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Ryobi 18V One+ Line Trimmer OLT1830

Ryobi 18V One+ Line Trimmer OLT1830

3.8 from 73 reviews

Not impressed

Firstly I am only a short person so the adjustable handle height was great, but I still found the unit somewhat heavy for me as a female, not to mention it was noisy and the plastic line/cord kept breaking so it was a constant start stop to fix and feed the line through to get the job done, and it was difficult and was most frustrating and has since put me off buying another whipper snipper, no matter what brand it is, this one just gave me a bad feeling about all of them.

Purchased in April 2016 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Thick, heavy grass or weeds


Easy to use no petrol mixing no cleaning up carb from old fuel. No zip starting just use recharge battery and put away. Battery life is plenty for average yard.

Purchased in December 2017 for $235.00.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Tall grass and Thick, heavy grass or weeds

Has too many issues

Bought this as a package $229 with 5Ah battery - two years and 2 months ago. The auto line feed doesn't work very well as outlined many times in this thread. The battery only lasts 10 mins now - two months out of warranty. It does the job but only barely before the battery dies - still with 2 bars showing. I'm certain that it lasted longer initially. The main issue is with the hit-and-miss Ryobi batteries. Only the 4Ah that I bought 4 yrs ago to replace a 1.4Ah in a blower that died in a few months has performed well. Ryobi don't want to know and I'm sure as hell not spending $149 at bunnings on a new one that is likely to have the same problem.

Purchased in February 2017 at Bunnings Warehouse for $229.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly
Grass Type Short grass

Nearly un-useable

The line auto-feed just does NOT work. The line is so thin and weak
that it breaks off very quickly, and does not auto-feed, so you have to stop
and press the feed button next to the spool, on the actual head - dangerous ...
and if the line breaks off altogether (as it does not auto-feed), you have to pull
the cover off the head and re-spool it. Also, the line seems to get caught on the spool,
so even the feed button won't work then.

Purchased in May 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Occasionally
Grass Type Short grass

Good, lite, quiet.

Bought this trimmer (skin only) because I have already Ryobi One+ 18V batteries, 2.5A and 5.0A for my driver set.
So there was no need to get any additional separate batteries.
This trimmer is great for smaller and more delicate jobs around the house, but for bigger jobs I would of get definitely something much more powerful (higher voltage 36V or higher and brush-less, more expansive).
I did with it everything I wanted to do around the house, but it took me probably twice as long to what it took me with the much more powerful corded electric one, so it is kind of slow going with this trimmer.
I have had no problems using it for longer period of time, because the trimmer is fairly light, 2.3kg (without the battery). I bought it from Bunnings for $99.-, their Web site says it has 5kg (wrong), so at first I did not want to even bother about this product, according to the Web site specification it is too heavy, but then I have found out the actual weight of the trimmer is 2.3kg (downloaded .pdf manual from Ryobi Web site), to me it was an important deciding factor.
I did use it continuously for half an hour and the motor did not get even warm. So it looks like there should not be problem with overheating or burning out the motor if used continuously for extended period of time.
Anyway, according to the documentation it has (cordless Lithium-Ion power tools) 4 years warranty + 2 years if register on line.
The auto line feed is alright, just have to be aware not to stop and start the trimmer all the time else it will go through the trimmer line (1.6 - 1.65mm) very quickly.
It is much much quieter compare to the corded electric one I have.
I used 2.5Amp (0.5kg) battery, it lasted for nearly 30 minutes of continuous use.
So far so good. Time will tell how long it will last.
To sum it up, it is good value for money.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Fantastic trimmer

The trimmer is such a great product. Noise level is low, it's super light so makes it easy to cut my grass. It runs for a good time for me to finish my yard that's a reasonable size. I would buy this product over and over again. Would definitely recommend.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Love the idea of this range, but removing the battery can be problematic if you have small hands

With no other real need for a lawn mower, I purchased this to keep the nature strip looking tidy. No cords or fuel to mess about with, its a great little unit.

My only issue is getting the battery off as my female hands are not big enough to reach the release buttons at the same time, (which are located on either side of the battery).

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Love this soo much

I bought this because my hubby can no longer do the yard, needed something quite, light, and easy to use. ticks all the boxes, don't have a big yard but a lot of edgy area. the best thing is I don't have to fiddle with line and getting all tangled up with it...just pop in the fresh spool and good to go. love it so much I had an electric blower but did't like getting it out as much because of the cords so I just bought myself the blower as well. So ladies out there if you are the one that has to or likes to do the lawns..good value product. just done mine now.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Works really well

My petrol trimmer died due to a failed magneto so as I had other Ryobi one + items I bought it. It is only for light trimming but that's all most suburban blocks need. The adjustable head angle, telescopic shaft, trim/edge settings and light weight make it a breeze to operate. The auto line feed is a great feature but you must wind the replacement line on with a little care or it can get jammed. You can buy replacement spools & they hold 2.7 metres of line for $18.90 for a pack of 3 but 50 metres of 1.6mm line is only about $6.00. It's a no brainer.
I can trim my yard and street frontage on about 1/4 of a 4 A/h battery. I found the edger guide not that useful except for hanging the trimmer in the shed & it is great for that. So much easier and quieter by miles that a petrol trimmer. No starting problems or fuel issues, just put the battery in and press the trigger. Also what other product comes with a 6 year replacement warranty?

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Excellent Line Trimmer

A really nice cordless line trimmer which does the job really well. Bought this with a blower in a combo pack from Bunnings and I am really happy with the purchase. The auto feed line system works really well. Lasts about 45mins on a full charge of 4.0ah battery which in my opinion is enough for decently sized lawns. I strongly recommend this product.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great cordless line trimmer

I bought this battery operated line trimmer because I have trouble starting petrol ones. In addition, this model has automatic feed rather than bump feed (which I find difficult to use). This has solved all my problems with garden edging! It is light enough for me (I’m a smaller female at 5’1”) to handle and produced a great result. It’s automatic feed actually works - you just press the trigger for it to start and then every time you stop it adds a bit of line. It’s easy to adjust the angle of the head at the touch of a button. The battery is powerful and i was easily able to edge my medium sized back yard. Its a single line spoil so it’s super easy to thread or you can buy 3 pre threaded spools from Bunnings for less than $20. I’m going to buy them and then when they’re finished re-thread them so I’ve got plenty on hand. I highly recommend this product.

Really impressed with this whipper snipper and the blower is great!

Recently purchased in a combo pack with the blower + 4.0Ah battery kit from Bunnings.
I'm extremely impressed with this unit! It's lightweight, easy to maneuver and is quite powerful.
I have a smaller sized yard and let the back grow out of control, so I wasn't sure if this whipper snipper would be able to cut through all the overgrown mess but it sliced through it quite easily! Even with it only having a single line rather than dual lines.
Battery lasts for more than a half hour, able to do the front and back yard without swapping out the battery. Also charging time is quite quick..
As for the blower, I love it. It's also very light and easy to use and moves little stones and debris easily.
Combo kit is really great value IMHO!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

the best whipper snipper

I use this whipper snipper almost every day. I’m a gardener, so it’s weight suits me, and it’s currently over 5 years old. It’s lightweight and the adjustable head makes it easy to do a perfect lawn edge. I use it for more than though, including clearing light weeds and cleaning paving.
The only issue I’ve had is with the line feed. If the line isn’t loaded properly it stops the auto feed working. A new roll usually puts an end to the issue

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Great whipper snipper for light use, small yards.

Bought this as part of the blower/battery and charger combo deal. Have only used it today for the first time, and am very happy with it. No, it will not step up to doing rough overgrown blocks, I tried that as a test with the vacant block next door, but for a small home/villa/townhouse it's ideal. Goes through reasonably dense weeds okay, despite the line being very thin it surprised by lasting really well, and the battery ran for over half an hour and didn't fade, still having charge in it. Light and easy to use, with plenty of grunt for my 550 sq metre home.
Cons are that, at this stage, the battery is tight to get off, and the safety press switches on the side that have to be depressed before engaging the unit are really tight. Also be aware that, on one of the YouTube videos at least, the American spec unit is different to the Australian. Instead of twin line, the Australian is single line and doesn't come with the spare lines shown in the US video.
Briefly, the blower that's part of the combo deal is great for light home use blowing off stairs, decks etc. It's very light, ideal for small areas.
Recommended well and truly, great for light home maintenance, so impressed with this I'll look at a battery mower if I need to replace my current petrol one in the future.

Date PurchasedNov 2018


Trimmer is perfect for my large garden. Just different to petrol trimmer. Feed works fine. A bit slower to cut edges but time is saved not having to buy petrol, fiddle with motor and refuel. Would buy again. String seems to last ok but is only single line rather than two lines.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018


Can't do a metre without having to stop, pull it apart and reset the line. Auto feed doesn't seem to work - would have been better off with a manual one. Generally like the Ryobi tools but this one is more than frustrating. Have tried with Ryobi branded line and aftermarket - I think the latter is a little better.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Auto feed stops working almost right away

Loved everything about this trimmer until it came time to replace the string. First, I purchased a spool of string and put it on (thought I'd save $$ and forgo the 3 pack of pre wrapped Ryobi string). Wrapped it carefully on the spool, loaded it up and tried to trim. It auto fed once, and then no more. Had to open it up, untangle everything, rewind it, put it back, etc. back to work... no auto feed... So, I thought it was my fault for being cheap, and I headed back to Home Depot to shell out 20 bucks for those three pre strung Ryobi brand spools. Got home, loaded one into the trimmer and the exact same thing happened. No auto feed, had to stop every few minutes and fix it. The braided trim gets caught up and it's a very sloppy wrap from Ryobi. So, it's getting returned today - along with all of the string.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Jennings, We appreciate you taking the time to leave your review on this line trimmer. However the line head on this trimmer works a little different from traditional models, this is an auto feed head which means whenever the trigger is engaged it will feed more line out, this must be monitored to achieve the best result. For the correct method of reloading your line please see the below video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsA758WEzf8 Reach out to us if you require any assistance via the Ryobi customer support team, AU: ☎ 1300 361 505 or ryobi.custhelp.com/app/support/ask NZ: ☎ 0800 279 624 or ryobi.co.nz/media/contacts

Not up to RYOBI standard-totally under powered

This line trimmer is just NOT good enough when compared to all other RYOBI work tools. I only have a small yard & thought this would be OK. Will try and list ALL design shortcomings. 1 Grossly underpowerd. 2 Can not see where cutting due to position of guard. 3 Cannot adjust guard. 4 Ergonomically bad design-can't quite hold the trimmer in a comfortable position. 5 Stone guard keeps catching on grass. 6 Line breaks off only seconds after the last fix. 7 Cassette is difficult to get opened. 8 Auto line feed is not auto. Not happy.

Date PurchasedDec 2017


This is the worse strimmer I have ever had back to black and decker for me the line breaks ever couple of minutes and it so hard to pull the yellow thing apart to get more line out my husband said get Ryobi it’s a really good make rubbish it’s so hard to keep getting the line out my husband found it hard to take apart so a woman has no chance stick to tools Ryobi your no good with garden stuff lol

Date PurchasedJul 2017

No hassle to use and start! I love it!

I bought this a few months ago after giving up trying to start the old petrol line trimmer and can’t believe it took me so long to upgrade. It is so easy to start and use and does a fantastic job. I had literally been cutting the edges of my lawn with secateurs in frustration at not being able to start the petrol line trimmer. With much less effort I can now keep my edges neat and tidy.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

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Questions & Answers

I have replaced the trimming line but it keeps 'autofeeding' and is too long. Is there something I have missed? Or does the line have to be a specific type? Amanda
1 answer
i expect you have not wound the line correctly probably too loose

Since replacing the line with the recommended cassette my Ryobi +one line trimmer does not self feed.
1 answer
Sorry, can't help. Same thing happened to me, and others by the look of the reviews. We don't use it now ... are there any that work properly?

Hi. Does this come with battery and charger or are they extra? Regards, Eric.
1 answer
OLT1830 is for $99.- . It is skin only, no battery, no charger. But it is also available as package for $229.- at Bunnings RLT1830LiX51 including 5Amp battery and charger. If you don't have battery and charger yet, then it comes much cheaper if bought as package than buying it separately.


18V One+ Line Trimmer OLT1830
Price (RRP)109
Power SourceBattery
Handle TypeLoop Handle
Release dateMar 2010

Visit official website - Download manual

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