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Real Flame
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Great heater, poor quality

The fireplace itself heats the house up beautifully and is really efficient but so many parts are rusting up. The worst part is the external flue termination which has significant rust with flaking paint yet the manufacturer has told us it is wear and tear. Seriously? After just over 18 months a $7000 fireplace should be falling apart with normal wear and tear. Be aware the black paint on the inside of the fireplace will burn away within the first winter and look patchy
Great heat production
Poor quality

Real flame Landscape 1000

I installed the Landscape 1000 in an internal wall between two rooms. Not only did the Landscape look great it had a high heat output. Using a Ducted Air conditioning unit on "fan only" mode, we easily heated the entire house. Visitors often comment on its amazing flames and warming capabilities.
Looks great on or off
Remote control not easy to program.

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