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Sabco RoboSweep SAB31069

Sabco RoboSweep SAB31069

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I will have to live without it

I love it works great on tiles and wooden floors I love it also keeps cat outside
S e bring it back

Hi Ales - Thanks for your note - glad to hear that your RoboSweep had so many uses around the house :) Unfortunately we are unable to supply this product anymore as it is no longer in stock and we do not have retail distribution for it. Perhaps one day we will have an alternative product available. SabcoI’ll b lost without it brought a robo vac not the same never mind well servive sles

Battery life crap, throw away item

So sad that the design and build are pretty impressive , and it works ok . But what were you all at Sabco thinking making a throw away product regarding the BATTERY.
I'm sure there is no person here owning a working Robo sweep now .
The battery is not replaceable but could have been easily at, what 50 cents to 5 dollars in production costs ?
Of coarse its discontinued, reputation tarnished as a dud that could have been great.
Folks bottom line is if you cant change the battery in any product you buy it will be a dud, even a mobile phone.

Cool gadget, doesn't sweep too well

Bought these for $20 each. Due to the design of the sweepers fabric, it get's messy and you have to replace or clean often. I think a different material or something that could be washed off and then replaced at once would have been better. Other than that it's a great: Cat toy, Kid amuser, novelty gadget and look at what could be.

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Hi Jitesh J - Thanks for your feedback. The RoboSweep has been discontinued by Sabco but we will certainly take your comments on board if we revisit this in the future! We hope you enjoy your new Sabco product. Thanks - Sabco

Sabco have discontinued these cleaners.

I recently rang Sabco to find out where I can purchase more of these. Sadly the battery doesn't last long and like another reviewer, I have several cages and no ball to push it around, they don't last very long and as I have such a large tiled area it was perfect.
They sent me the last ball they had at the factory and it was great and moving like a jet plane, but it too has had it's day.
So it looks like no more Sabco.
There are a few on Ebay at ridiculious prices $85.00 & $90.00, no thanks I will have to get the vacuum cleaner out in the future.

Love this product.

Love the product but the ball doesn't last very long. Have several cages and cloths but need a new ball. Will continue to use this product if I can buy new balls somewhere.

Love it

A GREAT gadget it collects all my cat and dog hairs polishes the floor as it goes l hope sabco keep lnventing new cleaning products I would like to 2 more


Gave to roommate as Christmas present. It worked for 2 minutes only. Now ball movement too weak to move duster. Have tried discharging and recharging -- still same problem. To return this to company costs money. Have read one review which seems to be same problem. I also ordered through Groupon

10 dollars from Salvo storrles

Bought mine new from a Salvo store for 10 dollars. Pad always seems to pick up dusts and hair when the floors appear clean. It would have been good if Sabco had included at least one additional pad.

Great - for a little while

I bought one from MyDeal and it arrived just after Christmas. I've used it on our polished timber floors about 4 times and it was great although it got stuck pretty often. I went to use it yesterday and it seemed to have lost power, it would go for a few seconds then stop. The ball was charged up and still turning but it wouldn't move around. I tried recharging and cleaning the cloth, but it keeps doing the same thing. I'm disappointed because I bought two, one as a gift which I haven't given yet and now it looks like I won't be able to give it after all. Very disappointed.

Best $25 gadget ever bought

Bought this after reading the reviews. I thought what the heck..its only $25. Wife carried on because I was buying rubbish......now she is quiet! While its not perfect,it works really well . Kids love having the dog in the house and annoys me greatly the amount of hair on the floorboards.This machine does the trick with the hair and also gets to places you probably haven't seen for 5 years.Recommended!!

Great product.

Bought on Groupon a couple of days ago It really works. Has a sensor and just knows where to go.Gets into corners .Really love it.Bought on Groupon 2 for $29 with free postage.Arrived in around 3days to Torquay from Milperra.

really useful

I bought one of these on Ozstock for fifteen dollars and it is doing a great job in the bathrooms, as long as the floor is dry. It wanders from room to room if you want to have it clean more. I hope it lasts for a good while!

Great little thing

I bought this as a present for myself. Our old house had tile floor and it had a hard time with it. (Edit: I found that this was only because I used it shortly after mopping to "polish" the floor and the floor wasn't dry enough.) We recently moved into our new home with polished timber floors and it was cleaned before our arrival, we put this in the bedroom and it picked up the fine dust that vacs don't. It fits under the bed too where our cats like to hang out, saves me from bending down. The ball, however, goes about randomly around the room bumping into things to change direction. The cloth pads can be turned over, like a 'side a' 'side b' thing, to maximise usage. Otherwise, extra pads can be bought from Big W or Woolies.

Great idea for someone who hates housework

Bought my Robo Sweep as a novelty for $15.00 at Cheap as Chips, fully expecting it to be yet another of my "useless gadgets" that I always fall for and I am amazed, and very impressed. Even more so when I see all the comments on Product Review. I have tile floors throughout the house, and I just do areas at a time. The microfibre mat seems very flimsy and cheap, and I will take on board the suggestion of buying microfibre cloths and cutting a hole in them. However, certainly picks up a huge amount of dust and cat/dog hair.
Overall, I think its a great idea, excellent value for $15.00, and I will be back to Cheap and Chips to buy another one

And we thought we got all of the dirt...

Working on wooden floorboards, this works amazingly - We got it for $30 from Woolworths and it's been a fantastic purchase that we're more than happy with. Even using it the day after we vacuumed, it picked up a bunch more dirt etc from our floor boards.

Was dubious at first.... But it works!

Boyfriend mocked me for buying it, but we let it do its thing while we went out for dinner and the floor is cleaner than it has been since we moved in. Love it!


We have wood floorboards. I trailed the unit in our bedroom with any clutter moved out of the way. The RoboSweep moved about within 1 square meter area and no further for about an hour. Skids about alot, seems to need a wider rubber ring. No good in our small tiled bathroom either.


My mum got me one of these for Christmas along with one for herself. They are wonderful! They pick up cat hair and long human hair without any issues (unlike the sweepers with the rotating brushes). Just charge it, clear the floor and leave it to do its thing - a big time saver. Leaves my timber floor clean and shiny.

Good value

We bought a house with highly polished timber floors (varnished cypress pine). I have been using the robo sweep for about a year now. I sweep with a broom, but the robo sweep always comes back covered in dust, particularly in the bedroom. After experimenting with replacement cloths I ended up buying 30cm square microfibre cloths from a cheap shop (6 for $3 with mesh backing) and cut a circle out of the middle, the mesh keeps it flat. It gives a larger surface area. I simply pick off the weed seeds, big bits of fluff & hair, and then brush it off outside. It does not easily wash clean as advertised, but worn cloths end up in my husband's workshop. I notice it struggles if the air is very humid and over some overly polished and unused areas, but give it a shove and it gets on with the job. I put small pads on the plastic frame where the ball tapped to stop the "click, click" noise. I isn't intelligent, but it does use some logic to negotiate obstacles and randomly covers the area. It has a ball with a magnet & weight inside, A wipe over the rubber strip helps with traction. I would imagine it would keep a cat amused. It certainly fascinates my visitors. I did try it on unpolished timber floors at our old house and it was a failure. Stick to smooth lino and polished floors and you won't be disappointed.

Great for under the bed

i have floorboards and I use this for sweeping under the beds. I'm getting on and its a big production getting down on the floor to sweep/vacuum under the bed. I just set the timer, start it up and close the bedroom door, and it goes until either the timer or the battery runs out. Its rechargeable. Its not perfect. it wont get in the corners or do the fiddly bits so you cant throw out the vac and broom, But sometimes a little help is enough.
No more dust bunnies

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Questions & Answers

Where can I purchase new robo sweep replacement fibres? I love my product
1 answer
Hey Liz, Refill pads can be purchased directly from us. Please call the customer service team on 1800 066 522 and they can help you with this. Thanks

Can this sweep on wet floors? How many washes can it withstand?
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I don't think for one moment that it can sweep on wet floors - the little counterweighted ball that actually propels the robosweep around is very low powered, and can only manage to push the microfiber cloth which picks up the dust and hairs. I tried putting a thicker cloth on it and it just wouldn't go, so I don't think it could cope with the much stronger friction that wet floors would cause. While I loved the RoboSweep while it lasted, I'm afraid it didn't last very long - less than six months, and it just won't recharge, so my little skirts that I made are useless, as is the whole thing. Pity, but it only cost $15, and I was sceptical about it from the first. Yes I've wasted $15, but I got 6 months of floor dusting from it, which was great.Thanks Sally :D Also, do you know how many washes can it withstand?

are there spare pads available?
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Yes. I've bought a few from BigW for $2/ea.I haven't seen any (live in small rural town), but I know Sabco make them. What I did was buy a pack of microfiber cloths (min size 30cm x 30cm), take a pattern from the one that came with the sweeper and cut my own. Work perfectly, much cheaper than buying purpose made ones. Suggest you take the original one with you when you buy the packs of microfiber cloths, and try to match the thickness, otherwise there might be a problem if you get them too thick. I buy a pack of the right sort from Cheap as Chips - about $5 for 6 cloths, and cut them all to the pattern before I put them away ready to use.


Sabco RoboSweep SAB31069
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