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Roger Armstrong Infant

Roger Armstrong Infant

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Absolute [censored word removed]!

We bought it to put it in the big bath since our 4 month old had grown out of the baby bath and he wriggled straight out of it!! I had to get into the bath with him, not that I cared but kinda defeated the whole purpose of buying it!
Very cheap
Baby wriggles straight out! Dangerous!


I recommended these bath seats to all my friends when they have babies. I used one with my first child and it was great until he could sit in the bath on his own. But when no.2 came along (with a 19mth age gap) I learned its true value. It's great to be able to bath both kids at the same time in the big bath.
With a newborn I just sit a facewasher in the bottom so they are a bit more stable and for extra comfort.
Well worth buying!
Leaves both hands free to wash bub. Makes bathtime heaps easier when you have more than one child.

Fantastic, portable, not bulky

Suction caps underneath hold the seat in place. I prefer to use the seat in the laundry sink because the seat fits in very snug so it has less chance of the suction caps coming loose.
Its light weight and because i prefer to use it in my laundry after use it simply hangs up above the sink on a 3M hook!

It doesn't take up much room as compared to the conventional baby bath / bath with a stand products.
Light weight, not bulky, easy to travel with
Max weight is 18 pounds


Would recommend it to parents with newborn & younger baby. Much easier than just bathing baby in the big tub. It makes bathing my baby so much easier & safer.
Easy to use & clean. Baby 'lies' safety on it in the tub. I feel safe while bathing my baby using this support. Good suction cup.

Didn't use it at all

I got this as a gift and tried using it. Bub wasn't happy to be on it as he seems to slide down and wobbly. So, after 3 attempts, we kept it in storage box.


Even with the few cons I give this 5 stars. Of all the 'extra' things you could buy when having a bub, this one was so great. My boy loved kicking and splashing while laying back in this support, it gave him freedom in the bath and meant I had a free hand. It felt so much safer than trying to hold a slippery squirmy bub.
This bath seat made bathing my son so easy when he was little before he could sit up. It makes bath time safer and easier and more fun for bubs too.
You have to make sure you get the air out of the molded parts so it doesn't float up in the bath. It you don't use your fingers to release the suction on the foot suckers they can come away from the seat when removed from the tub, they can be hard to put back on.


Great product wish it had been around years ago, you feel safe with bubs in it as they have no where to go. Great and lightweight material (plastic) easy to clean and hang up after bath on the back of door. Reasonably cheap to buy. safe to use
Great steady bath seat for popping into your large bath tub. Easy to put the child in as their is no slipping you can safely just hold the bubs with one hand.
nothing not to like, did have a little trouble getting one had to look in several shops. not available every where


This seat made bath time so much easier as i have 3 young children and it meant I could bath the two youngest ones together. It supported my bub in the bath and he was free to move around and kick and splash. I would definetly reccommend.
Easy to use, has suction caps on the legs to prevent moving,
Nothing at all


love this product and would definetly reccommend. we used this product from birth originally in baby bath and then when bub was bigger used it in our normal bath. bub was very happy in the aid and loved splashing around. we felt at ease as he was fully supported and the leg support prevented bub from slipping down into the water. the aid stayed safely in place with the use of the suction caps.
great for supporting baby is the both a baby bath and large bath, suction caps prevents aid from sliding, bub seemed confortabel and loved kicking and splashing around
none at all


we were very pleased and very satisfied with our bubba bath! one of the best things iv bought. at about $20-$25 is is very much well worth the dosh.
it is so so handy for when baby transitions into the big bath. it saves your back big time and is really comfortable for bubba. its set recline is jst right and allows baby to kick n splash and really enjoy bathtime. iv used it from 2months till now 6 months!
no problems at all


Both our babies have loved this bath seat. It supports them during their bath and enables them freedom of movement to kick and splash. I used it for both children as an insert in the large bath until they could sit independently. I would definitely recommend to anyone.
Supports baby in the bath and removes the need for us to support them enabling an easier bath time. Baby enjoys sitting up and splashing about. Has suction cups on base to prevent sliding in the bath.

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Roger Armstrong Infant
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