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Rubbedin Stainless Steel Magic

Rubbedin Stainless Steel Magic

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Absolutely amazing.

This is the best stainless steel cleaning product I’ve ever used. Just wipe it on with a clean cloth and it goes to work instantly. Looks absolutely amazing removing smears and marks easily. Restores stainless steel to like new again.

Streak-free Shiny Surface

After application with a paper towel my kitchen sink and stove top appeared sparkling new again :) And so it should as both Stainless Steel surfaces are only 2 months old! I recently renovated…

Previously used AJAX Spray n’ Wipe does not perform as well as or is in the same league as Rubbedin Stainless Steel Magic to achieve a Showroom quality, streak-free shiny surface.

Yet as much as I love the appearance of a smudge free surface these affects are very short lived and do not remove heavily marked (water stains), and scratches etc. Here it is suggested to purchase; “Metal Magic” to clean, polish and protect… Thus your cupboard becomes a hardware shelf of endless cleaning products?

You may also find the professed “invisible protective film that repels new marks” is actually vulnerable to new stains and harder to remove as I have found. But no need for concern as stains will disappear with further cleaning.
Instant Results Non-abrasive. Australian Made & Owned
Affects are very short lived

Questions & Answers

Hello, is MR SHEEN suitable for use on the facade of a stainless steel fridge? Thanks! Jan M
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Hi Stainless Steel Magic is specifically designed to clean and protect Stainless Steel. Most furniture polishes are designed for wood... so we recommend that you use a protect that is specific for your needs; that way you know it's going to work.


Stainless Steel Magic
Price (RRP)6.99
Release dateNov 2010

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