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Just had my roof done by ReACT,after approx 20 years with no maintenance. I can't fault them with anything from the time of my first contact to the end professional, efficient, worked in with my schedule and will definately be recommending them to other people

Many calls and still no outcome.

I have made several phone calls to ReACT Roofing and they returned a couple of calls and then I was told that they we going to talk to the boss about the next step. I rang on Friday 30th November and was told the guys are busy doing new jobs..... It sounds like they don't really care about warranty work. I was happy with the work and have recommended ReACTto my neighbour and friends, hope they have better service if they have issues.

Extremely happy

Had Paul and Andrew out to replace our existing gutters on a mid 70's house in Kambah due to water leaking into the eaves. The price was very competitive and they did a great job. Will definitely be going back in the future.

The best!

React roofing is a great company and the staff and owners are amazing People with great work ethic I would highly recommend them as the workers put in great effort in whatever the job is and the owners are polite and fantastic I am extremely happy with this company

Fantastic Service

Have nothing but wonderful things to say about ReACT Roofing and the quality of service they provided.
Highly, highly recommend them!!


This business was engaged to undertake water leak repairs at our property in 2017. The problem was not rectified, despite a full and unnecessary respray of the roof. Denied further contact when action was requested to fix the issue. Only reached out 12 months later following a social media post regarding the company in question, with a personal offer from the owner to rectify the issue - which would include major works to remove brickwork that he, nor ReACT, are qualified to undertake. A secondary company has since been engaged to resolve the matter; but this company is only the latest iteration of a business that continually fails to deliver, offers inadquete resolutions to its work and no refunds. Stay away at all costs and do your research first.

Justin, the work agreed upon was the work that we completed, and we do not offer refunds on successful, completed work based on a customer changing their mind -- how would you mother possibly return the product to us? It's also important to note that we did not "deny further contact", we missed a voicemail that you left at a busy time and we didn't receive any follow-up from you to explain that there was still a problem. We concede that voicemails left on an official company service should not be missed, and have since changed our processes to prevent this. We didn't reach out because of your inappropriate facebook posts, but because we were made aware that there was still a leak -- for more than a year. Even if you're unhappy and frustrated, I think it's important to be straight with people and act in good faith. This problem could have been resolved much more to your satisfaction if you'd used the feedback options on our website, or got in touch with a phone call or by email to just let us know that there was still a leak to be rectified. We are even on facebook once every few weeks; you could have tried messaging us on there. I am a licenced builder in the ACT and NSW, and I assure you that I am more than qualified to legally remove an unwanted chimney from a roof. We have performed a number of extensions to canberra houses and do not regard removing a chimney as "major works". Also, ReACT is not an "iteration", we've been trading under this name for fifteen years. You have no personal experience of any other work we have done, and your claim that this company "continually fails to deliver" is false and perhaps even counts as libel. I suspect that you've read substantial online content made over the past decade by a small group of people, including former staff, who have no hesitation in lying about us, and that you have based your false claims simply upon online rumour. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet!Thanks for your reply Paul, much appreciated. I have in my possession phone records that show repeated attempts to raise ReACT's interest between the initial work you undertook in April 2017, until I spoke with one of your representatives in April 2018. 12 months of failure to return or accept calls placed to your company in good faith to re-mediate work you, or your staff, failed to complete in the first instance. A second opinion by a trusted regional repairer has also turned up evidence of broken tiles that should have been replaced in the first instance. There is now photo evidence of this failure. As we are speaking on the terms of being straight and direct, I welcome your comments on a public forum so others can see the behavior we have experienced. Being straight in the first instance in undertaking the work purchased to ReACT Roofing would have avoided another ugly mess. On Facebook; a review I left you was deleted on April 12. Being false and libel is an interesting suggestion on your behalf, and one I'm quite happy to speak with you over the phone regarding. Following that social media post, I was contacted privately by close to 20 past clients of yours who expressed dissatisfaction with your work over the past 15 years in Canberra (some who even worked for you, though you deny this, and deny that anybody who participated in the past even had work done by you, despite documents to the contrary). Most happy to cite you have some happy clients; I wish I was one of them. But overwhelmingly on several platforms, this seems to be a small percent of your clientele. Thanks.Justin, I was happy to remediate all the problems you've cited, at no charge, under warranty, including the broken tiles. I can't imagine that anyone would reasonably expect a better response than this. I arrived, as organised, to undertake this work, and you declined that offer. I'm not sure at this stage what outcome you are seeking. If you could be clear about what you'd like to see (other than a cash handout), perhaps we might resolve this in good faith. As we have completed over ten thousand roofing jobs in Canberra, I'm not surprised you have encountered some unhappy clients. Happy clients are far less likely to post on the Internet. I will observe for our readers that the customer in this case was quite reasonable and was happy to accept my offer of free work, and that you have no formal standing in this matter. This public forum -- which I help pay for -- say themselves that it's only for customers, not bystanders. I now find myself in the position of having to pay a monthly fee to keep your posts here, or be accused of censorship by removing them, even though they clearly breach the spirit and intent of the site. I state again for the record -- you never purchased a chimney repair, you purchased a roof restoration, and you had one completed. My offer to provide additional services, for free, was accepted by the customer. You advised the client otherwise, and as far as I can tell, this decision was based at least partly on stuff posted online, not on your own research or discussions with me. Your response *after* rejecting good faith offers to resolve the situation -- after the matter was closed to neither party's satisfaction -- was then to take to your keyboard on a forum I fund, and make statements which are provably incorrect. I conclude that you no longer act in good faith.

Failure to complete work paid for

This review relates to work done by React Roofing not quite four years ago. I was not aware of this site until recently. Had I been so aware I would have placed review earlier and furthermore I would not have chosen React Roofing based on reviews below. My experience is that I accepted quote for work on roof and for all eaves to be replaced on rental property. Before work commenced I was required to pay 50% of cost of work, which I did. A few weeks later I got a call to say work was completed as per the quote. Because I was travelling interstate with work and given React Roofing's TV advertising I assumed their work would be of high quality, as they had a reputation to uphold I paid the balance of the quoted amount without checking the quality of work or having someone else check it for me. Five months later, when the tenant moved out, I went to my property to re-curtain the place and discovered that eaves under the back porch had not been replaced. I texted React roofing and asked they replace the eaves as quoted. I received no reply so I phoned React roofing and spoke with owner . He said the eaves for the porch were not covered by the quote but he was happy for React to replace as it needed doing but at extra cost. I disputed what he said about the eaves not being covered by the quote. React Roofing did not return to replace the eaves. Notwithstanding other recommendations, based on my experience I do not recommend React Roofing.

It's a shame that there's been such a misunderstanding here about the quote. I assure you though, the work that we quoted you for, and that we did, and that you are happy with is fully covered under warranty. If you need your eaves replaced, you must specifically request this as it's signficant work and we can't afford to throw in replacement eaves at no extra charge. I hope that you reconsider and will employ us again for any other repairs your properties need.I am not happy with the work React roofing did because the work quoted for was not completed. I did not expect eaves to be replaced at no cost. The quote included replacement of all eaves. React roofing did not finish off a section of the eaves on the porch. Would not have taken more than an hour of work.

Fast service and excellent support

Very quick to respond. Excellent knowledge and assurance. I would highly recommend and will continue to use their services in the future.

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Lori, thanks so much for your recommendation, we have earned that knowledge by the successful completion of literally thousands of jobs performed on Canberra roofs in Canberra conditions. We look forward to our next engagement with you!

Patio Roof

Many thanks to Paul, Ian and Steve for great work on a challenging job. We wanted a gabled roof on a triangular patio - in keeping with the overall look of our house. This was not an easy ask, but Paul helped develop the design and then Ian and Steve problem-solved as we went along. It's almost impossible to find carpenters/tradesmen these days with level of skill, perfectionism and attention-to-detail that Ian and Steve displayed throughout our job. It was a pleasure to watch them work, and we are now enjoying the fruits of their labour!

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Rob, we are very proud of that job, and we are glad you enjoyed the process and the result so much! We enjoy the process of detailed design and efficient, careful execution of challenging work, and it's ended in a great result for many decades to come.

Great product and service.

We engaged ReACT roofing to help replacing aging flashing and to fix a very hard to find leak in our roof. Andrew from ReACT was very professional from beginning to end, fixing the problem & providing a great product as well. Very satisfied.

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We are pleased with Andrew as well! Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

Our dusty old roof looks brand new

We started off a little rocky but Paul and the team from React more than made up for it. We are renovating and React Roofing worked in around our schedule to install new gutters, fascia, downpipes and restore our roof in a timely manner. Our old roof looks brand new. It looks amazing. So happy with it.

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Emi, we work hard to make sure that the final outcome is what we all want! It's really great that you're so happy with the scheduling and the result, it was good to work with you. Make sure you get in touch if there's anything else you need!

Roof, patio and porch

A big thank you to Paul, Ian, Steve and all the others at ReAct roofing. They have given me a beautiful patio, porch and a roof that doesn't leak. My porch is now full of flowers and gives me pleasure every day I walk in and out of my front door. They even came back to patch up the roof because I moved the solar panel so that the newly exposed bit matched the rest of the roof. Not to mention the modifications done to my stable to increase shelter for my horses. Well done, and thanks again.

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Judy, we're glad the horses will stay dry and that your floral porch is doing so well. Don't forget that there's a solid warranty on the work, so don't be shy about staying in touch!

Great service!

We had our roof re-painted and checked by ReACT about 18 months ago. The quote and work was professional, certainly not cheap. It took a while to get started due to the overly hot weather at the time, but they kept us informed about start date. Now, 18 months later we had a issue with frozen, then burst pipes in the ceiling that required a plumber - Paul at ReACT was out that very afternoon to help access the roof area for the plumber - at NO CHARGE. Will come and put everything back together for us when job is done. Cant ask for more than that! Thank you ReACT

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Karen, We are always help with this sort of follow-up work, it's not just part of the job, it's part of our commitment!

Started well, finished poorly

My personal view of ReACT is to be wary! My dealings started off well, prompt service, professional appearance etc. Was talked into doing more work than I had considered necessary but wanted NO leaks or issues with final product. Cost was well above average but I don't mind paying for quality work. That was were I made the mistake. The salesman does a great job, I think he is the owner. Issues began during install of new tin roof, as I suggested I wasn't going to pay for shoddy work, it was quickly rectified. Final product looked great - new roof, new gutters but unknown at that time, were new leaks. Product was paid for. AND I paid A LOT. Issues became apparent after the 1st rain, a roofer came out with his silicone gun and put a lot of goo around the place, temporarily resolving the problem, but problems still continue with leaks and my concerns now fall on deaf ears. With my money gone, my requests to come look fall on deaf eras. Really disappointing, should have used a smaller owner operator roofer.
Be wary, don't think they will do a better job than anyone else - very friendly and happy to assist when signing up.

Kim, I don't know why you think our ears are deaf, we would love to hear from you! You can contact me personally by filling out the form here: http://www.reactroofing.com.au/feedback.html I tested it myself, so I know it's working properly; this will bypass any problems around voicemail and so on. This is linked to from our front page with big bold link "Customer Service", so please use this to get in touch with me at any time -- I'll call you back as soon as I can and we can get everything sorted out and make you happy. Cheers!Well after 4 years of trying to get [name removed] back out to actually fix my roof, instead of just promising even after offering to pay (again), what I have learnt from other roofers is this. Do not install colorbond roofing on less than 5 degree pitch or you will have a leaking nightmare. Thankyou react roofing for being so useless you didn't know this. My roof pitch is at best 3 degrees, you should not have used this product ór you should have ensured the pitch was more than 3 degrees - you built it awesome patio's!! Aka react. Looks like I'm up for another $$5 - 10k to put lysaght or another product on or rebuild to change pitch. Thanks for the rip off. Roofing 101 - dont use colorbond on less than 5 degrees! My god, how could you not know this as a roofing company!

New tin hat

Contacted ReAct one day and they were out the next day to quote. Lovely person who quoted on the spot and then emailed the written quote that night. Was cheaper than two other companies. After accepting the job of a repaint of a corrogated house roof I was contacted by another lovely gentleman two weeks later to arrange a time to do the job. After one day delay due to bad weather the job was started two and a half weeks after initial contact. Very happy with the company's customer service and exceptionally happy with the completed product.They cleaned up each of the two days it took them to complete the job. Thanks guys it was a pleasure working with you.

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G.J we enjoyed working with you as well, we have recently improved our work scheduling and it looks like it's paying off!

Great work :)

We recently had work completed by reACT and I can't say I had any major issues at all. I did shop around with another 2 companies and reACT were prompt with coming out to my home, having a thorough look at the roof,fascia and gutters. As well as providing a reasonable quote and a complete breakdown of costs. The work for the roof was turned around quickly despite being told it was about a 2-3month wait ( did not wait anywhere near this timeframe). The reACT team were awesome, easy to talk to and straight up. They may give short notice to coming out on site to complete work but in the big scheme of things that is not really an issue. Would deinately recommend them.

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Ash, we are happy to hear that you are happy, and we pride ourselves on being straight up! Glad we could help.

Nothing but problems

ReACT recently restored our roof. In the process they said we needed new gutters, even though the old gutters had never had any problems. We have nothing but problems with the new roof and gutters. Our house is quite small and the work cost just under $20,000. The painting is very patchy, the gutters are blocked with old ridgecapping and debris, and ReACT don't seem to care. We have to clear the gutters of all the debris ourselves because the water gushing out of them was overflowing onto our electrical switchboard. Don't ever use ReACT.

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Marie, If we recommended new gutters, it’s probably because we found corrosion, leaks or other damage; if you give me a call with your address, I’m happy to go over our records and find out what the reason was, and see if there’s anything we can do to make amends. I agree that nothing should have been left in the gutters, and I apologise for the oversight there. We have put changes in place to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Never even provided a written quote

Requested a quote for a basic maintenance / repair and repaint of our metal roofing in Canberra. Was contacted quickly by a polite and well sounding individual who visited my site. The quoted around $8000 and never provided a written quote despite request. Nor did they actually get up and look at the roof. No wonder as the quote as approximately $5000 more expensive than three other companies I contacted. Clearly a complete bunch of charlatans. Do not use.

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Tom, I’m sorry you decided not to go with us, but as we’ve completed around fifteen thousand roofing jobs in Canberra, we don’t always need to go up top, especially for basic maintenance work as you’ve described. By your own admission, we were prompt and polite, and all our quotes are free. We don’t care for theatrics (except on the telly!), and I don’t want to start charging for quotes to cover the extra time and risks involved.

It took a while to get the job started, but the quality of the job was very good

Thanks to the guys at ReACT. The job itself was very well done, nothing to complain about. However, it would be great if the job was done promptly though.. It took far too long to get the ball rolling (a bit less than 2 months if I remember correctly). The longer it takes to get the job done, the more risk of further water damage. Luckily there was no further water damage even though it rained several times before the roof repair was done. I was also worried because I had to pay 50% in advance.

Can't really say if the service was reasonably priced or not. I didn't really shop around, thinking that my body corp insurance would cover it, but after all was said and done I had to pay it myself.

While the quality of the work itself was good, I have to sadly deduct 2 stars because it took a very long time (and a couple of emails) to get started. My advice to ReACT is: happy customers are the best form of advertising!

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Fedup, I couldn’t have said it better myself, we have thousands of happy customers and I’m glad that you’re happy with the quality of the work. We have listened to all the comments here and elsewhere and made changes to our business to try and make sure that all our customers are served more promptly than before.

Great people but poor job :(

In a rush and had to go with the first company I could get in with ... read the reviews and React would not have been my first choice ... but there was a three month wait just to get a quote from the other companies. Free quote, seemed very knowledgeable and listen to my concerns ... pricey but I was expecting that. Started around the time we agreed on but it took 4 different visits and a couple of cancellation as they would ring that morning to start leaving me no time to make arrangements for dogs, etc. Finally had a day ... walked in and told me that they could not do the job because the wood front was rotten ... first I had heard of it, even though they had been through a couple of times. 4 week wait to replace and then rebook plus they would do new guttering ... and the price .. staggering! Rang my builder and had the job done within 3 days plus replaced other pieces and new guttering throughout and painted - for much less. I had already paid a deposit and the guys were great about coming back straight after the three days to do the roof. Very friendly and really nice guys but I had to have them back three times because work was not done up to standard - and that was what I could see - which worried me. Finally gave up and had my builder fix what he could while putting up the guttering - still not great and disappoints me every time I see it. Although the guys were wonderful about taking my complaints and tried to resolve the problem - a second opinion has confirmed that the job could have turned out much better if it had been done correctly in the first place - now it would require a complete restart to fix :(

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gillie5, I note that there was a three month wait to get a quote from other roofing companies. I hope that other people will read this and see that when the storms come, there is very high demand for roofing work and we won’t spend more time on quoting than we need to. I’m also aware of the cancellations, and while staff illness and so on is unavoidable, we have made changes to our scheduling to increase reliability across the whole business. It’s not clear specifically what you are unhappy about – I do recall that the wood was rotten and it was expensive to do properly. You selected a cheaper option and ended up with a cheaper result; as you say, we did everything we could and came back cheerfully and promptly multiple times to try and resolve the situation, and we agree that the job would have turned out much better if you had hired us to do it correctly in the first place.

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do u do stramit ogee type s12?
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Hello Paul... have you any experience with Decra roofing material? Do you know if it can be painted or otherwise rejuvenated? Many thanks. Rob
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Hello ReACT Roofing Staff Members, How are you doing today? I hope that you're all doing well. :-) I'm in need of a roof repair and I also need my gutters cleaned please. Can you please advise me on what to do? I made a call to have someone come down, but nobody got back to me about it. Thank you very much and have a great day ahead too! :-) Beat Wishes, Jason
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No worries Jason, we are happy to help! Pop your details in here and we will be in touch ASAP: http://reactroofing.com.au/quote/index.html Or if you prefer, just phone 62807663 (6280 ROOF), but we might all be on ladders, it's been raining a lot lately!

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