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Ryobi ONE+ OLM1840H

Ryobi ONE+ OLM1840H

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Mining a coal with a table spoon!!!

This was my first experience with battery powered lawn mowers. I'm not doing it again. Batteries (5A each) won't last longer than 30-40 min, in 1-2 years expect this term to shorten to 20 -15 min. By the end of a battery drain during normal work the battery gets extremely hot which tells you how quickly it will lose its capacity. The motor is weak, shuts off every 15-20 seconds due to meeting a spot with well developed grass (which this damn thing is supposed to cut, this is the only reason I bough it). So the 20 min of usual routine becomes 40 min, or 2-3 sessions 40 min each since you take batteries to recharge and wait for a good half-day and so on. What sounded as a decent path to explore turned out a horrible waste of money and time. Any gasoline powered lawn mower (ANY) will be better in any imaginable way, needless to say you pay half as much for gasoline powered. Ah, one more thing - no matter if you have the collecting bag attached or not - you will stop to clear the clogged outlet hole every 1 min, something I haven't seen much before. So overall - the battery powered lawn mower (not strictly specific to Ryobi or this particular model) is as good and handy for grass cutting as a nail-clipper.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Great Choice for a Small to Medium Lawn

This mower isn't the best option if you've got a large, long, messy, stoney garden so if that's you move on to something bigger and gruntier. It won't have the cutting power and because it's narrow you'll be working twice as hard going back and forth. The stones won't do the plastic body any good either. On the other hand if you're like us and have a small, frequently mowed lawn this is a great option. I should point out that we're in NZ with soft, thin-bladed grass not buffalo grass. Upsides: It's very cheap, it won't rust, it's wonderfully quiet and it's so light I can pick it up with one hand even when the catcher is full. You will need to buy a battery for it if you don't already have a good-sized +One. A 4ah battery is more than enough for our small suburban lawn but my other 1.5ah battery won't do the whole thing in one go. I like how it cuts off immediately when your hand comes off the trigger bar thing. You can also put it on its side to clean the bottom of it without petrol leaking out all over the show. Moving from a heavy petrol mower this Ryobi feels flimsy but it does the job and doesn't feel like it's going to break so I don't think that's an issue. Downsides? Maybe you could question the longevity of the batteries, so that's part of the equation if you're focused on the money side of things. If I was getting really picky I would suggest that a better designer could have given it a better folding handle. Otherwise, this is an excellent product.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Terrible mower.

Worst mower I've ever owned. Most often it won't start at all and if it does it will often cuf out within 3 seconds. Very occasionally it starts and runs for a decent time and actually cuts nicely, unfortunately due to it's unreliability and regularly not starting at all, I would be wary of any battery powered mower. Not surprised this mower is no longer produced as it's reliability is woeful.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

I have recommended this mower to friends. No mixing petrol. No flammable fuel around the house. No m

I have recommended this mower to friends. No mixing petrol. No flammable fuel around the house. No more fuming when attempting to start the mower. Quiet and no smoke! I have alot of Ryobi products, batteries, chargers etc. This works a treat. I had problems with my back and starting my old mower. Not a problem now!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Not anywhere near as good as the Ryobi Rep said it would be

We bought the Ryobi One+ from Bunnings on a day they had the Ryobi tent and reps there (Cranbourne Bunnings just before Xmas 2017).
We advised the Rep we only had a 9m x 5m lawn area (small) with Sir Walter Buffalo lawn.
Was advised this would handle it easily as long as we didn't let it get too long.
It doesn't. We mow every 2 weeks, and it just keeps moving a few feet then cutting out, sounding like it cant cut through the grass, blades getting stuck and just doesn't have the power to push through (Yes, the mower is on it's highest height setting). I counted today: we had to restart the mower 78 times just to mow the 9x5 area.
Someone suggested we would have to mow every week to ensure the grass is only grown a very small amount to ensure we're not putting the mower under too much strain, but that's just silly, every fortnight is more than enough regularity.
So we are supremely disappointed in this mower.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Excellent. Works as described!

My lawn is about 60 sqm and the mower has comfortably covered that area in one charge, 2 charges if I've let the lawn grow a bit long. Easy to start and move around. Sure it's not as rugged as a full metal mower but it does the job. Probably wouldn't recommend for rough or significantly undulating ground.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Best battery powered mower I've owned

Cuts great if grass is kept at a manageable level. Don't let it grow too long though as you might struggle. I have a small patch of yard so this mower is perfect. This was bought in a package that came with blower charger and battery, which was great value. No more worrying about fuel, just charge it and your good to go. And the battery is interchangeable between the range of tools. The mower is a little narrow though but is not a problem for my patch of yard

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great machine

This lawn mower has been a fantastic addition to my landscaping tools. Along with the Ryobi ONE+ whipper snipper which runs off the same batteries. One charge of two batteries is enough to mow the lawn and complete the whipper snipping. One minor issue is that the mower struggles after rain or if the grass gets a little too long

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Brought the Ryobi One+ Mowe & Blower kit

Brought this Ryobi One+ mower as part of a kit at Bunnings a few weeks ago for $399. It included the 33cm wide mower which takes one single "18v One +" battery, and includes a blower, battery charger, and a 4ah battery. An absolute bargain if you price it all separately. The annoying thing is that I now have three chargers. Happy to have the extra battery though. First impressions is that it's all very light weight flimsy cheap plastic stuff but that is quite deceptive. The mower does a sterling job on a lawn that is just in need of a quick mow (not a forest). I wouldn't recommend it for long or wet lawns but a quick trim during the dry days is brilliant and has a lot more guts that you'd think. My medium sized yard could be done almost twice on one charge of the 4ah battery. I have a few spare battery's on hand because of the other One+ range of tools I have so if it conks out on the last leg a quick snap on another battery and its done. The width of the mower is only 33cm which is quite thin so you have to do a few extra laps to get the job done but on a smallish yard it doesn't matter. I really only wanted it to do trim jobs quickly without having to go down to the shed and perform a swearing operation that would give me a bloody stroke (two stroke?) So far I've avoided the petrol Victa for a few months now which is good thing but probably means the bugger will be twice as hard to start when I need a big job done. The Catcher on the Ryobi is a bit of a waste of time if your just doing a trim. Just wazz the thing over a quick job without the catcher and jobs done with no mess anyhow. The side distance for close trims is excellent but the nose is quite long and means that you can't butt up to something closer than about 15cm to cut what is in front of the nose which is a bit of an annoyance.

Overall (so far) it has been value for money considering the extra 4ah battery and charger (the charger I did not need) and the awesome little blower is great. I have yet to try it out on the dog after her wash ;-) . The Blower is a real surprise and can blow small rocks of about marble size too which was quite surprising.

The "toy-ish" light weight and feel of the mpwer is daunting but the actual result is a pleasant surprise and I can thoroughly recommend it especially for someone with a smallish yard who is a pedantic mower. Its just quick and simple, light (very light) to just hit the button and push. You can pick the whole mower up with one hand (you couldn't do that with a petrol Victa).

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Do the sums, then choose !

My partner bought me a Ryobi drill driver pack last year to replace the busted Ozito - driver skin with 2 batteries, 18v 1.3Ah ONE + system.

Note - this review is NOT for the mower (apparently discontinued?)

Didn't realise at the time how useful they would become . . . recently have moved to another home with a beautiful, extensive but labour-intensive garden, with my trusty secateurs and hedge shears threatening to throw the t(r)owel in.

Enter Ryobi hedge & grass shear combo set, skins only, and small leaf blower, all compatible with my previously bought but largely unused batteries.

I didn't think they'd perform much beyond their toyish appearance but I was wrong (except maybe the grass shears but I may have the wrong grass ?). The hedge trimmer, though only 30cm long, didn't flinch at dead wood old-growth and still going strong on the 1.3 Ah after 20mins. But wait . . . !

These tools, when registered on the Ryobi webpage, offer a 6 year warranty ! ! Batteries only for 3 years but still, how good's that ?

Do the sums, then choose . . .

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great battery life, light weight, instant on

As I was already setup with the drill and sander from the same range, it was a must to check out this unit from Ryobi. Available as a pack with a larger capacity battery, the price was higher than expected but the salesman got to me with range anxiety. The unit is very light weight, and easy to manoeuvre. We joke that it is like an outdoor vacuum as it starts instantly and can handle almost everything in the yard.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

I genuinly love it

My 20-something year old 2-stroke beast went to Victa heaven so I finally had an excuse to buy myself an electric mower and since I already own a bunch of One+ batteries I figured this would be the one to go for.


It starts instantly with the push of a button. No spilling petrol then pulling my shoulder out of it's socket anymore :-D

It's quiet. Not silent, but this thing shouldn't annoy the neighbours at all.

It does a good job. I can't tell any different between this one and the old Victa.

I only use about half a charge of a 4Ah battery to do my smallish lawn & nature strip.

Most importantly, I have damaged nerves in my right hand and heavy vibrations cause annoying pain so to be able to mow my lawn and still be able to us my hand for the rest of the day is the biggest plus of all.


It's light. Really light. You barely feel like you're pushing anything while mowing and I love that i can pick it up with one hand and store it on a shelf BUT I have a slightly sloping front yard and while doing the nature strip it has slipped off the side of the gutter chopping into the cement a couple of time due to it being too light. This means I have to do 30-40 small back & forth runs instead of 4 or 5 long strips. I'm yet to decide if the positive or the negative wins out here.


It's quite thin so I have to do a few extra lap of the yard compared to the dearly departed old girl.

It's plastic. Sure it'll never rust but I still don't fully trust that a plastic lawn mower will withstand the beating I tend to throw at my garden tools.


I had zero hesitation in giving this mower 5 stars and despite only having it for about 6 weeks I've already recommended to anyone who'll listen that they need to join me in my new cult of the electric lawnmower.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Perfect for my wife!

We have a very large yard, too much really for a small electric mower, especially if the grass gets long.
However the back yard is smaller and needs to mowed more often, and my wife usually couldn't start the 30 year old Rover (with a "commercial/industrial" Briggs and Stratton, and which has been absolutely brilliant, never missed a beat.)
I was thinking of an electric mower for the back especially for when I'm not home, but not interested in buying the 36v model, with YET ANOTHER different battery system. We already have 18v Ryobi gear, (drills, impact driver, hedge cutter, whipper sniper, chain saw etc) so when I saw this which uses two 18v batteries, I took the plunge.
We are delighted - we usually use it as a mulcher, virtually never use the catcher, and it handles the smaller back yard with ease, and of course no dramas from the old petrol mower which is much heavier and can be tricky or impossible to start for my wife, (though not for me.)

Totally happy, would buy another in a heartbeat!

Cons: not so good if the grass is wet, (but that goes for most mowers.)

Date PurchasedJul 2015


I brought my mower about three years ago. Still have same 2 x 4 AH batteries and same blade. I brought a new blade as I think it is about time for a change over.
I have read some bad reviews that quite honestly are strange. People saying that the mower has this and that wrong with it after a short amount of time. Why are they not returning them to Bunnings for a new one. No hassles.
I even read that some people are complaining about the cost of replacement and new batteries after the new ones have failed for one reason or another. Again why have they not taken them back to Bunnings for new ones.
My mower works great as I use it on my rather large nature strip only. About 50 square meters. Then I use the same batteries to whipper snip along fence line. Then blow around house, patio, in-out drive and front. I do not use the catcher as I use the mulcher plug and have found it quite satisfactory over the years.
Ok, one gripe! Now no more reasonable priced 4 AH batteries only very expensive 5 AH ones.
Go to eBay and buy reasonable priced generic 4 or 5 AH batteries. They even have warranties and are made right here in Australia.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Good mower you just need 2x 5ah.

I have had the 2 18v battery mower since we moved in, All this time i have used 2x 1.5ah got them in a drill pack and was to cheap to buy replacements and it use to do the front and back with ease,(of late it struggles to even do 2 passes @ 10m ) on about 100sqm mowing.

As of today 17/1/2017 i cracked it and got 2 x 5ah batteries @ $230 in a pack at bunnings,

The mower its self was around $399.

The main reason i got this mower is the fact i don't like fuel laying around in the garage in a tin.

If the grass is long due to summer season and lots of rain the mower can struggle a bit even if its a little damp and reduce the running time. when i mow the back yard with no catcher its a lot easier.

Like another person pointed out 1 charger is brutal in terms of waiting for the batteries to charge i have been charging since 10am till 2 pm and the 2nd battery is on the last charging bar now am awaiting for it finish so i can finish off the yard i left with only 2 passes when it decided to run out of charge.

Date PurchasedNov 2015
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Can confirm that with 2x 5ah it runs like a dream even with over grown grass stalled a few times but from my own eagerness to mow that yard..

Great mower !

I was looking for an easy to use and convenient lawn mower and I loved this cordless mower. It worked straight out of the box. Was light and easy to push and quieter than petrol machines. Easy to start with just a push of a button. No messing around with petrol and carburettor. Even my wife loved this and she has been helping with lawn mowing :-). It runs for about 45 mins and sufficient to mow our garden and nature strip (~150 sq m). It takes about 2 hours for each battery - 4 hr to charge 2 which is required for the mower. So you may need another set of batteries if you have a bigger garden. Note that there is a new charger on the market that will charge in 1/2 the time. I noticed that it may not cut as close as the petrol cousins but good enough for us.
Now mowing is not a chore any more as it is so easy! Have fun.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

So far so good for older lady medium size lawns

I am an older lady, and sick of the old petrol mower being a bit hard on my back. Bought the Ryobi one+Dual 18v 400mm OLM1840H from Bunnings which was a bit of an ordeal as they don't know much about the product, had to buy the batteries separate from mower at 2 different Bunnings! Was told I needed 2 batteries but there is not a battery charger that chargers 2 at once, only 1 or 6. Opened it up and the instruction booklet is useless. A bit heavy to lift out of the box by the handle but no other way of getting it out from packing. Got it together, still not sure that some levers are in the correct position but seems sturdy. I have used it once on back grass and once on front. The front lawn is finer and better condition and it did a good job on level 4, which to me seems very short. Back lawn is a bit rougher and I did this on level 5, then level 4 in some places and found it didn't always pick up as well. Fantastic to start! For safety reasons one of 4 long buttons has to be held down at all times, I find this makes my hand ache, but at least I can swap hands, and its really good to know if i slip over it will stop automatically. I have to empty catcher more often than the old victor but the catcher is lighter. I find the catcher a bit awkward to put in as the cross bar of the handles gets in the way. The mulching accessory is really awkward to remove and doesn't seem very sturdy, but I used without. The batteries are easy to clip in, the plastic cover over that area does not stay up whilst clicking them in, so I can imagine breaking the cover one day. To remove the batteries your hand needs to be bigger than mine to reach around and squeeze the 2 release buttons, and its awkward to do with 2 hands so this wasn't well thought out as I have bigger than average size women's hands. The batteries lasted the whole mow from fully charged which took about 40 mins and grass was a bit long and its a bit rough in some areas. The mower is quite long so in a few awkward spots of my garden I found this a bit tricky.
In Summary : Good points: a dream to start, quiet, easy to push, no problem with battery life, feels safe.
Downside: a bit long , battery release mechanism positioned badly, I wonder if the plastic will last, doesn't always catch grass, have to charge one battery at a time, would like a level higher than 5,
.............I like it...a bit expensive, so I really hope it lasts!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Batteries die in 20 minutes

I upgraded to this mower from an electric mower as the cord was problematic. It came with 2 batteries. I would not recommend this mower to anyone on a block the size of ours which is only a tiny 400sqm. It mows beautifully for maximum 20 minutes and then dies. The batteries take hours to recharge and as I only have one recharger I need to wait twice as long to recharge both batteries. Ryobi.....you need to make it clear to customers that they need 4 batteries and multiple rechargers as what is supplied is definitely not sufficient to complete the job.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Tesla sports car of mowers

I bought this to replace a Bosch corded mower about 18 months ago. I have a big range of 18v Ryobi power tools so I didn't have to fork out extra for batteries or a charger. I love this machine. It cuts evenly and is easy to manoeuvre. The handles have quick release handles which fold down over the mower which makes for easy storage. I don't have a huge lawn but I'm sure it would go a lot longer. I take one of the batteries out and put it in my 18v whipper snipper to finish the job.
No dealing with fuel and oil, no spark plugs to change and no smell except cut grass. Having had a corded mower before this one I can say there's no comparison. Gone is the need for a 25mtr extension cord and gone is the phobia of running over the cord! The noise is comparable to a vacuum cleaner and I usually listen to my headphones while I work.

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4 years on and this mower still works like a dream. I bought a couple of new batteries recently and the mower absolutely powers along. Very good purchase.

Perfect for my relatively small but rough and hard to reach lawns

Ryobi ONE+ Lawn Mower using 2 x 18V batteries to power the ONE+ Lawn Mower
I already have Ryobi ONE+ 18v drills and tools so this was a no-brainer, but the reviews here helped me decide. To my pleased surprise it coped well with our rough unkept lawn, was light and easy to manoeuvre and my existing 2.4aH batteries lattes at least 20 minutes cutting time. Best thing is that it is incredibly quiet. I may add a pair of 5aH batteries to my system next year.

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UPDATE. Still doing very well in wet weather. Bought pair of 5ah batteries which let me do all round house and sides.

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Questions & Answers

Hi there, my sisters and i put some money together and purchased my mum a Ryobi chordless lawnmower. Since mum already had a fair few of the other products. However. None of us thought of getting the battery pack for the lawn mower. When i look at the prices they are well into the $200 mark which currently non of us can afford. I had a quick look on Ebay and Gum tree and there are a few for sale however i am unsure if this is the way to go. Would anyone recommend buying that way as the cheaper option or steer well clear for the very reason i am dreading. Any advice would help? :)
1 answer
I am the original poster. I would be sceptical of second hand batteries as all batteries, including lithium-ion have limited shelf life, hence Ryobi only guaranteeing these batteries for 3 years. Also, if they've been completely discharged, this will negatively affect the electrlytics and hence battery life. Unlike ni-cad batteries, lithium-ion don't have a 'memory' and are best not be discharged to a low level. I would not buy second hand batteries for the above reasons as you can't tell how they've been used. By the way, I purchased new batteries for the original 36V one+ mower, but this didn't help. I then purchased the " newly designed" 18V one+ mower, which has so far performed flawlessly.

Would it be able to cover 300 sq m of lawn?
3 answers
If you put in two of the latest 5Ah batteries you'd do it easy. I used to mow my small 60m3 lawn with two of the old type smaller batteries and still have charge to use the line trimmer for the edges. I upgraded my batteries to the latest and the mower cuts twice as good due to the higher output.I have 2 x 4Ah batteries and live on a 670 sq m block of land. Our lawns would be more than 300 sq m and I can comfortably mow the back and front with enough power left in the batteries for the snipper and the blower. So, i would say YES. 5 Ah batteries were not available when I bought the mower but they would be even better.Should do with the bigger 5AH batteries. Mine is doing really well even on long wet grass. Just have to clean underside occasionally. Great to be able to swap batteries to Hedge trimmer and drills to. It's a great system.

How do you clean the mower after mowing?
1 answer
I use a blower then a brush on the grass that has stuck, it is recommended using a brush (dry) no water or hose washing


Price (RRP)379
Power SourceBattery
Cutting Width400
Minimum Cutting Height20
Maximum Cutting Height70
Mulching CapabilityYes

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