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Ryobi RLM36 Series

Ryobi RLM36 Series

RLM36B40H, RLM36X40H40, RLM36X46S5, RLM36X50HP, RLM36B46L and 3 more
3.8 from 186 reviews

Great mower with so small faults.

I have two medium lawn areas and this mower just powers through them. The battery gives me about 3 complete cuts of both lawns before needing to be recharged. I live on a very steep block and 2 people were needed to get my old Honda up to my rear lawn area. I can now carry this up one handed. Now for the nags. The way the catcher connects to the mower is a bit flimsy and has a tendency to fall of at times if you scrape up against something and the self propelling motors will give you quite some resistance to pulling the mower backwards unless you let go of the handles and push the last few feet of your cut. Otherwise it is well worth the money. Love it.

Purchased at Bunnings Warehouse for $749.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Battery Life

Don't waste your money

I purchased this product a little over 3 years ago. It's an okay lawnmower that does have it's shortcomings which are pointed out in other posts on this website. It doesn't work well on a slopey site or on spongy grass.
The big drawback is battery life. A little over 3 years old and suddenly battery won't charge, flashing red and green lights on charger. Bunnings recommended I call Ryobi to discuss possibilities of warranty support as a new battery costs $300 and since buying the mower I purchased other Ryobi 36v products to the tune of $1000. I also had another 36v battery which came with the leaf blower/line trimmer, purchased within a couple of weeks of buying the mower and this battery also stopped working in the same week as the mower battery. So that's $600 to replace the 2 batteries!!!!!!
Ryobi were no help as the batteries were out of warranty. Gee thanks, $1000 worth of useless garden tools without batteries.
I have always been careful to treat the batteries in the recommended manner by not charging hot batteries nor doing quick top up charges on a half full battery.
Be warned, don't waste your money!!!!

Purchased for $620.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Battery Life
Product is used: Weekly

pretty ordinary

not happy with end result leaves stands of lawns i have a very small front lawn which only take 10 minutes to cut but on completion no matter how slow i push the mower it leaves individual blades of grass uncut driving me mad, tried going across lawn up and down but no difference. i hate the fact i spent so much money and get an terrible result

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Good electric mower

Bought it to replace my old Bunnings own brand electric mower because the battery type no longer available. This mower is a lot more powerful but about the same noice level as my older mower. The catcher is reasonable size, I guess you can’t have the catcher too big otherwise will be too heavy to push. No regret for paying a bit more for a much better product, as long as the battery life is long and always available if replacement is needed.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

It's Very Good.

36cm cutting width is no worries, im not in a hurry. 70 square metres of rollout lawn to cut is no problem.
No trips to the servo for fuel, no oil mix,no pulling arm out of socket trying to start. Push a button and squeeze a trigger and it comes to life,you release the trigger it stops almost instantly.Its lightwieght.No smoke or noise,you could mow at 7am on a Sunday morning and I doubt neighbors would notice.
Purchased 10/10/2018
Keep your docket, and if you have a problem, take it back.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Love this mower!

I love this mower. My lawn is a slight slope, so generally you have to push a bit to get it up to the top of the lawn. However the self propelled feature is amazing! I didn’t have to push at all, and my lawns get cut in under half the time. I like the mulch option, so I don’t have to worry about the catcher. However there is a specific blade for the mulch option, and the original blade is on so tight that I can’t loosen it. So I just use the mulch attachment with the normal blade. It still works well. (And near impossible to find replacement mulch blades in the store.)

The lawnmower lasts a while on one charge, and is quick to charge when it does die. I love that it’s foldable and can be stored upright in a small space.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Exceeded my expectations

I read some good reviews about this mower, and as I am getting older and finding it harder and harder to push my old mower especially on parts of my lawn that are require pushing uphill; with Chrismas around the corner I put in a request for the ryobi battery mower. It's a significant outlay so I hoped that it lived up to the hype.. I admit I couldn't wait and opened the box and tried it out this morning. WOW!!! I have a medium sized block mostly level but with some uphill areas.. the grass is slight wet today and long in places, my old mower would have died in a few spots without adjusting the height. The ryobi cut through it in most places easily, struggled a few places in long wet grass must soldiered on without stopping. I also tried out the mulcher which worked beautifully.. The mowing took a little over half an hour and at the end the battery still has half a charge left. I'm converted!! Time will tell whether it will stand up in the long haul, but first signs are excellent.. well done Ryobi..

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Not bad for small lawns quiet easy to use

Had it for about 2 years, bought the mower with battery pack and a charger, battery just died recently so bought another to test, staff at bunnings advised they would replace but on returning, a different staff member declined and said we needed the receipt or there was nothing they could do, and they couldn't just swap the battery as it was part of a pack, and stated they dont process warranties for ryobi there (they do as is stated on ryobi's website ). Fortunately had the receipt at home so returned with that and the whole mower / charger combo, only then did they offer to replace the battery!! Or we could take a new mower and battery pack! Obviously took the whole new mower / battery / charger option as the original had been thrashed a bit! Now have a new mower that's now eligible for the upgraded 6year warranty!
This mower easily does 100m2 yard area, I charge it about every 3rd mow.
Its quiet, easy to start and light.
As some have said it can struggle a little with thicker / longer grass but that's probably my fault for being lazy and missing a week of mowing!
Catcher is a little small but not terrible, it fills nearly twice for that size of yard which I'm ok with.
The plus side outweighs any negatives for me which are relatively menial.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Lacks grunt

Today at Bunnings i Was really excited when I saw the cordless 36 volt option, at $599 I was expecting big things!
unfortunately on its first use it has underperformed horribly. Stopped 3 or 4 times on about 30sqm of grass.
30min of mowing and the battery is on the last bar.
Only good thing was maneuverability due to its light weight.
My grass is quite dense so this may be an excuse , I will let the battery charge overnight and give it one more go on the backyard, however I dare say i’ll be back at Bunnings by 10am changing it for a petrol model

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Useless warranty

My Ryobi lawn mower is only 3 years old, it suddenly won't start one day. I've been told it is out of warranty and that it's not worth servicing. So I've basically spent $629 for a lawn mower that has lasted 3 years. Not to mention I've purchased extra batteries. Very unimpressed.

Date PurchasedOct 2015

Great product - TERRIBLE service

For 30 months I loved using my Ryobi mower - and then it just stopped one day.

I contacted Ryobi to find out where I could get it fixed but the nearest location was 90 minutes away. Now I do not live remotely - living less than 2 hours from the centre of Melbourne. There is no service in Victoria east of Mt Waverley!!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

User Friendly

go to bunnigns and ask the staff , they recommend this products and i just buy this one is very easy to use , not too noisy powerful is ok can't compare other more expensive petrol products, trim this grass is good , 5 adjustable cutting heights just can use level 3 , level 1 is hard, the battery is enough, but run time is less than they said, don't expect the battery can run a long time.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Not powerful enough

Very poor power. Struggles with more than a lawn trim. Battery lasts about half the time mentioned, and then must cool fully to charge. Light and easy to maneuver, but only fit for very small yards with fine grass. Would be appropriate for twice weekly mowers or townhouses. Or buy 4 batteries.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Looks good - but adverts are sheer misleading..

I had purchased myself multiple ryobi products sadly to be let down and out 5k+
I had lectured bunnings, and sent ryobi an email demanding realistic appeal...
I forked out a arm n a leg to by a mower/line trimmer blower and angle grinder... Had a decent job to get down, and had to by separate chargers and battery's (hidden costs) had all charged text book instructions ... I didn't get more then 4 or 5mins a peace, I went back to purchase there largest battery pack @$200 and it gave me enough power on charge for 15 sq meters after spots of a few meters done prior, angle grinder was the best gave me 5 cuts on full charge trampoline poles "125mm 5 cuts before flat battery. Took me 24+ hours to do a mornings tasks.... Next day I returned what I could I smashed my mower to peaces was angry... X wife done my head in so slow,, went to bunnings spent $88 bucks hired everything petrol or power and took me 1 hour .. To complete all jobs compared to stopping starting wasting hours charging... Getting no where, in several years when battery's technology is worthy of yaka.. I'm sure we may get entry level satisfaction... End of the day I recommend ryobi range for concrete jungle apartments with minimum maintenance required. Nothing more. A band aid if that.. However they are attractive... A mains power adapter instead of battery's, with a extension lead far superior and make the most of ryobi without being let down by battery's 24/7.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Fantastic product

Effortlessly cut my 110m2 lawn evenly. This lightweight product glides over the grass where my old petrol mower would get bogged down and cut unevenly.

The ryobi cuts all at the same height and even thicker patches the blades just glide through.

Battery after doing g the lawn was still 3/4 full.

Date PurchasedNov 2018


Bought first one this morning. Read manual, charged battery, assembled machine, machine completely dead. Took it back to Bunnings. They couldn't get it to work so exchanged it. Got home with second machine, repeated the process, and second machine doesn't work either! Unbelievable. I am totally unimpressed, as this has been a total waste of my Sunday. Will return machine to Bunnings on Monday, and will not try another one. I really wish my old electric machine hadn't died on me. I guess I will have to hire somebody to cut the lawn for me.

Date PurchasedOct 2018


Great product plenty of runtime and always cuts evenly across my yard.
So good that I can pair up my line trimmer with the same battery.
Will be buying plenty more products from ryobi in the future and will be Recommending to family and friends.
Thank you very much I love it!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Unrepairable due lack of replacement parts

I purchased this lawnmower about 5 years ago and recently broke the plastic handle to it. I've contacted Ryobi who has informed me that a replacement part is not available and that basically I'll now have to toss this 5 year old battery operated lawnmower in the garbage. While the lawnmower did a credible job, I think people need to be aware that if something breaks a repair may not be possible. While this is from this particular model the RML3640L, it could also be true of other Ryobi models. Just be careful.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Great battery idea but massive fail for us

We bought the Ryobi battery lawn mower but the battery we had for other Ryobi didn't seem to work only lasting mear minuets so we were forced by Bunnings to buy a new battery which cost avout half the price of the law mower so we wasn't very happy about that

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Best mower I’ve ever had

I bought this after reading lots of good reviews, it’s perfect for my yard. I bought it from Bunnings in a combo with a blower and I have revived that also on here. There is roughly 400sqm of lawn at home and this works a breeze. Catcher is big enough if you mow regularly, if you have left your grass go you may need to empty it once or twice depending on how long you’ve let it go. It a good investment if you ask me.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

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Questions & Answers

I've been looking at electric self propelled mowers as a replacement for my ageing petrol mower, I see Ryobi have or had a 40 volt version, but I see now the new Ryobi mowers that are for sale at Bunnings are 36 volt what is the story, are both 40 and 36 V available or has one succeeded the other. Are they also all plastic bases, bit concerned that a get stone strikes may render them unusable. Criteria is, must be self propelled and minimum 20 inch cut.
1 answer
Bunnings unfortunately seem to dictate what Ryobi products we can buy in Australia. AFAIK the 40 volt system is only available in the US, but having said that the 36 volt platform is great. I looked at a few other brands before settling on the Ryobi. It ticked all the boxes. Yes the base is plastic, but in 6 months of use at my place I have had no problems with stone strikes. A bit of common sense when mowing and you should have no issues. The self propulsion works great and the 20 inch cut is fine for small to medium yards. I moved from a self propelled Honda petrol mower and have no regrets.

The bottom cowling has broken away both sides of my mower. Is it a replacement spare part ? RLM36B46S Thanks Dave
1 answer
Hi Dave, We are very sorry to hear about your mower. If you haven't already, Could you please get in touch through the link below so we can assist. Please select "Product Complaint" as request type in the form. Our customer service team has been notified to expect to hear from you and direct you to the right contact person. https://www.ryobi.com.au/support/contact-us Thanks.

I'm half way through cutting my grass with my 36v brushless mover and it stopped working, I noticed that the battery level was still on 2 bars but I thought I would charge it anyway. I put the battery on the charger and it will not charge. I have only had the mower 3 months I noticed the battery was very hot maybe I try it again later to see if it will charge when it cools down. Any suggestions?
2 answers
If they get too hot the Ryobi 36V batteries will shut down and not supply any power until they cool down a bit. It happens often on my chainsaw when working hard on thicker wood. I assume your battery cooled down and started working and accepted a charge.Just pop the battery in the fridge for 15 minutes or so before charging it again, works a treat


Price (RRP)749599499429649
Power SourceBatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBatteryBattery
Cutting Width510460400400460460400400
Minimum Cutting Height2520202020202020
Maximum Cutting Height7570707070707070
Mulching CapabilityYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Run Time60 mins60 mins60 mins60 mins60 mins60 mins60 mins60 mins
Release dateOct 2011Oct 2011Oct 2011Oct 2011

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