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Re-Creation Health Clubs

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Good luck if you want to terminate your membership. They will be rude and make things as difficult for you. Loyalty does not matter. Don’t be fooled by the 14 days notice period. If you give notice a day after your billing day (which means you’ve already paid 2 weeks in advance), they will still FORCE you to pay another final payment so you will end up having to give 27/28 days notice. Unreasonable and rude bunch of people.

Ridiculous policies when quitting

After relocating to South Melbourne, I could no longer attend the Burwood East gym. I was advised that I would need to pay $5 per visit to attend the South Melbourne gym. Otherwise I would need to quit and re-sign in South Melbourne. You cannot quit via email or phone however - you need to waste time going out there to do it in person. This is just a scam to make it difficult for you to cancel your membership. Not impressed in the slightest.

Value for Money

All they care about is making money.

All they care about is making money. This gym has no idea how to retain loyal customer and all they want to do is charge and or increase their fee. They have charged me ridiculous dishonour fee of 14.80 and because I'v
now moved to a month to month contract I have to pay a $20 dollar activation fee every time if my contract runs out. Gonna stick to Anytime fitness next door. Much better \ cleaner facility and im sure they will look after their customers. I have asked the manager to waived the $20 charge but said "NO" . Sad as i have been a customer over a year .So much for being a regular.

Pathetic Service and Charges

Regarding payments, if it’s auto debit, the text is not in time for us to make the payment as they unnecessarily charge $15 extra while they say you call and make the payment after the text. And to cancel the contract, you have to pay the entire amount. Text messages are delayed so make sure you remember the exact dates and don’t rely on their text of auto debit. Also some equipment’s are out of service most of the times. I regret taking the membership.

Bad management

This place is horrible not enjoyable at all equipment is very old and the crèche is TERRIBLE. My son was shoved in the corner in the pram with the hood down fully awake and the management did nothing but ignore the situation.

Bad service

Just generally bad service and not very friendly at the Hampton gym. The classes are too packed and the price is expensive for what you get.

Bad mangemnt

Direct debit mistakes, three different amounts messaged owed money.Double dipped into account twice,from two different accounts.Want to charge late fees for their mistakes. Disappointed will cancel membership

Cancellation Process

Totally rubbish they make you come into the gym to cancel your registration, it is in their "Terms of Condition", my reason for cancelling was I lived too far away. They threaten debt collectors at the drop of a hat if you suggest just cancelling your credit card. Just a bunch of money grabbing thugs.

They are just making fool dont doing good i suggest never be the member of this gym

They are using bad language dont have mannera to talk with costumers
Nd cant help if u need any service

Worst Service!

Some good points like new machines but doesn't make up for terrible staff. The trainers seem pretty ordinary and sometimes give out some bad advice. The overall service is the worst part. Very rude, sleazy and arrogant trainers. Worst customer service in Melbourne!!

Great Gym and facilities

Iv'e recently joined the Keysborough Re-Creation, and am very impressed with the large amount of equipment they have to offer for the price I'm paying. The club is very clean compared to other gyms I've been too, and also looks very well maintained. The team seem to be very friendly and helpful and I am always greeted with a 'Hi' and "Bye'. My only negative, is that I wish other users would put the weights away after themselves, but this can't be put on the gym for others poor etiquette!!

Burwood - dirty and poorly maintained. Not a win/win but all about profit - here are the cons and pr

- Limited amount of weight training equipment (e.g. one smith machine/ one free weight leg press). Operates 24 hours to spread the load from too many members/too little equipment.
- No locks on the women’s toilet doors for more than a month. Hello, what privacy?
- Poor maintenance. Many of the seat/pad cushions are covered in a protective plastic covering, but the plastic layer AND the vinyl covering underneath are completely worn through to the threads on about 30% of the equipment.
- Most things that go out of action (as everything does from time to time) are down for one to two weeks as no spares are kept on site. Duh. One of the men’s urinals was out of action for a month while they waited for an angel with a plunger to descend from heaven to fix it.
- No soap dispensers in some showers. Clearly $2 worth of liquid soap is a bridge too far and you should just wash yourself with clean thoughts. Occasionally a door falls off as well. The parallels to a crack-den are becoming increasingly obvious.
- Ripped seats on spin bikes. Several were removed after cutting members skin. Two weeks later for some idiotic reason they returned to the bikes. Still ripped. Not sure what the seats did on their little vacation, maybe visiting North Korea or perhaps some paragliding, but whatever it was certainly didn’t involve getting repaired.
- Hypocrisy. Cloth hand towel in men’s bathroom has messages written in black ink about “keeping the gym clean”, yet the towel itself is filthy and there is always gunk around the sink and plug. Not to mention despite a locker clean out policy they leave stinking gym clothes (including underwear) in unattended lockers for weeks at a time. Surprise!
- Worse sales process ever. Consist of a chubby guy with dreads walking 3 metres in front of you in a slow circle with a bored self-satisfied look on his face. Seriously if there was actually a need for sales skills this guy wouldn’t be able to buy a can of baked beans.
- Power room (free weights) looks like an itinerant share house run by teenage boys. Chalk, plastic bottles, paper towels, weights, scattered everywhere around the floor like a giant hand took hold of the room, shook it around at random, and then left everything where it fell.
- Management doesn’t listen to complaints and action them.
- Reception staff (with one or two exceptions) are not welcoming or friendly. Clearly one finger typing that Google search leaves no spare mental capacity to acknowledge the members who pay their wages.

- Good variety of class and times. Instructors are a mixed bag, but there is always something to do.
- Personal trainers are very down to earth (except for the guy who looks like a walking drive-in screen) and do not over crowd the (small) gym. They are polite, respectful and don’t monopolise equipment the way trainers in other gyms tend to.
- Most members and even personal trainers actually put their weights away (except in the power room – see above).
- Convenience. Located in a shopping centre it is easy to park once, do your exercise and then take care of other things (doctor/dentist/groceries/massage).
- No lock in contracts. It’s why we joined, and given the cons of being a member, nice to have since we are leaving.
- Price is mid-range
- Cardio equipment. Lots and lots of cardio equipment. Climb, row, run, pedal to your hearts content. A lot of the equipment has built-in TVs so you can trick yourself into thinking you’re still on the couch.
- Power room. Although it usually looks like the Rolling Stones (circa 1970s) have had their after party in there, those additional power racks are useful in taking the load off the limited equipment in the other weights area.


I joined Re-creation gym in March of this year when I moved into the Keysborough area. All was ok until I had a problem with internet fraud on my bank account and had to change my payment details. I rang the club and I had not once been contacted by the gym to say there was provided them with the new details to be told if there were any problems I would be contacted. I then went away for three weeks. When I returned I had an email from a debt collection agency asking me to pay $492 to the gym for cancellation of membership. I had not once been contacted by the gym to say there was a problem with my payment it was just put into the hand of a debt collector and only after two payments had not gone through. I feel humiliated by this and will never step foot in the gym again even if my payments are continued.

Arrogant & deceitful.

I was lied to upon entering membership & am now a member for life! Unless following an annoying process that I had originally asked about & was lied to. Also I receive heaps of emails with details of over priced classes that do not suit my needs but, the management neglected to notify about childcare ending instead offering a 'possible' once a week yoga class for kids!...only once I realized this.
Terrible customer service. Personal trainers keep to themselves or those they know. They seem to always be busy as there isn't many of them, seems poor management. This means no one shows you How to use equipment.
You can occasionally get a smile from reception but that's as friendly as it gets.
Good equipment but no one cleans after using equipment. Definitely not for me and looking forward to ending my life time contract!

Pathetic go join a better gym don't waste your time

Childcare facility closing so how are u meant to keep fit if u have children. Not enough equipment always have to wait. Bathrooms are filthy, toilets aren't cleaned, benches are full of hair. No one uses towels at gym. Hardly any personal trainers as management don't know how to run a gym.

Awful service

Pretty good equipment as the gym is new but awful service. The gym staff just stick within their small groups, members they know through friends or personal training, and ignore everyone else. Very arrogant trainers, seedy as well. Other staff mostly just ignore you, sometimes you get the odd friendly receptionist but that is not the norm at all.

Full marks for 24 hour operation

Re.Creation always keep up with the latest trends and now with all those 24 hour gyms popping up they have risen to the demand and converted their Essendon. Sth melbourne and Brighton East clubs to 24 hour operation . Whats good is that you also get all the classes . Smart move Re.Creation .

Burwood Recreation Gym not good

Member at the Burwood East Re-creation gym. Great facilities (it is new) and very good equipment. The classes are great too. But if you want to use the gym, a word of warning. There is no staff in the gym, this means you cannot ask questions or get any help. The only staff are personal trainers with their clients, so they don't have time to help you. The second issue with no staff in the gym is that the patrons do not put the equipment/weights back, not even the personal trainers. Also a lot of the clients do not use towels and do not wipe the equipment/benches when finished. So, if you are looking for a gym where you can pick up the equipment from other patrons and enjoy using benches sweaty for the previous user go ahead....
classes, equipment
no staff in gym,

Great service but when will it open

I signed up to the new Recreation in Burwood before it had opened on a cheaper membership deal, and very cheapat that. They were interested in what exactly i wanted out of the gym and and goals i wanted, and after i had actually completely paid for the first term, it was superb service, knowing you by name without having to read a prompt on a computer or anything. But this gym is nearly 5 months late to open! Very frustrating.
Great service, friendly, cheap as anything
5 months late on opening.

May have been around for a long time but i was only there for a short time.

I believe that Re-creation would like to think that they are a fitness centre that actually cares about there patrons and whilst I was being shown around the facility was actually told how bad the other facilities in the area were. I fopund this strange to do and made me wonder if they really were any better.

After my first few months I realised that if you didnt do group fitness the staff didnt care about you or what you thought. Maintenance on facilty was shocking.

Stairmasters however are fantastic and that is what I miss.

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I was thinking of joining Re-Creation Health Club, Point Cook, but just noticed this club listed with status of ‘In Liquidation’. If they cease to carry on their business, how come still accepting new member account?
2 answers
I was a member in Burwood. I know nothing about Point Cook.have a look here: https://insolvencynotices.asic.gov.au/browsesearch-notices?appointment=All&noticepurpose=All&noticestate=All&companyname=Re-Creation+Health+Club+Point+Cook+Pty+Ltd

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