a flare up pay the few extra cents and get the best there is Truly a lifesaver.
Puts a barrier between my skin and my fingers!


flutterbyesNSW, 2213

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I purchased this for my husband who suffers from moderate ezcema after a chemist recommended the QV range as a soap alternative. This product seems to provide a moisturizing layer to the skin after a 15 minute bath but you have to be careful not to rub it all off with a towel when drying. For moderate types of ezcema you still have to use an additional moisturizing cream on top of this.
Provides a protective barrier to the skin following use that helps with itchy skin.
A little costly but only a small amount is used each time so does last quiet a while.

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Kawaljit k.

Kawaljit k.asked

Hi my son had eczema.. I use used Qv flair up bath to him .. after 3-4 hours he had very bad rashes in his body.

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I have been advised by skin specialist to use QV Flare up Bath oil in either bath or shower, I would prefer to use the shower.
I want to decant into pump spray. 237 ml. What would be the ratio of water to oil?
Thanks for your assistance

1 answer

I would advise against a pump spray as I have tried it.
It gets in your eyes and lungs and all over the shower.
I use a empty small bottle of QV flareup with one teaspoon per bottle per shower then fill with warm water.
This is slightly more concentrated than when used in a bath but as it is applied to wet skin at the end of the shower
I have found that that is what works for me.
I hope this helps.



Is QV flare up cream helpful for acne rosacea?

1 answer

That is as far as I know not it's intended use.
It is used for treating dry skin so for acne probably not suitable.

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