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Raiden ZM5200

Raiden ZM5200

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Very good value

The weakness in the saw is the recoil starter, otherwise the saw is very good and reliable. I have purchased 4 for myself(2) and a others and the only problem is the recoil starter mechanism which is weak. My supplier is Crazy Sales at about $100 to about $140 depending upon the specials. They are very good with their guarantee and have replaced the starter with no haggling. However, I needed yet another for another saw and they can be purchased on-line for $35 from Global Sales. I have purchased a replacement + a spare. Even having to replace the starters, I am still way ahead financially when compared with the "big name" saws which I have owned previously. The equivalent saw in the 2 major brands costs $700 - $900 whilst neither of mine has cost me more than $150 on average. I cut about 8 tonne of hardwood each year.
It's inexpensive!
The recoil starter

how do you find this Global Sales Hi all, I found a replacment part to fix the pull start mechanism on this saw. The 'Recoil Pull Start Easy Starter for Baumr-ag SX62 62cc chainsaw' sold by 'jonojohno20004' on ebay Australia for $35 is a direct fit. I hope this helps. LuckyMiles

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Gday i have a RAIDEN ZM5200 chainsaw I need to replace a front engine mount rubber aswell as the air filter cover knob that holds the cover in place !!!! Is there a raiden dealership where i can purchase these items ?
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Hi, I can't remember who has bits for these saws, but if you search the net thoroughly enough for Raiden 5200 you will find someone who can supply you with bits. There is no Raiden dealer so far as I know but a lot of these parts are generic as the saws are actually a copy of earlier Stihl saws. Baumer (or something like that?) is a the same thing I think? Look at the pictures on-line to find matching saws. If you can't find the bits, you should be able to manufacture them yourself, or improvise, as they are pretty simple. With the cover screw, it's just a matter of getting a wing nut with the correct thread and a flat washer to suit. Good luck.

Can you give us the website or phone number of the company that sells the spare parts for the Raiden 52cc chainsaw? My starting mechanism has died to but the saw works really well otherwise. Thank you,
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Hi all, I found a replacment part to fix the pull start mechanism on this saw. The 'Recoil Pull Start Easy Starter for Baumr-ag SX62 62cc chainsaw' sold by 'jonojohno20004' on ebay Australia for $35 is a direct fit. I hope this helps.

I purchased one a year or so ago, on arrival started it back then, to check it worked, all good ,ran it for a while didn't use it. Went to use it and the bloody thing wont start. Is there a problem with leaving these idle for to long? I have replaced the old fuel, checked and cleaned the spark plug, I am buggered from pulling the rope,its not even firing...what next?
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A couple of suggestions. I have purchased 4 of these saws, 2 for me and 2 for friends and I cut 8 - 10 tonnes of hardwood PA. 1. Check that the on/off switch is OK, not broken or floppy or wires loose/disconnected, or in upside down - the switch is the most likely problem in my view. 2. Many people do the big cord pull to start a saw - my technique with this saw is: Full choke, full throttle with throttle lock on, switch on, 4 - 6 short sharp pulls and the saw should fire - choke off and then another 2 or 3 pulls and it should start. As the old timers say, "it can only be fuel or fire", and this adage is correct with this sort of motor. Check that it's getting fuel, and check that it's getting power to generate the spark, this will relate to the on/off switch or the HT cable (spark plug). Sort them out they are bloody good (they are pretty much a copy of an earlier Stihl), I am onto second and third chains and a new chain bar. Cheers SteveHi, Was that informatuion any help? Did you get your saw started? If it's not getting fuel, the fuel filter may be blocked; it's "floating" inside the fuel tank on the end of the fuel line and you will need a piece of hooked wire to hook it out to clean it. If it's been sitting for a while, the fuel filter may be "gunked-up"? Cheers SteveHi Stevo thanks for help, I have given the saw to a mate, I head over next Friday to see how he went, Thanks for your reply I shall let you know the out come,Cheers mate..T


Raiden ZM5200
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