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Rinnai Infinity 16

Rinnai Infinity 16

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Not Happy

The unit, just after 12 months, started to fail to ignite. Turned the hot water on and off for half an hour or so before it worked. It has stopped again, several times, when not run for a day or two.. Its now stopped again and I can't get it to work. Can smell the gas turning on but its not igniting.
Cold weather and absents seems to upset it.
It really upsets me.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Thanks for the review Paul, as the unit it still within it's warranty period we would recommend booking a service call to diagnose the issue with the unit. This can be booked on 1300 555 545 option 2 for service.

Just reliable hot water every time!

Very happy with our Rinnai Infinity 16. Previously had a Bosch hydropowered which was very temperamental especially in the colder months. But not the infinity. Very reliable and consistent hot water. We did not purchase the temp controller, but did have a temp valve installed so we could have the unit preset at 60 degrees. Highly recomend this product.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thanks for the review Lee, we are very pleased to hear your new hot water unit is working so well for you.

B16 doesn’t work during winter

My B16 unit is only 5 years old, it works fine during summer but when the temperature drops and we turn the hot water on the pipes groan and there is no water pressure at all, after the sun comes up and the unit gets a little heat it’s all good again.

Date PurchasedJun 2013

Fluctuating water temperature

We have had the Rinnai 16 for a number of years, has been ok but a little temperamental with water fluctuating in the taps.
Taps can only run on hot or cold alone, otherwise as soon as the temperature is balanced the hot water will turn off. Recently our shower has started fluctuating from very hot to cold, I can see the wall control operation light turning on and off.
Do you know what the problem would be?
Ps I did leave this question in the Q&A section however my question disappeared. Thanks

Date PurchasedJan 2005
Thanks Kate, if you have temperature controllers you should choose the temperature you wish the water to come through and only turn on the hot tap, there should be no need to mix in cold water. This should stop any issues with temperature fluctuation. it is hard to diagnose why the light is switching on an off unless it has developed a fault or the wire from the controller to the unit has been damaged. A service call may be needed to check. This can be booked on 1300 555 545.Thanks for your reply. The reason we mix in the cold water is the temperature of the hot is too high with just the hot water tap. The operation light on the unit will not light up and the hot water will not activate - for the taps unless temp set at least 55 - for the shower unless set at 47 I think we will book a service.

Very good

This water heater has been very good with no trouble at all the gas usage has been significantly less than the last continuous flow heater that this replaced we also splurged and had the controllers installed one general and one bathroom it is a real luxury to have a shower and not have to mix the hot water, we have a small house and while showering if another hot or cold tap is turned on there is no difference in the shower temperature just a bit less flow

Date PurchasedMar 2014
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Thanks for the review Joda5084, temperature controllers really do take the hassle out of adjusting the taps and you always know exactly how hot the water will be.

Not user friendly. Intermittent hot water.

Had the 16 installed (no remote, no visible controls aside from the intake valves) approx a year ago, has been fine until now. All of a sudden I am not getting any hot water at all. It is just a couple of feet away from my kitchen and despite running the hot water tap for a minute or more, I get no hot water.
I was told by the plumber at the time of installation, that if I did have any trouble with the unit, to simply switch off the power supply then turn it back on again.
I tried this and it did not help. It has been 4 days now of no hot water. Prior to that it had gone out for 3 days, but then randomly worked again for 1 day.
There is no way that I can access inside the unit to check the pilot light as it is fully sealed and there is no panel to see any error codes.
I cannot recall which unit I had previously, but I wish I had the same one because at least then when the hot water did go out, all I had to do was go relight the pilot light and open the hot water tap to boot it up.
I am on a very low income and cannot afford for a plumber to come out, not to mention that it would be very embarrassing and frustrating if he/she arrived to investigate then the hot water was working fine at that moment, then stopped working again after he/she leaves.
It would be great if I could find some information online that is not in pdf form, on how to troubleshoot the problem. All the info I have found so far only refers to units with remote controls/ error codes.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
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Thank you for your inquiry. The Infinity units do not have a pilot light and should start as soon as a hot tap is turned on. To operate the gas, water and power must all be connected to the unit for it to operate. We would recommend calling our technical help line with the model and serial number of the unit and our in house technicians will be able to advise you. The technical help line is available on 1300 555 545 – Option 3.

Not happy

Bought a brand new house and moved in 4 weeks ago and the builder installed the 16 unit per the developer. The hot water seems to come through quicker in the shower but the basic vanity tap seems to take ages and wastes a lot of water. This is also the case in my kitchen - not happy as want instant hot water and no wastage of water.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Thanks for the review Anita, we are sorry to hear you are disappointed with your Infinity unit. The hot water produced at the unit will have to push through the cold water in the pipe work before being received at the outlet, (called the dead leg). The further the water has to travel, the longer it will take to push out the cold water. The Infinity units are a continuous flow model not instant due to this pipework. In this case it sounds like the unit is closer to the bathroom areas but has to travel further in the kitchen.

Ok when weather is warm, doesn't work in the cold

Had two B16s installed during renovations, one for the bathroom and one for the ensuite.
We get plenty of reliable hot water for a family of five people -but only for 8 months of the year.
As soon the temperature starts to go below 12-15°c the continuous flow hws starts to struggle and alternates between just warm and freezing cold.
I dont live in Antarctica either... I think its fair to think my two hws should work in metro Adelaide during the cooler months?
Occasionally with just the correct amount of twizzling on the mixer tap you can find a sweet spot where the water flows at a reasonable temperature.
Also, when this is happening the exaust gets a sickly gas smell like it is running rich or not properly burning all of its gas.
Apart from that its great.

Date PurchasedOct 2015
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Thanks for the review Tim. It is certainly not normal for the unit to act in this way. We would like to investigate this further for you. Could you send your contact details to us via the enquiry@rinnai.com.au address mentioning this review and one of our technical staff will contact you.

The Best

We installed an infinity 16 in our motorhome so it gets shaken and bashed as well as dust, salt air and very extreme heat and cold.
It's still working like the day we installed it over 13 years ago. The deluxe controllers give is the power to save water as well when living on a water tank.
Not to mention we have many children on board so it's made our travel life so much more comfortable. We wouldn't recommend anything else and if it ever fails we'll be buying another Rinnai.

Date PurchasedMar 2003
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Thanks for the review Holiday Road. It's great to hear your INFINITY 16 has served you so well over the years.

Great system

Ihave a B16, not an infinity 16- not sure of the difference, but its always hot and the pressure is always there. Not had a problem with mine.
Its actually hotter than the last heater which was a 20 year old Bosch, plumber recommend Rinnai, even though it was a bit more cost than the Bosch

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Thanks for the review Kcir62, the unit you have is part of the builders range we offer and we are pleased to hear it is working well for you. We wish you many more years of continued use.

2 stars for the hot shower!

Apparently, Rinnai used to market these hot water systems as instantaneous heat. We all know that's not true as it takes a while to push hot water through as the pipes are cold. So they changed it to continuous hot water which is true at full throttle. The minute you turn the tap off and then you want more hot water it is cold again. So, I have tried running it at a slower rate but it goes cold because the flame does not ignite if not full throttle (this is feedback from Rinnai via my plumber.) Now I always have a sink of cold water as I like to rinse in hot water and have only one sink. I have had this unit for three months.

It is fine having a shower because water is always on full throttle.

Beware of Rinnai if you have problems. They did not even want to know what the problem was with the unit, as they only wanted to explain their warranty terms and service charges. The service pitch to begin is, basically, I only work here and am reading out to you warranty terms: If problem is not within the warranty, then it is a $195 call out fee with first 45 minutes. Then $35 for every 15 minutes after. If you need parts that are not within the warranty then you must pay on the spot. If you pay by credit card it's a 1% surcharge. Now if I had of called them out it would have cost me $195 plus the surcharge. You don't get to speak to a someone who has mechanical/electonic experience with these units to explain what is going on. Just a warranty pitch and service charges. Poor customer service as far as I am concerned.

I was lucky and have had a good plumber, who came out and dealt with this free of charge.

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Thanks for the review Julie, The INFINITY range has never been marketed as an instantaneous unit, as you have stated there is a dead leg in any plumbing situation that needs to be pushed out before the hot water can flow through. The units do require a certain water flow rate to operate and we recommend water controllers for the unit so only the water required is heated up. We do have a technical help desk which is available on the same phone line as the service booking line. This is a free service and are able to explain the operation of the unit and also offer some fault finding if required and can be reached on 1300 555 545 option 3.

Love our new Rinnai Infinity 16!

After owning a Bosch hydro unit for 20+ years (amazingly reliable) it was time to get a new water heater because we were at most, getting only very warm (not hot water) and with winter on the way, we needed to act fast. We chose the Rinnai Infinity 16. We walked into Gas Works on a Monday, bought the unit (it came with the Universal Controller) and it was installed (by plumber and electrician) the very next day. Love the controller... we set our preferred temperature and just turn on the hot water tap and we get continuous hot water at that temperature, with no need to turn on the cold water tap to fiddle around trying to get the right temp. Love it! Hopefully, it will prove to be reliable.

Thanks for the review Pet_au, we're glad to hear such a positive and quick installation story. The controllers do take the annoyance of finding just the right temperature in the shower with the added benefit of allowing for the correct water flow through the unit. We wish you many more years of service.UPDATE...after 17 months of use we have had no issues whatsoever. The controller is fantastic. We have it mostly set to 43C and adjust it as needed. We raise the temp if we want hotter water when doing dishes, lower it in summer and lower it for when we bath the dog. So, we are still very happy with our purchase.Thanks for the update Pet_au, we are glad to hear all members of the family are enjoying being able to regulate the temperature of the hot water from the unit. We wish you many more years of use.

Its fantastic to have hot water running again after having a BOSCH unit that was utterly hopeless.

Finally had the Infinity 16 installed and its been great. Had it about a month or so. Had to pay $87 for the quote and was told I would get that $87 back if I decided to buy the product. Cost $3249 which includes installation. Went with the Rinnai company who then contacted their plumber here in Perth WA. I didn't get the $87 back.

The hot water system takes maybe 10 seconds to heat up and stays hot no matter how long I have the shower on. The BOSCH units are to be avoided as they often turn off halfway into a shower and just designed to fail.

Anyway really thrilled with having hot showers again and able to wash the dishes without the need to have the kettle going to wash pans and stuff.

Know quite a few with the infinity 26 where they had one for months and never a problem. Get what you pay for in life.

No complaints from me.

Contact Rinnai to get their people out to do the quite and pay the $87.

Hi Colin, thanks for your review. We are always happy to hear when our customers have a great experience with both the installation and our product. Well its still going along nicely and even if some one uses the water all that happens is the water pressure goes down and I still get hot water. What is more as an added bonus we now have a reliable plumber that does good work. Strongly advise anyone buying Rinnai to contact Rinnai and get their local plumbers out which do fantastic work.4 months on and still going strong. Best thing we ever bought for a hot water system.

Rinnai Total Rubbish

I have had electric water all my life and never had a problem. I changed to gas water because of a promotion and was told that the gas hot water is cheaper to run and the water temp is good. I have had the Rinnai hot just over two years and I'm am so not happy. The hot water takes so long to heat up and the temp fluctuates. I had rang Rinnai and got me to reset the water unit and nothing happen. they told me it's $132 and then $33 after 15 minutes, what a joke. I'm going to have the unit ripped out and put an electric water back.

Thank you for your review. We would like to investigate the problems you have faced with your hot water service. Can you please contact us through the enquiry@rinnai.com.au address quoting this review so we can discuss further.You can email me at letterz@tpg.com.auUpdate on my hot water service. Nicola Denny from Rinnai contact me and was very helpful and organized a tech to from out and fix my hot water problem, the tech was very good and quick to sought it out. I"m a very happy chap now. thankyoiu

Read the scary stories, but the Rinnai 16 is great.

Had an instantaneous unit for 35 years, then it died. Read all the negative stuff about all alternatives and was very nervous. I have a 3/8th inch long gas-pipe and gravity feed low-pressure tank water supply. The Rinnai 16 worked straight away, without a problem. It's even better than the old unit because it has a thermostat and no pilot light. Always the same temperature that won't burn the grandkids, but is hot enough for the dishes. Cost $260 for the gas fitter/plumber. Couldn't be happier, as long as it lasts for quite a few years yet.

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Thanks for taking the time to review your new INFINTY unit Keith. We are very pleased to hear it is working so well for you.

Extremely disappointing

We had this model installed in March 2015 to service our ensuite which is at the far end of the house from the electric system and it took too long for hot water to reach it. We find that it is marginally improved in the shower but little different in the basin, and for this slight improvement it was simply a waste of money. Contacting the ACTEWAGL shop did not prove helpful.

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Thanks for the review Jan J. When there is a delay in hot water reaching an outlet it usually depends on where the unit has been placed by the installing plumber and how much pipework the water has to travel. We have a technical help line that may be able to assist you with a little more information, they can be reached on 1300 555 545.

Smells of Gas and doesnt heat water and goes hot and cold.

Terrible smell of gas gets pushed out.from.the vent. Doesnt feel hot enough to wash dishes not hot enough to remove grease and goes hot n cold all the time when showering. B16. Worst one put in government housing. Must be cheap. No pilot light to save gas money but how much power is used running it. False economy!

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Thank you for your feedback Dianne. We would like to discuss the issues you are facing, if you could e-mail through your details to enquiry@rinnai.com.au with a brief description, we will contact you. Alternatively you can contact our National Customer Administration department on 1300 555 545.

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Questions & Answers

Hi. I note in response to an earlier question, it is said that the product does not consume much power in standby or operating modes. Can you tell me what not much means (in watts) in both standby and operating modes? I have a new PV array & Battery system and am now trying to build a bottoms up energy picture for our household
No answers

Problem is that water heater works fine but if the tap is turned off and then turned back on heater doesn’t reignight . If it is left for some time then it will work again.
1 answer
Thank you for the question Neil. Please contact our Technical help desk on 1300 555 545 option 3 for further assistance.

Can this be fitted inside and outside a building. We have a log cabin and wondered if it can be fitted inside or if it would need to be outside?
2 answers
Kate being a lpg burning water heater I don't think it would be a good idea to mount it inside your home because of gases and heat. mechanic.Thank you for the question Kate 5. Please refer to the following link located on our website, this will provide all the information you require. https://www.rinnai.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Operation-and-Installation-Manual-Oct-2017.pdf For further enquiries please contact our Technical help desk on 1300 555 545 option 3 for assistance. Thanks, Rinnai Australia


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