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Rinnai Infinity 32

Rinnai Infinity 32

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Similar problem to Sarah

12 years ago I installed a Rinnai 32, we were putting in a new extension on the second floor and the plumber advised me to put in a 20mm pipe instead of a 15mm (standard pipe for hot water), for better flow. (Sarah said she had a 25mm pipe in one of the other reviews). We found that we had the same problem, it took ages for the hot water to come through, I consulted another plumber and he pointed out that the bigger the pipe, the more water sits in the pipe and goes cold when your not using the tap. We reduced the pipe back down to 15mm and it made a massive difference. Since then I have fallen love my with my Rinnai, it never runs out, its efficient, it hardly takes up any room unlike my last tank and best of all it has never broken down. Sarah's problem is pipe size, try 15mm if possible. regards Tony.

Date PurchasedJul 2006
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Thanks for the review Tony P, your plumber is correct pipe size and the length of pipe the water needs to travel to the outlet makes a big difference to the amount of water that needs to be expelled. We are glad to hear the heater is working so well for you.

Too long to get hot water

We have a reasonable sized house with 6 bedrooms and installed 2 x Rinnai 32 units at the end of last year on either side of the 1 1/2 storey house. All new 1 inch pipe work was put in as part of our renovation so we could run 2 showers at the same time. It is taking a minute 20 seconds to get water to some of the showers and 40 seconds in the kitchen. The plumber says I need to turn the hot water tap on fully and not the cold and once its boiling then adjust the hot tap to the desired temperature and then also turn on the cold tap. This is not practical with children. The plumber doesn't know what to do.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Thanks for the review Sarah, has the plumber installed temperature controllers with the units? This would eliminate the need to turn on the cold water at all as the temperature coming from the unit would be the temperature that you have selected. Having 2 controllers per unit also increases the warranty on the unit from 3 years to 5 years. There will always be a certain amount of delay in getting to outlets furthest along the plumbing lines. When the unit produces hot water it will need to push out the water in the pipes which had cooled from the previous usage before the new hot water reaches the outlet. This is called the dead leg and the amount of time will depend on how long the pipework is. If you would like more information please contact us on 1300 555 545 to discuss options.

Terrible unit and service

Have had unit for 6 months and it cuts in and out with producing hot water. Is faulty and when ring people that put it in (Gas appliances sevice) if not warranted fault then is very costly. DO NOT BUY RINNAI units as they are far too expensive ($3,000) for what you get and they are totally unreliable. Go with what you know not infinity unit - warranty useless as up to electrician to say if warranted problem or not. Call out fees totally over the top and a rip off.

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Thank you for the review GVT, we would like to investigate the issues you have had with the unit further. Please contact us via enquiry@rinnai.com.au mentioning this review and we will be in contact.

First one lasted 14 years, just bought another.

I bought my first Infinity 32 in 2002, and it has just died due to a water leak. It never had a spanned on it. So impressed was I that I have just bought another Infinity 32 which also works with my original controllers. Very happy to recommend this unit.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Thanks for the great review Derick. It's always great to hear from long time customers and we appreciate your loyalty to the brand.

Fails in all respects

We are two people in a two storey house. We went with this so that two appliances can run at the same time, wrong. Second, whilst former unit could get hot water to the second storey this one can't without a major upgrade to the pipes going up. Third, don't bother with a bath, we have tepid water followed by cold water. Forget it, after 2 months I give up, not only misrepresentations all over the place in likely breach of the consumer protection provisions of the competition and consume act, but the installer says that rinnai says that fluctuating temperatures are normal, so just have to put up with that. Sorry not for a device that cost over $3,000. Making arrangements to get rid of the thing so that we can live in the modern world.

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Thank you for your review Lucy. It is highly unusual for a brand new unit to develop the issues you have described. Did the installer confirmed the gas lines to the property are sufficient to run the unit before it was installed? We would welcome the opportunity to discuss the matter further with you. Could you email enquiry@rinnai.com.au and mention this review and we can investigate further for you?

Infinity 32

Poor quality. The unit completely died within 18 months of use and then we had to call for a service call where the first question Rinnai asks you if you accept an expensive call-out fee of $179 and then $132 per hour for labour! if its not warranty related. It puts you in a difficult situation of refusing them would mean no hot water for your family for a few days. They are polite and offer a attendance to your house within 24 hours which is good but expensive.
Instead I got an independent plumber for $49 call out fee and the unit was dead with internal faults. Not reliable, look elsewhere.
Size, compact
Expensive and unreliable

I don't understand this review. The unit is still under warranty so Rinnai should fix it especially if you have had the independent plumber verify this. So just call Rinnai back and they should fix it. If they don't then go to Fair Trading.As most people who would own these systems are not professional plumbers, you would not have the skill to ascertain if it is warranty or non-warranty related problem as the most of the problems occur internally in the electronics and wires. The best an owner can do initially is to a basic test to see if it is warranty related. These are 1. Turn the System off at the power source for 30 sec and allow a total reset of the system. 2. If that does not work then proceed to see if there is electrical power to system, just get your phone charger and plug it in with your phone to see if its charging. 3. Check you fuse box if has not tripped 4. Finally check if there is gas to your house by ringing your gas supply company to see if any faults in the area. My system again failed yesterday and I did these steps which meant that the system was likely at fault. This time rather than wasting time with a local plumber I rang Rinnai who immediately contacted their local service rep and they promptly came to fix the system at no charge. Good service. It was the regulator that pumped hot water out that was gone and was replaced at no charge. Best to call rinnai and take the gamble that its their fault.

Good unit - go for the larger capacity one

I've had an Infinity 26 at another property - found it wanting to supply taps at once without affecting the supply of at least one.
So went for the 32 this time and it does the job spot on. The brochures don't really describe what these units can really do - well not the way I like my showers - go for the capacity bigger than you think you need.

Can comment on the efficiency - only had it for 3 months and running other appliances - have no reference against the prior system.

Installed 2 controllers - 1 a deluxe so I can fill the bath to a set level but have not used yet. Have had standard controllers before - a bit of a waste as you tend to set it at 50c and leave it there. Rinnai apparently double your warranty if you use them - their quality is excellent so is it needed. The Infinity 26 in the other house is 8 years old now has run without fault.
Uninterupted, continuous hot water.
Some delay to supply but this would be the case with any hot water heater as the hot water needs to get to you. The tap nees to be open at least 20% for the system to kick in and heat - no big deal just means you can't run the tap at a trickle and expect it to be hot.

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The best feature of this product is that as you open the flow at any tap more burners come on. With older instantaneous water heaters they had to be pre set, if the water went past the burner too fast it would only come out warm. I would say this heater is a market leader.

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Questions & Answers

This hotel has a Rinnai 32 & occasionally there is no water (hot or cold) coming out of the hot taps anywhere in the hotel & the cold water pressure is ok. At one time it happened at 8 am & then an hour later the water was hot & plenty of pressure. Is there a possibility it could be the Rinnai shutting off the water flow?
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peter, I have no answer for you with out being there, either contact rinnai and ask some questions or get a plumber to have a look. mechanic.Thank you for the question Peter W. Please contact our Technical help desk on 1300 555 545 option 3 for further assistance. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

Hi. I am a plumber. I have a 32 that keeps tripping the power circuit. I isolated the unit to another curcuit and it tripped that circuit. I plugged another appliance into the original power and it didn’t trip the circuit, I concluded the 32unit is shorting the circuit. Any suggestions as to the cause? Thank you Craig
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I am not a electrician, but sound like you need one, don't play with it you may be sorry 240v bites. mechanic.Hi Craig, Thanks for getting in touch, you can get in contact with a trusted electrician if you believe it is a circuit issue; unfortunately we cannot offer electrical advice. Alternatively, if the issue is product related, we can refer you onto our technical help line who can be reached on at no charge on 1300 555 545 (option 3). Otherwise, we do have offer a national service with technicians experienced and qualified on all Rinnai Group Products, this can be booked online at https://www.rinnai.com.au/support-resources/online-service-booking/. Also many thanks to mechanic for their reply. Thanks, Rinnai Australia

How can I increase water temperature on infinity 32?
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Thank you for the question Errol. We have a free technical help desk available on 1300 555 545 option 3 between 8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday to help with your enquiry.


Infinity 32
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