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Right, first up a snowball affect of mishaps on my travel with REX from Melbourne to Burnie/Wynyard airport, I was on my way back home to Tasmania after visiting my boys on the mainland, my flight/s had been booked for like 2 months prior to flying, I arrived at Melbourne airport just before lunch for my REX flight to leave Melbourne at 2.30 pm, I had lunch etc and headed down to the REX terminal to wait, I went to the service desk and checked in, after him looking at the computer screen for a moment he said to me, do you realize your flight is delayed by 4 hours !!!! NO I wasn't told, and it would have been nice of I had been told and while I was standing at the service desk my phone dinged and when I checked it, my text message said (dear passenger we are sorry to inform you but your REX flight has been delayed 4 hours and will now depart 6.30 pm sorry for any inconvenience) !!! I just looked at the guy behind the service and desk and said to him..REALLY your telling me just now !!! and he would not make eye contact with me and a few minutes later after I said gee this is poor communication, he said to me, how about I give you a meal voucher ( yes I had lunch but I wasn't going to say no, now that I have an extra 4 hours to wait I will be also wanting dinner) he wrote the meal voucher out for $8.50, when he handed it to me I said $8.50 ?? his reply was, yes they will accept that at Muffin Break !!! so to bad ME all I had for dinner was a Muffin Break and coffee, FYI...I have the webjet app on my iphone where I thought I would get notifications of cancellations and delays with my flights, not to mention the REX tickets to fly for me this day was about $165.00 one way, I certainly didn't get my money's worth, so way to go REX looking after your customers NOT.

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Much needed service to coast.

I have always received great service from Rex and it's employees, and it is a much needed service to the South Coast of NSW. Recently missed a connecting flight from Perth due to the Qantas flight being 3 hours delayed, and the Rex counter staff member was very understanding and rescheduled us onto a flight the next morning with no extra charge to us. She said as we had originally allowed more than enough time to change flights it was not our fault we missed the plane. Very thankful for their service.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
DestinationMoruya NSW, Australia
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Excellent no worries here

Yes had no problems with rex at all they are professional kind had no problems with food or anything top service for me traveling cheers from a easygoing guy adam

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationSydney NSW, Australia
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Good service, definitely better than driving!

Albany to Perth and return, 6 flights in four months between my 15y.o. daughter and me. Booking process on line is easy and effective. The staff were always excellent. My daughter flew on her own and was really impressed by the kindness of the cabin crew. I recommend using Rex.

Value for Money
In-Flight Service
BookingThrough Airline

Run worse than a back yard brewery

Where to start. I was booked on a flight on Monday from Julia Creek in Queensland through to Mt Isa. This was canceled due to flooding in Townsville. Wednesday it was re scheduled and we turned up on time but it was late. Didn’t leave Townsville until it was 3 hours late then was held up at Richmond. Then we were told it would have to fly to Cloncurry, past us to get fuel because they didn’t get enough at Townsville. Then it was surprised to come back, pick us up and go on to Townsville. Then Rex decided it was cheaper to abandon us and just return to Townsville. No apology an nothing. No refund. And no idea IF they will bother to send another flight this week or next. We are not worth the bother to them. This airline is run by idiots and is a joke. I had my partner drive in from Cloncurry, wait 5 hours for me at the airport, and all for nothing. You can just imagine what she thinks of Rex right now!

Value for Money
BookingThrough Airline

What you expect for a small plane

I fly Rex Sydney to Neranderra
The staff are always fantastic
The flights are bumpy but hey its a small plane
Never been left hanging
We need them so support them

Lack of Communication

After the flight that my son and 18 month old granddaughter were booked on from a regional airport in NSW broke down we were told nothing could be done to help with his connecting flight from Sydney to Brisbane, After about 45 mins we were told that a flight would be diverted from Broken Hill to us, which still would not get them to sydney in time, when i spoke to the service desk on 0263935550 they informed me we should have been in contact with them to see what could have been done,because of the lack of knowledge my son was left with no refund or credit with the other airline and paying for another flight with another airline. May be if everyone knew what was to happen in cases like this the passengers might consider using Rex again.

A dreadful little airline

While the booking process was easy, the rest of my interaction with Rex went from barely acceptable to dreadful.
Rex is the only airline which offers a service from my nearest airport - a small one in regional NSW. For most of the year, they operate one flight a day for six days of the week.
My 1025 flight was finally cancelled some two hours after the scheduled departure time, allegedly because the cloud cover was too low. And that was that! No apologies, no rescheduled flight, no offers of help, no taxis at airport, no hire cars at airport, no bus service and 20 minutes drive from the nearest country town.
My flight home was almost cancelled because the intended plane was judged not fit for service after it landed from a previous flight. About an hour later, Rex produced a replacement aircraft.
Next time I need to fly anywhere, I shall drive to Canberra and travel with either Virgin or Qantas. Or even use the slow but reliable bus/train option.

Delayed flight of 3 hours

Arrived at terminal at 5:30 for a 6:30 flight only for it to be delayed until 9:30!! I did not receive a text message or email to let me know of delay! We had been dropped off so had no way to leave airport and canteen was closed!! I think REX is slack and most likely won’t be travelling through them again!! Wouldn’t recommend Travelling with these guys!!

No notification of delayed flight. Arrive at airport at 5.30am to board at 6.30am

Poor customer service. Feeling that customers time is irrelevant. Arrive at airport 5.30am to board plane at 6.30am and get told at 6.30am that plane is delayed for 2 hrs. Not good enough. I organized flight times to attend a funeral viewing - Thanks for that Rex I missed it.

Flight cancelled no notification

My early morning flight was cancelled. Rex knew the night before the flight was going to be cancelled yet did not bother notifying any passengers. Expected to wait another four hours at airport for next flight. A simple SMS would have been nice.
This company does not give a damn about customer service. Dumbfounded. Its a stuff you policy at Rex.

Hard-working airline with wonderful staff

Went for a return flight with REX for the first time ever this year (I have very rarely flown in the past but will need to be flying to and from regional centres in the future). I was incredibly impressed with this hard-working airline. All the staff are a wonderful asset to this company - the desk staff, flight attendants, pilots - the lot. Everyone is attentive and you really feel like you matter as a customer. The pilots greeting you at the steps is a really nice touch and puts a face to these highly skilled and enthusiastic employees who are otherwise locked away completely out of sight these days. I had great fun during the actual flights too - these aircraft for me are much more fun to ride in than the larger jets although I do agree with other reviewers that they are a little noisy (I recommend wearing musician's earplugs - you will still hear everything perfectly including the flight attendant's instructions just fine but they will reduce the engine and propeller noise considerably).

Everyone involved with REX should be very proud and I for one will be wholeheartedly supporting this airline in the future. Incidentally, I've read complaints about REX running late, but please bear in mind that for the most part, these situations are completely out of REX's control. For example, my flight today was about 80 minutes late getting into the air, but this was due to our aircraft being held up by air traffic control during it's previous incoming flight to Sydney. A competing airline on the same route might seem to be doing better because it happens to run on time in this particular instance, but it runs on time because it might be the first trip of the day for the other airline whereas REX has already been hard at work servicing another route and just happened to get caught up in the ever increasing congestion at our main airports.

It's like everyone stopped caring after being an airline for 3 years

The only reason I fly Rex is because they have a monopoly on the route I regularly fly. If another airline flew the same route charging twice as much, I would fly with the other airline. Having said that, I can occasionally get two flights to New Zealand for the same price as one domestic 1-hour Rex flight. The website has barely been updated since 2005, as is evident just from looking at it (it also says 2005 at the bottom of each screen). I am surprised that the booking process does not fail more often just based on how old it looks.

One good thing is that they've recently introduced PayPal for bookings; I don't trust this website with credit card details, because going off looks it's probably pretty vulnerable to hacking. It also reduces the misleading booking fees by about 0.01% which is nice.

They also really need new aircraft; their newest is 21 years old, oldest 29. They're falling apart inside, are horribly uncomfortable and must cost a fortune to run, especially since they haven't been made for about 20 years.

The lounge is also a pretty bad deal; at $350 per year closes early, and is statistically only going to be at the departing airport for 50% of your flights (those leaving from ADL/MEL/SYD. It's probably actually cheaper to get a Priority Pass membership, which gives access to the Rex lounge and others.

Flew from Perth to Esperance and Esperance to Perth the next day 1/10/18 - 2/10/18

PA announcement came over that bags would not accompany passengers due to safety weather conditions and that bags Would be sent on next flights NO didn’t happen turned up at airport next day to go back to Perth to be told bag was still in Perth pick it up when you get back!, plane arrived in Esperance flight I was boarding back to Perth and I heard passengers saying bags not with them again due to weather thought good luck: was told by espearance checkin clerk when you get to perth go to carousel your bag should be there NO!, went to Rex counter spoke to blonde headed lady was told go to Over Weight baggage counter your bag will be there NO went back to Rex check in and simply said I’m getting extremely frustrated now only to be chastised by the same blonde lady checkin clerk that said don’t speak to me that way! I simply stated it’s beeen 24 hours I’m in the same clothes I came here in to go to Esperance not a word of empathy simply said it’s happened to me too don’t speak to me that way OMG who is the customer here.? If I can get the company I fly with to go with another provider ie Skywest I will do the utmost in trying to convince REX Airlines are are over promising and under Delivering!!!

misleading prices

I just love how when you pay for a ticket with Rex, they slug you for 1% to use their Website to book !! Then slug you again to use Paypal or any other creditcard. The only way to get the advertised price is to pay at the airport with cash.... what a joke. Just include all these misleading fees in the airfare to begin with. Can you imagine if we were surcharged to use Coles or Woolworths online sites a handling fee of 1 % then up to 3.27% for a credit card. Why do let all the airlines do this

More delays

I have been delayed on the Albany Perth route on the last 3 flights. I think rex has overextend with the new routes added. Becoming a worry.

Consistently unreliable.

I have flow Perth to Albany and back on many occasions and when Skywest cancelled the service I was forever optimistic that Regional Express (REX) would provide a decent, reasonably priced service. Unfortunately they have failed time and again, every flight yesterday (28/08/18) was late arriving and leaving Albany, including my own which was eventually cancelled. Unfortunately this is 'the norm' according to locals and regional airport staff. It is unfortunate as once you manage to get yourself on a plane the cabin crew are great and I can't fault them. They should really notch up 12 months experience and move to a real airline.
For $460 and a total of 100 minutes flying time I expect better, next time i'll drive.

Consistently late flights and poor costumer service

I have been flying with Rex airlines every week between Burnie and Melbourne since December. Unfortunately it is the only airline operating in this route so I have to put up with them. The flights are delayed %80 percent of the time. It is overpriced. The costumer service is poor. In one instance, my checked baggage got damaged while traveling from Melbourne to Burnie. My claim got rejected on the basis that the damage is reasonable. If you have another option do not travel with Rex.

Rude, late flights & over priced.

It’s with much regret that I write, however people considering a flight with Rex, be warned.

Work wise I’m all over Australia and fortunate to fly with different airlines, by a considerable margin Rex has the wooden spoon.

Consistently late flights, unreliable aircraft, rude counter staff, overpriced and very little empathy.

Management of Rex if you’re reading this, you really need to sort your company out as change starts from the top down.

Will avoid flying with company from now, better off using a hire car.

Very bad customer service Rex Sydney Check in desk

Very bad Rex service up infront Sydney check in desk. No empathy and support when I missed checkin by 2 mins. She spoke like Theresa May told me “You can’t check in, our captain just informed that” “ go to Quantas counter, ask if they can swap your ticket they have on midday” “you pay $45 more we will get you at 315 today”.

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