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Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield Classic 350

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A charming bike that is well built, easily maintained and a pleasure to ride.

There are a number of reviews of the 350 Classic available with full specifications and one by H.Sam is a good starting point for owner reviews. Mine is identical to H Sams in the walnut colour which with the tan seat really looks the part.
I have had mine for nearly 2 months now and done just over 2000km's so it is officially "run in" and no problems whatsoever. My thoughts:
Running In: I had concerns about the 60 kmh speed limit for the first 500km - just not practical for the 100kmh roads around me. The Dealer (who has been selling RE's for many years) advised simply be sensible and use the gearbox and avoid 100 kmh freeways and don't run at constant speeds for any period. Good advice. I was able to happily reach 80 kmh in 5th gear, constantly varying speed and not lugging or stressing the engine.
Result: bike has minimal vibrations and mirrors stay clear at all speeds now up to 100kmh for short stretches. It really is smooth and no complaints after 2 hours constant in the saddle.
Handling: A test ride does not do this bike justice. The handling down a long twisty road with bumps mid corner etc is truly superb and whilst the suspension may be basic - it is does not let the bike become upset on mid corner bumps. The tyres are quite a surprise and grip is confidence inspiring (in the dry) so the bike goes exactly where you point it. Have not ridden in the rain yet.
Seat Comfort: I find the seat totally adequate and after 2 hours not experienced "numb bum" - this surprised me as one reviewer thought it had the comfort of a wooden plank after 1/2 hour.
Brakes: Adequate is the word - but I have had to do some quick stops in traffic and in fairness, they do the job.
The back drum brake does provide some assistance but is not "modern day" effective. They are OK for the speeds the bike will do.
Lighting and electrics: Have ridden at night a couple of times and headlight is just fine. All the electrical cabling looks neatly shrouded and tidy, including that in the headlight shroud which I siliconed sprayed.
Starts easily (I mainly kick start because you can). Tip for warming up is to allow full choke to start and then hold it back immediately to a half way position (with your index finger between the choke button shroud and the carb body) which drops the revs by half and allows you to regulate the engine revs to warm the engine. This will make sense if you ride one. Indicators, high beam/passing light switch and very loud dual horns are excellent and the horns are much more effective than on many bikes today. Dare I say it, the electrics look, feel and sound almost Japanese in operation, but they are Indian/European I believe.
Performance: Sedate is the word as you would expect, but it brings a new level of enjoyment to tootling along country roads and actually looking at the scenery. Any hills will quickly wash off speed, and the excellent gearbox will get a work out - but the ratios are good - you just have to adapt! In city traffic it easily holds it own - but if you want straight line speed and sitting on 110kmh on a freeway with ease, then look elsewhere - there are plenty of 250cc or under bikes that are faster but the charm? In my case, my other bike is a BM R1150R and that fulfils the long distance higher speed role.
Maintenance : This is a bike that you can easily maintain yourself - hydraulic valve actuation, oil/filter changes and chain cleaning/tensioning etc are all easy and everything is very accessible. I am impressed with the engine having a oil screen filter, plus paper filter and two magnetic drain plug inserts. The total re-design of this engine and gearbox by the manufacturer about 5 years ago has transformed this bike I believe from the "interesting" 1955 engine design prior to
that. The two year warranty and 2 year road side assist indicates the manufacturer has some confidence in the product now.
Why the 350 and not the 500 Classic? 1. The 350 I believe is smoother and simpler (no EFI). 2. Whilst the 500 will have slightly more power and torque, I believe it comes at the expense of increased vibrations. Yes, it would be nice to have a fuel gauge like the 500, but not a show stopper for me. 3. Price - I paid $6400 with 12 months solo registration. The 500 Classic is just over $2000 more. 4. The walnut colour/tan seat believe is only available in the 350 at this stage to my knowledge - but that is personal preference.
Improvements? Have fitted a rear rack with Hepco and Becker bag to cover wine/beer duties etc and a Marlin Clock on the bars. Plus I have replaced some bolts with Stainless Steel hex just for appearance and durability.
I would not bother upgrading the exhaust or any other improvements for possibly slightly more performance.
It so far as been a good, honest bike that will bring a smile to your dial just looking at it or enjoying the ride.

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Observations 12 months later and with 6500km on the clock. With the exception of replacing 2 parking light bulbs in the headlight shell and one instrument lighting bulb there have been no other issues. I replaced the last bulbs with Narva units from Repco which should give better life. The bike has been totally reliable and starts first kick generally. I do interim oil changes at 1500 km with Dealer service at 3000 km intervals as per the book. Probably no real need for the interim services - but prefer it that way. If you want to preserve the chrome/alloy/paint finishes I have found you need to be diligent with silicon spray, polish, metal polish etc etc. Not doing this will result in oxidised alloy, pitted chrome and tarnished spokes as I witnessed on a slightly older one I looked at my Dealer when mine was having a 3K service The overall finish is probably on a par with my then new 2001 Triumph Bonneville which required the same degree of cosmetic maintenance. BMW finish it is not - nor is the price to be fair. My 350 will sit on 100kmh OK with small vibration through the pegs and bars (mirrors are still clear though), but that is not its preferred cruising speed and any hill will have you back to 80kmh but still holding 5th gear fine. If you need to sit on 100kmh freeways regularly with overtaking power in reserve then look elsewhere. She is most at home on the back roads where you want to enjoy the scenery and journey. Tyres are still fine and have proved to be just as good in the wet as dry roads. Seat comfort is still very good for longish trips and ergonomics for a relaxed ride are excellent with light clutch and the gearbox a cracker. So far, all good and enjoying the ride! Update just after the 6600km mark. The petrol tank developed a split on the LHS inside skin near where the tank mounting attaches to the frame. The resulting leak of petrol stained the LH side cover as well. I lodged a warranty claim with the Dealer and received a prompt response that the tank and side cover had been accepted as a warranty claim. The replacement side cover arrived within a couple of weeks, but the tank was another story. After numerous follow ups with the Dealer and in the end, Urban Motor Imports, the tank arrived after a 6 month wait. During that time the bike was at the Dealership and unrideable. I asked the Dealership whether the Distributor could swap tanks with a unit in stock at the Distributor potentially - answer "No". After eventually getting it back I enquired at the Dealership regarding having the warranty extended for 6 months (the period at the Dealership). No result and no follow up for this by the Dealership. I subsequently sold the bike - happy with the price and went to an appreciative new owner. I think Royal Enfield really need to work on streamlining their Warranty from factory to the Distributor and Dealer so the 24 month warranty has real meaning.

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You will need to get a price from your local Royal Enfield Dealer.

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