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Sachs Madass 50 / 125

Sachs Madass 50 / 125

125 and 50
2.9 from 17 reviews

at last sensible!!!!!!!

first saw the Madass in Europe about 2004 . could not believe it. thought someone had left their bike out and it had been striped by BAD people.what an excellent concept "lets build a bike without all the bells and whistles and other crap that people don't want, and we will watch how the sales go. if we don't sell any, we can add a bell or a whistle or two afterwards.......its about time more manufacturers started taking this road. Why make a let handed screwdriver , if the screw is right handed. ..... love the Madass, back to basics ...no complications'

Date PurchasedMar 2004

reliable fun ride

I had my bike for 7 years and absolutely loved it. I got it serviced every year with Braaap. It cost me $1800 with 2,500kms on the clock. Really easy handling and great cornering. When commuting I'd spend about $6.50 a week in petrol, which was cheaper than the bus.

Date PurchasedAug 2011

Solid performer in its class

This class of bike is basically the modern evolution of the classic Moped, but without the pedals. Its below a scooter, yet above a motorised bicycle, so potential owners should be realistic in their expectations. If you want a much 'better' motorcycle, then consider something automatic with luggage capacity - like a scooter, or a small motorcycle if you want a bit more performance. It seems that in my opinion, some reviewers have purchased a madass having unrealistic expectation about how slow or impractical it is.

SO... the competition is basically a Honda Cub (or other eastern clones) or a Honda CT110 (postie bike). In that league the madass provides additional style and street cred compared to the honda's, although at the expense of some practicality and perhaps some reliability.

Some bolts do come loose, however on a machine of this complexity this is basically an issue that should be covered at little to no cost by basic maintenance. e.g. tighten them up again properly and the issue is likely eliminated for good. The fuel consumption hasn't been that great on mine, but still amazing compared to a car for e.g. Parts can be expensive if buying genuine oem parts, but the reality is many parts such as the switchgear, pedals, handlebars, electronics are all generic mass produced parts that fit a multitude of Asian manufactured bikes and can be replaced for low cost from online sellers, so I've been buying minor parts for very low prices.

Performance is fine for a 125. It's a little slower off the line than a twist'n'go automatic scooter, but similar top speed. Heavy braking is not a nice experience since weight is all on the bars since you have nothing to grip with your legs comparative to a big bike where you grip the tank, or a scooter where you have your feet on the barge board. This is an issue common to this class of bike. More acceleration would be pleasant, but anyone who wants to increase the top speed beyond the mid -80's kph is asking for trouble. I feel sachs have given this bike the correct amount of performance to match the chassis and riding position. It's a good package and a very fun bike.

Reasonably good brakes and handling
Super light weight for learners
Proper geared bike, so good again, good for learners
Easy to park

Weight on wrists under heavy braking
Suspension front and rear are sprung far to biased towards unrealistically light weight riders.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


I got this as my first bike due to it looking cool.
It was slow!!!!!! and weak!!!!!
I cringed at the red lights like another reviewer.
Only good for taking around the block and practicing on Ls.
Ive had other stronger bikes since then, CBR250r as well as the ninja.......
I STRONGLY reccomend not wasting money on this.
Only pro is that it showed me the fundamentals of biking.

Great concept, crap manufacture

Simply put,,, I love my bike or at least the frame design. The motors not great at all,, so I got rid of it. The brakes locked down. Had to rebuild whole system. Fender fell off at stop light. The bolts corrode really quickly and strip out. Fortunately I like working on bikes so doing a complete rebuild isn't that big a deal to me. But that makes it a kit bike per se,,, not a finished ready to ride regularly bike. For 2700.00 I expected better work,,, I could have bought the x-keleton trickster for 1100.00 which is the same bike but even more poorly built. Unless you're a mechanic with patience or have a bunch of money to throw at it,,, don't get it.

Cheap fun riding

I live in southern Thailand, have had a MadassXX 125 for 3 years. It get ridden daily dirt and tar, and caned when I'm pissed. I change oil every 1000 k's check nuts bolts regularly, and lube chain weekly. Only problem broken clutch cable after 6 months, no other major drama's tune yourself, good fun would buy another one no drama.

10500 k

i have had my 125 5 years and had a ball on it travel 50k a day it just keeps going i will recmond it to all just one oil leak but a $5 seal fixt it. have fun ride one today.Handles really well even over potholes and stops quickly
just a grate little bike
just one oil leek

i have still got the beast just done a run on to 600k round trip 2.5L 100k just keeps going must have got a good one.Just done a ride through the flinders range south australia over 3 week 1500km most on dirt no problem

Garbage on two wheels

I purchased a new Madass 125 in 2011 & had nothing but trouble for the 18 months that I owned it! I sold it recently for half of what I paid for it. I think that the Gold Coast Sachs dealer got sick of the sight of me because I seemed to be back there with a new problem every month. I thought Sachs was a German company until after I bought the bike when I discovered that they actually out-source to China to manufacture this piece of rubbish!

My steering head bearing failed within the first six months (after only about 2000k). The shop owner didn't believe me until after the warranty period had expired (because the bearing was always warm by the time I got to the shop) but I discovered that Sachs includes bearings under 'consumables' along with oil, filters etc. & would not have been covered under warranty anyway!

On two occasions, my bike stalled & I had to push it the rest of the way home from work in the pouring rain! (& the bike wouldn't start again until it had a chance to dry out)

I had lots of electrical issues with the bike. My headlight failed twice due to faulty wiring. My right hand rear indicator blew on the way home from work & because I didn't know, I came the closest I have ever been to an accident when a car didn't realise I was changing lanes! I had to call RACQ twice to transport my bike to the shop. The first time was when the safety switch failed that prevents you from starting the bike with the sidestand down (instead it just stopped the bike from starting at any time, so the shop removed it & re-wired the bike to function without the switch). The second time was when my ignition failed & I had to get the entire unit replaced (at my cost of course!)

On top of all of this, the engine was just un-predictable. One day it would be fine & the next it was running like a dog! Even after the last service before I sold the bike, it became quite difficult to start in the mornings & I ended up killing the battery (a very good 'Yuasa' branded one) because of the ammount of times I had tried to turn the engine over without success in the previous 18 months.

I should have just bought a scooter made by Honda or Yamaha & risked being laughed at by my friends!
Looked cool
Very poor reliability, very poor re-sale value, very poor build quality

Fun but shocking quality

Initially enjoyed this one as a little urban commuter. Handles really well even over potholes and stops sensibly and quickly... Light, easy to ride, fantastic fuel economy etc. sounds great? It would be if you only borrowed it but the finish and materials are Very disappointing. I have been riding for 35 years and have never seen such a poorly finished machine. Developed a rattle at around 3,000 kilometers. Sounded like a cam chain but not the case when I checked it although a mechanic said he'd seen them go at under 3,000 K!!! What is that? Turned out it was the main engine bolt. Easy fix? Ya, just tighten it up but then you actually look at the steel used and understand why it was only just tight enough to hold till warranty ran out. Absolute rubbish as were all switches, lights and bolt on stuff. On that note, the gear lever snapped (poor steel again) within 500
K's and dealer (fx power sports in Melbourne) wouldn't cover under warranty.
Such a pity - great design and disastrous execution.
Handles really well in inner city conditions
Unbelievably poor quality materials in all areas apart from tires and frame.

great little bike

easy on gas, nippy 125 engine, great looks, easily fits anywhere parking / roads / traffic strong built
easy to maintain and clean. ride it off road sometimes, small trails. easily customization, parts from oo racing from england. reaches speeds of 110kph (my bike is moded) coming up on 8000 kms and still going strong :D

Fails every time

had to change mirrors rims and bearings although had only 1200kms

mirror fell off twice mounting bracket is broken cracked!!! from nothing but refular / normal use!!

i ride short distances to uni on this and my magna has been more reliable than this piece of junk.

last repairs cost me $250 just to change fork seals!!!

what a waste of space avoid avoid avoid

mine is the 50cc version not enough power to pull a 60kg person like me

expensive for parts, unreliable

I have had the 50cc version of this bike, the starter fried the electronics not once, but twice, costing me $600 in repairs.

Carburater stock always floods the engine, no matter how much its serviced or tuned by the workshop. Suspect its the air filter but even changing it makes no difference.

Stay clear of this bike, the buddy who recommended me the bike also has his sold for next to nothing now. Couldn't sell mine until I lowered the price for less than half what I bought it.

the 125cc version could be better, but two bikes I know of 50cc is terrible!


My last motorcycle was an Harley Davidson Electra glide Cassic (65,000 miles in 4 year), I was a London depatch rider for 13 years, and last year rode a Yamaha Xt600e down and into the Sahara and back from England. So I think I know what I'm talking about when it comes to motorcycles. The Madass is a funky little bike that really stands out from the crowd. Reading the other reviews i hear problems regarding maintenance. C'mon people, there's hardly anything to it to go wrong ! Even if i blow the engine up, I can buy a new one for £400 !!! I've tuned mine, it now sounds like a Ducati ... thanks to oo racing in Kent. This is a great little bike, and when I buy my next one ( Yamaha xt660z) the likelihood is i'll keep this on as a second bike.
This little bike cuts through traffic in London like a hot knife through butter. it gets every ones attention wherever it goes. You can park it anywhere, and costs hardly anything to run. it's a work of art.
The seat is a little hard. Change the tires.


Could have some fun if it was hotted up OOracing from England is the place for parts.
Fuel Economy (if below 80 kph) great!!
Disc brakes are excellent
Lighting at night excellent
got myself an xr 600 now
Boght mine from motorcycle revoloution in S.A. and havent had a problem!
Odometer reads 3500kms and i purchased in '08, major reason for purchase was high fuel prices $1.85!. Commuting to work WAS fun, in a 80kph zone it is
Commuting to work was fun, in a 80kph zone it is near its limit (95kg rider), feel gay riding it and i "cringe" when im at the stoplights. Extremley poor rubber material on bike and a shocking air filter system.


I brought a 125 a year ago and had nothing but troubles with it and the shop actual sold me a secondhand damaged bike - I should have check it properly but all excited. My carbi gets stuck open, the headlight fell off and most of the screws have fallen out. I complained to FairTrade and they said they can't do anything either though I had TV footage of the bike shoot the day before I brought it showing the damaged. Motorcycle revolutions on South Road in SA can not be trusted either can the deptartment of fair trade.
Looks cool and it is a manual
Service and the shop I purchased and the Dept of Fair Trading


Dont spend $3500 on this bike get a cbr 250 or something similar or if after a scooter dont settle for this as an alternative, as i dont feel they are reliabel just think about being stranded 10km or more from home on a wet cold winter night in a dangerous suburb..........
Easy to handle, nice ride when it goes.
My particular model, had major issues, broke down at 200km, blown fuse, del back to dealer apparently fixed but same day picked up after not having it for well over 1 week they tell me they replaced a whole swag of parts and that day i picked it up it broke down again same issue, asked for an exchange not forthcoming fixed again more parts replaced on my brand new bike, breaks again called them had it collected contacted department of fair trading, no response from the bike shop tribunal case lodged received letter from Bike shop 1 week before tribunal hearing offering replacement, not good enough i do no longer trust the brand sachs.


Dont buy this bike. It may look great but looks dont get you to and from work.
I just wanted to add this in, so you dont think Stephen26's position is unique. Dont make the mistake we did.
Looks Good
My model also had major issues, electrical, brakes locking on and gearing problems, it has not moved in 6 months. The dealer i bought it from seem to have no idea, I was offered $1500 by the dealer to buy it back, it was only 6 months old 1000 ks.(looks like i should have taken it) i also have a dept of fair trade tribunal about to start and i am hoping for some kind of result

Questions & Answers

Hw much does it cost?
No answers

Hi I have the 125cc bike. It will not start if it is hot. Any ideas please?
1 answer
No idea exactly there's been some issues with the wiring looms on those bikes. OORacing out of England sells a full wiring harness replacement.

Do you need a motorcycle licence for this bike?
1 answer
In some australian states the 50cc can be ridden under a car licence. The 125cc must be a Motorcycle licence in all states.


Madass 125Madass 50
Engine Capacity125cc50cc

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