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Robert Timms Espresso

Robert Timms Espresso

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Coffee bags are made of plastic

I have been purchasing Robert Timms Espresso Style coffee bags for many years. I really enjoyed the flavour of a percolated coffee in a convenient tea bag. That was until last night when a visitor came around and complained about a plastic smell whilst I was making her a coffee. I could not smell anything and I explained to her that my kettle was made from full stainless steel. After we investigated we found that the plastic smell came from the coffee bags in the cups full of hot water. I then grabbed a coffee bag and lit it on fire and it started to melt into a black blob. I could not believe that Robert Timms coffee bags are made with high proportion of plastic.

After doing some research I found that several tea bag and coffee bag manufacturers use a sealing plastic called polypropylene to keep the bags from falling apart. When you putt plastic tea or coffee bags into hot enough water it will begin to break down. When this happens, toxins are released into the brew. Research suggests that consistently drinking these toxins could cause health issues.

I am now on the look out for another brand of coffee that does not use plastic in their coffee bags


shopping round for a replacement for moccona 5 thought id give this a go , smelt alright when i opened the jar had a one small sip as it was hot and that was enough straight down the sink this is worse then new moccona 5 Richer Aroma

How can you even call it Premium Espresso?!

Awful taste, feels like it dries out your mouth and I spent half an hour trying to wash the taste out of my mouth. For a product called Premium Espresso, it is as bad as the cheap office supplied instant coffee.

Delete me see if I care

Still have the same opinion of Robert Timms Espresso coffee. Apparently if your comment does not concur with the marketing ideal then censorship is the deal. Nice knowing you, so long, gotta grab a decent cup of joe! Thirty nine , forty fortyone, fortytwo, fortythree, fortyfour, fortyfive, fortysix, fortyseven, fortyeight, fortynine, fifty!!!!!!!!

Bland, Bland>BLAND!!!!!!!!

Best Coffee but............

This is the best instant coffee I can buy in Western Australia since Mexican imports disappeared.

However, there is a big but......

Who in the Marketing Department had the bright idea for the lable to disappear when you open the jar. A loose wrap-round lable is the most pathetic idea I have ever come across because both the brand and the flavour base are lost on opening.

If you're like me and don't remember everything, on the next visit to the supermarket, I buy the wrong flavour! And I don't like what we call 'soft coffee'.

So - wake up Robert Timms. Espresso is the best available but help us buy it.

Russell Doughty
North Yunderup
Western Australia
Excellent Coffee
Wrapping is pathetic

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Unlike the previous comment, this product Espresso was found to lack flavour. Akin to the Mexican flavour of Pablo coffee, attempts to boost flavour - 3 tspns altered not one hint of blandness, Espresso indeed in name only to conjure sales.Rating: Has bean no flavour.

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Is Robert Timms coffee instant coffee or is it for the expresso machine? Jan Anthonisz
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Instant coffee.