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Rinnai Infinity 32 Enviro

Rinnai Infinity 32 Enviro

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Very Good Product

Very good model. Good looking and easy to use. Though quality of the main body looks bit think but it is ok once install it. Also installation process is very easy. It consumes less power I guess. makes it very cost effective. I have noticed reasonable benefits of using the product.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Thanks for the review Shashi, we are glad to hear you are happy with your unit, from installation to usage.

more hot water then you can use

I'm a Plumber and first purchased a Rinnai 26 back in the late 1990's the house it's installed in is now rented and the only time I've worked on it was to instal a tempering valve to bring it up to current compliance laws.
I've installed hundreds of these units of every size over the years and provided the plumbing system (water & gas) are up to spefication, it's the only system I recommend to my customers.
I've read a few negative reviews here and would like to point out that 95% of the faults I've delt with, in responce to a call out for one of these HWS have been poor instillation issues and bad advice to the client by the Instaling X Plumber.
The main issues are.
System is starved of gas... get the plumber to check you have a 2.75 regulator on the (natural) gas meter and the pipe sizing is in accordance with AG501.
Hot water pipe work is under size...
If every plumber worked to AS3500 this wouldn't be an issue, however, most don't ! And often the hot water pipe is undersized and the system cannot deliver the hot water it can produce because the pipe is too small.
Hot water takes time to get to the tap...
This can be a number of things,
1. Hot water pipe is not lagged properly and in some cases not at all.
2. HWS has been installed in the incorrect position. ( I try to get it as close to the kitchen as possible) the hot water from the system has to push the cold water in the pipe out before it can come out the tap. (Instal a controller to eleminate this issue)
3. No hot water....
Usually a power issue as the units use the electricity to ignight the gas. Can also be 'low flow' check the minimum flow requirements of your system and make sure the restricters in the spouts, shower roses and mixers have not become blocked and are reducing the normal rate of flow.

I can't think of a time I have contacted Rinnai in regards to one of their units and not have been treated professionally, their service is timely and their technitions are well trained. Sure they charge for their service when it doesn't relate to a warranty issue and while I agree it is hefty and in my option over priced. They always state their charges up front.
I hope this help you choose your next HWS but I'd be as placing as much importance on choosing the right Plumber to install it as well.
Oh.. I've just put the 32 Enviro on my residence.. Nothing better then hot water and saving gas..! Don't expect I'll need to work on this one either to be honest... That's why I installed it after all.
Stuart Goulding, G.R Goulding Plumbing.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Thanks for the review Armystu91. It's always great to hear of the opinions of those in the field installing our products. The points you have raised are exactly what we would say to anyone looking to install a new hot water system, good plumbers using the right product for the application. We hope our products continue to inspire confidence for you and your customers.


Rapt. We were nervous changing from a tank. We researched solar hot water & continuous flow to be able to achieve criteria we had set for the appliance.
With the wonderful assistance of the Rinnai technical department we found the ideal HWU to fit all points of our criteria.
Probably the only disappointment about this product was not the product but the lack of knowledge of the retailers & the installing plumber.
Now just hope it lasts as long as the old tank!
Thank you Rinnai.
Very economical to run. Lovely even hot water temperature & pressure even when others are using taps in other rooms. Can be installed into a cabinet in the wall of a weatherboard house (either partially, or if you have the space like we did, completely - we installed it into the space where the old hot water tank had been placed in a bathroom cupboard. The wall is beside our driveway so didn't want anything protruding. We have painted the cabinet the same colour as our wall for a very neat, in conspicuous finish.
No need to use cold water as we set the water temperature to suit our needs using an easy to use digital control panel in the Bathroom & the Kitchen.
The temperature can be factory adjusted or adjusted by a plumber for hotter water for Kitchen use - no greasy dishes. However, you do need the 2 digital control panels to achieve this.
Great advice & assistance from Rinnai technical department.
If only needing to quickly wash your hands or rinse a cup there is no hot water as you have to wait for the hot water to come through. We are lucky that this doesn't take long because the HWU is 4m at the most from all taps.
We did have to have all our water & gas pipes upgraded to accommodate the system but after having our HW tank for 24 years we felt this wasn't a big issue.
Because the water temperature & pressure is so even you want to stay in the shower for longer!
If the power goes out there will be no hot water as it is electric ignition.

Impressive Unit - performs as advertised

This unit is exceptionally well designed and constructed. Once installed it blends aesthetically quite well with all surroundings (an additional pipe cover is well worth the $120 expense to hide all valves and pipe connections).

Performance has thus far been robust and reliable. Using a wireless electronic controller, temperature can be set precisely (within 1 degree) and results in a perfect hot shower. Most impressively - you don't turn on the cold water tap! Just set the controller and thats it.

We previously used 'bulk' hot water in a townhouse complex which was; poor pressure, frequently changing temperature as other townhouses turned on taps, grossly inefficient and worst off all frequently broke down or suffered burst pipes to each townhouse. In our particular situation, this unit will pay for itself in 2 years.

Energy efficiency (and hence running costs) of this unit are also impressive. We calculate that with our family of 4 (all of whom like a nice warm shower) we will cover the additional cost of the Enviro unit within 2-4 years.

I fully agree with other assessments that; there is a slight delay in hot water reaching the tap (~5-10 seconds), although this could be overcome with a Smart start add-on and preheat function (if your plumbing allows it), and there is absolutely no point in turning on the hot water tap to quickly wash your hands (as just stated) - however this is actually a positive behaviour changing design.

At this stage we have not suffered mechanical or electronic breakdown (touch wood)
Strong & reliable performance, Impressive energy efficiency, Excellent space saving design if you are in a smaller house/unit.
Expensive versus standard gas cylinder (although longer term savings if you use average or above hot water)

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Questions & Answers

Hi we have just installed an enviro 32 infinity with wireless controllers. We had awesome hot water for 24 hours then nothing. It was a long weekend so no Rinnai help unless I was willing to pay to $400 call out fee. Our plumber came and checked pressure, power gas, filters but could find no fault. There was bo fault warnings displayed in the window or on the controllers. After 2 days of not working it has started to work again intermittently. Any ideas on what is happening. Is it more likely a faulty unit or part?
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Thanks for the question Darren, if the plumber has checked the installation we would recommend booking a service call to check the unit. It is unusual for no error codes to appear on the unit but if it is a manufacturing fault, the service call and part will be covered under warranty. Our service team can be reached on 1300 555 545 from 8.00am-5.30pm Monday to Friday.


Infinity 32 Enviro
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Release dateAug 2007
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