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Remington Durablade Pro MB061AU

Remington Durablade Pro MB061AU

2.9 from 49 reviews

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Half an hour to shave stubble

I bought this shaver because I was sucked in by the clever marketing.
It doesn't actually work well at all, it literally jams up and rips out the hair, I have to allow at least 30mins to shave in the morning because I have to constantly keep going over the same area to avoid patchiness.
I only use it because I don't like using a razor. The most challenging area is the chin and neck area and along the jaw line.

Purchased in August 2018.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation Yes
Razor BurnYes
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Pulls hair and causes cuts.

Great size, Lithium powered, feels good in the hand... BUT it literally pulls out hairs and causes cuts/bleeding. I've used many trimmers over the years and NONE have ever done this. I had about 4 cuts and 3 pulled out hairs just doing my neck which was only 2-3 days growth.

I'm blonde with very fine hair too, so it's not as if I have dense growth either. I'm also only in my early 30's with the skin of someone in their mid 20's so no loose skin either.
I'll try once more then in the bin. Back to traditional trimmers by the look of it.

Purchased in February 2019 at Shaver Shop Online store.

Value for Money
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Causes Irritation Yes
Razor BurnYes
Shave Closeness
Wet Shave
Dry Shave
Battery Life

Don't understand the bad reviews

I don't understand the negative reviews, I have pretty thick beard hair that takes a bit of cutting through. I cut my beard down from about 8-10mm to 1mm using the guide, I was surprised by how well it cut and was impressed by how even and complete it cut ie didn't leave any stray hairs like my old shavers would. Haven't yet done a full shave using the bare cutters but I did tidy up the sides and high cheek areas and find it cuts pretty close. It left no redness or dryness on my skin. My only complaint is that it can't be used as a wet shaver unless your beard is already quite short, I tried cutting my beard down from a long length while in the shower and found it clogged up a lot and wasn't easy to clean out. But overall I think this is a good shaver and as it definitely makes shaving easier for me. Don't be put off by the negative reviews!

Perfect for my travel needs.

Purchased so I would not have to take a full size shaver. Excelent for travel and everything I would expect for a compact battery unit. Very happy.

Works well

Works on my face well but I do have fine hair..only thing that's it's down fall is being able to clean the cutting head as under the tap isn't good enough and the spray isn't either after time it becomes clogged up ...

Hi Rick, Thank you for your feedback. May I suggest you to try running it under the tap of warm water whilst turning the dura blade on? This may assist you more. Remington Support TeamHave done so after every use . Design the head to be easily dismantled and I'll give 5 stars

No charging indicator, won’t turn on

Can’t turn the unit on, even after 5 hours of charge. There's no charge indicator either when the unit is plugged in to charge.

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Hi Mike, Are you unplugging the dura blade before turning on? There is a charge level indicator Charging LED is solid, Full charge LED will turn off. • Cordless run time when fully charged is up to 60 minutes. • Charge time from empty is 4 hours Full Charge Time 4 Hours Runtime 60 Minutes NOTE: It is recommended to fully charge your appliance before using for the first time. Please refer to the charge times shown in your instruction manual. If you further assistance please call 1800623118. Remington Support Team

Fails to hit the mark

I bought this to shave my head as I prefer a one day growth look. I would've given it 4 or 5 stars as it's compact, easy to use and the big selling point for me it that it's waterproof because I do all my shaving in the shower. The biggest problem with the shaver is that it consistently pulls on the hairs whilst shaving (which can be quite painful) even when you shave slowly and with/without shaving cream. I've now resorted to using it only once a week and am back to using razors. This product could've been so much more....

HI Col, We are sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your Dura Blade. Can we suggest if you have not already done the following, as this may stop the pulling. The easiest and most hygienic way to clean the groomer is by rinsing the head under the tap after use while the groomer is on. Make sure the blade is flat to your skin and go very slowly. We hope this has assisted you. Remington Support TeamIf you read my review, it states that I do all my shaving in the shower, and hence the shaver gets rinsed throughout the shave.Just a 6 month follow up. A couple of days ago I decide to use the Durablade to shave my head which had 2 weeks of growth. Big mistake. Every stroke pulled on my hair despite the fact that I was using shaving cream and going really slow! This blade is so trash that I've decided to chuck it. Big waste of money

Perfect couldn’t go away with it

Works well, doesn’t pull or pinch the skin. The adjustable heads for different lengths are fantastic so easy to change the head. Easily chargeable doesn’t take long and the perfect shaver for travelling. Would highly recommend it.

Worst ever, total waste of money

My wife bought me this shaver yesterday after being told by the store salesman that it was a great buy and he can't do without his.
I tried it after charging, it didn't shave me at all, so I read the instructions again just to make sure, tried it again, still didn't even touch the whiskers. So I then tried it with shaving foam, still the same result.
What a disappointment, as pensioners we simply can't afford to make expensive mistakes like this. Can't take it back for a refund as it now has been used.

Remington, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Hi Ron, We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with your Dura Blade. The Dura Blade shaves down to 0.2mm providing a shaved look. If you call our toll free number 1800 623 118 you can talk to one of our Customer Service Representatives as we would like to assist you further. regards Customer Service TeamMany thanks to "Customer Service Team". The cost of the Durablade Pro was refunded to me, I appreciate the demonstrated ethos of this company.

Not what I expected :(

Was really looking forward to using the durablade. But my experience is like others. Pulls and grabs at very short beard. I’m only after a two day growth look so don’t need a clean shave but I just can’t do this. Will be speaking with retailer about it. Very disappointing

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Hi Billjw, We are sorry to hear the you are not happy with the result. As we would like to ask you further questions can you please call on our toll free number 1800 623 118 to discuss the matter further. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Service Team

Waste of money

Disappointing. After a painful half an hour of pinching and pulling, still left with a patchy result. Maybe it would do better on a very thin beard, mine is moderately, but not especially, thick. Just another piece of cheap modern junk that doesn't do what it claims it will.

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Hi Sam, We are sorry to hear that you have had a disappointing experience with your Durablade. We would like to discuss this further with you as we are not sure why you are receiving a patchy result. Please call our Consumer Service free call number 1800 623 118 at a convenient time that suits you. We look forward to hearing from you. regards Consumer Service Team

Unable to charge

Purchased as a replacement for blades, charged it as per directions it won't turn on. Charged it again until indicator light went off still no good. Spoke to store said did I charge it overnight, no followed instructions on box. Would not refund, a waste of money.

Hi Guy, Thank you for taking the time to write a review, your feed back is very important to us. If you would like to call our toll free number 1800623118 one of our Consumer Service Representatives would like to discuss this further with you. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Service Team.HI Guy, Thank you for your review. Can we ask, once you have fully charged the product are you unplugging before use? If you would like to call our toll free number 1800 623 118 we would like to ask you further questions. We look forward to hearing from you. regards Consumer Service Team

Not perfect but will give it 5/5

I use this when away from home. It does what the manufacturer claims. My wife has her eye on it so it must be good.
For the price, versatility, and travelling size I give it the thumbs up..

Buy something else

Purchased today and used for the first time tonight. Was after a shaver to trim stubble but this is not the product. As others have said, pulls at the hair and you definitely feel it, so don't be surprised if you are left with nicks afterwards. Taking it back tomorrow.

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Hi CapitalJC, We are sorry that you had a disappointing experience but thank you for taking the time to write a review, as your feedback is very important to us. If you would like to call our toll free number 1800623118 one of our Consumer Service Representatives would like to discuss this further with you. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Services Team.

Doesn’t close shave

Brought for my husband because the ad showed it doing a close shave what the biggest waste of money disposable razors do a far better job
Doesn’t work don’t be fooled like I was

Hi Belinda, thank you for your review. All feedback is welcome. Please call us on 1800-623-118 so that we can discuss this with you further. Regards, Remington Consumer Service Department.I did call that number was told to contact the shop I brought it from Customer service stank honestly I just want some resolution ThanksHi Belinda, I apologize that you feel you didn't get the level of Customer Service in which we pride ourselves. Please call us back on the same number and advise our operator that you have been asked to call in via the product review page. Regards, Remington Consumer Services.

Won’t charge

Bought it, tried charging for several hours, tried charging from different USB points, but didn’t work. Took it back replaced it and have the same problem. I can’t use it because it won’t charge.

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Hi ChrisDee, Thank you for your feedback it is always welcome. Once charged are you removing the product from the power source before trying to start the product. The product will not work doing this. You may want to call us on freecall 1800 623 118 to assist you further, we look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Service Team

TV advert brainwashed me????

Overall - I am not getting a 0.2mm cut.

I do not know why I bought it. I was reading my emails and the shavershop advert was on the TV. I was being offered 20% off sitewide ebay and also free delivery etc etc in the emails and I had the idea that if I could buy this thing on discount then maybe I would take a punt on it.

Shavershop has an eBay store but I could not find it in there. Not in shavers, not in clippers, not in other.

I used the 'search' (not the field on top, but the field a bit below) but was kicked out to a list of ebay.com.au stores. Some glitch. I tried the search field on the left hand side and it reports back that it found nothing. I searched for other Remington items and it was working, so that means they forgot to add the one thing I was trying to buy, to their ebay store.

I did see many other listings from UK or US sellers which cost less (even with delivery) but I didn't want to wait for 3 weeks just to save $20.

I was planning to visit Shavershop to check if they had a foil for my old favourite Braun shaver that I damaged, so I went on their website and was offered $10 off. Well that's OK, I can use that to buy the foil, or I can buy the Durablade Pro.

I placed my order redeemed the $10 discount, but could not find a click and collect for the store in Brisbane. I was going through ordering steps looking for a click and collect option and it wasn't there.

The order was placed and a $10 delivery charge was automatically added. Oh well. Its done.

The package arrived by Auspost Courier (knocked on the door, thanks) in just 2 days.

I may have a problem because the ON button does not seem 100%, this affects my first impression. After a 4 hour charge it still seems dodgy but there is a 5 year warranty, so we'll see what happens. Turning it on, wow it is noisy.
I turned it off because it didn't sound good.
I checked it, removed the shaver head, turned it on. Without the shaver head it was buzzy but smooth. It reminded me of something as I looked at the off centre axle spinning away. I put the large shaver head on and it seemed quieter than before but then got very loud again.
I started trimming my chin and found it difficult to get a close 0.2mm cut.
I also tried it on my neck and around my hairline. It isn't as close as I expected. I get a closer shave from my old Remington PG6020 (4mm trimmer) which has a nose hair attachment and only cost $29, then I realised that this new thing is just an updated version because it uses the same off centre axle to move the cutting head.

I have a PG910 hair trimmer/foil shaver/noise hair trimmer that is years old and still works except the foil shaver attachment broke. I replaced that with the PG6020 but it didn't last 12 months before the battery stopped charging, (I have owned 2 of PG6020) so I don't expect this new version to last its 5 year warranty.

FYI, the noise measures 76dB, so it is equivalent to a very loud shaver, earplugs while I am using it.

Hi QLDZDR, We are sorry that you have had a disappointing experience but thank you for taking the time to write a review, as your feedback is very important to us. If you would like to call our toll free number 1800 623 118 one of our Consumer Service Representatives would like to discuss this further with you regarding the ON/OFF button. We look forward to hearing from you. Regards Consumer Service TeamYes the ON/OFF button isn't great on mine.Hi QLDZDR, As per our previous comment if you would like to call our toll free number 1800 623 118 we would like to resolve the issue with the ON/OFF button. We look forward to hearing from you soon. regards Consumer Services Team

A very good, but polarising product

I first want to address the clear issue with this product which is either resulting in 4 or 5 star reviews, or 1 star reviews (and little in between). When you see that type of spread from reviews, you know that there are two clearly different groups with different expectations, and one of those groups is obviously not being covered.

About me: I have quite thick stubble, and clipper it down to about a 1 day stubble a couple times a week. I tend to wet shave around the stubble to shape it.

Previous clippers: I've had a few middle of the range clippers, some of which do not get through my beard well if I let it grow for a week. To get a really short stubble, I've had to remove the combs or the adjustable guards, which gives me about 0.4 - 0.5mm depending on the size of the trimmer teeth. The problem is that this is invariably scratchy, and can occasionally catch.

The Remington Durablade Pro - it has very fine teeth. I've not yet tried it on a long beard, and I suspect it might take a little longer to get longer hair or body hair into shape. However, I can press this firmly against my skin without any guards and it doesn't pinch or scratch. The result is a stubble, that for me, is almost invisible (probably the same as a few hours / half a day after a wet shave). I would not buy this product to replace a shaver. But it would be more than adequate to zoom around your face and make it look like you have a 5 o'clock shadow. This is probably why there are a few negative reviews. This device will not give you a close shave.

This device will also likely struggle with trimming back large areas of body hair. Look at the design. In my opinion, it is clearly not designed to trim chest hair or leg hair that has been left for 6 months. However, if you are shaving to the skin and you haven't left it too long, it will definitely work and probably give you a closer cut than most trimmers out there. I suspect that the result would be less satisfactory / take longer if you are using one of the attachable combs (as it would just get clogged).

However, without the comb, it doesn't pinch. It seems to perform well. Using the shortest comb on my face (apparently 1mm), it results in about a two day stubble, which is just about right for me. It is light, easy to hold, would be excellent to travel with (doesn't have a dedicated charger - just a dongle you plug into a USB wall charger - that many phones or other devices have).

1. you probably have to have a decent USB wall charger that you can swap out the USB lead and put in the shaver dongle. Old, low current chargers might take a while to charge this up with.
2. the trimmer might struggle with a large amount of body hair / facial hair if you are using the combs, as the hair will just get caught in the comb and you'll have to clear it. Rather, use a cheap trimmer with a larger head for that. In my opinion, this device is not designed for that.
3. will not replace a 'normal' shaver - it will not shave to the skin (although very close).
4. might take a little longer if tackling a beard that has been left for a while - and i suspect might not be the best 'trimmer' for a beard you want to shape with some length (more than half a cm - besides, there are no combs longer than 6mm provided with the device). But the head design (with very fine teeth) lends me to suspect it would struggle catching hairs even if you wanted to trim a beard somewhere around the 1/2 cm range, and you might have to go over the area more than once).

1. small, light, easy to travel with
2. good results with both no comb and the smallest comb (I don't use the other attachable combs)
3. would be a reasonable alternative to shaving for those who don't really need a close shave
4. very gentle on the skin - my skin tends to get irritated after shaving - not with this device
5. apparently has a 5 year warranty (If this lasts me even 4 years, it'll have outlasted every other non-corded trimmer i've ever owned..., so quite excited about the promise of 5 years).

Overall, if you buy this for creating a 5 o'clock shadow, or a 2 day stubble, it is a good fit.

Meh... that review was too long.

Great little shaver

I decided to purchase a Remington durablade pro, I was two minded about it but since receiving it I am so glad I did. It gives me a close shave plus with the inter changeable guides I can trim my hair all over. And such an easy shaver to use, I am very happy with my purchase.

does what they say it will

The duro pro trimmer is good i give it 4 out 5 stares it looses a star because one it doesn't have a carry case number 2 it only comes with a USB charger you have to buy a power adaptor other than that it is good i don't man scape i only use it to trim when i haven't shaved for a while so my electric shaver doesn't struggle it does pull a little but its not to bad I am happy with this item and for the price its value for money

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Questions & Answers

Is this "durablade" really durable? I mean.. after 1-2 years, did you notice significant reduction in the performances of the blade and/or bactéries? Thank you
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Not sure as I've only had months. But use daily and no worries

I was about to buy one of these - the reviews have put me off. Anyone got any input that would give me the confidence to purchase one.
1 answer
HI Bilby, Thank you for your query. If you would like to see more reviews of the Durablade Pro, head over to Shaver Shops website as there are over 190 reviews to read through to help make your purchasing decision. https://www.shavershop.com.au/remington/durablade-pro-009636.html Regards, Customer Service Team

Hi I have lost my charger how can I get another one. I tried calling the number been provided by Remington the number doesnt work. Can anyone help? Cheers
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Hi Sharafat, Please call our help team on 1800623118 for assistance. Regards Remington help team.Mine does not have a charger. It has a dedicated connection cable to a USB port. Suggest to ask your supplier or shop such as shaver shop.

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