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Samsonite Cosmolite

Samsonite Cosmolite

Series 3, Series 1 and Series 2
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For those doing research, this may not be the luggage for you

I bought 2 Cosmolite luggages several years ago on separate occasions under the impression that I was about to purchase Samsonite's flagship product which was marketed as a premium luggage case that was just about indestructible.

Wrong. I had the misfortune that both luggages broke independently in recent months. One luggage case had a wheel completely fall off, and the other case had the centre handle break off the case at the spine. These luggages have been well kept and only used occassionally on commercial flights so this misfortune is a bit surprising for both cases.

For a global brand like Samsonite, aside from product quality, it would also be reasonable to expect aftersales service and care. Also wrong. There are no official outlets in Sydney and the online/phone communication with their team has been slow. I have been in contact for over a month to arrange a courier to pick these up after agreeing these would be repaired or replaced under warranty. After thinking it was arranged 2-3 times, I have not yet seen the courier, and I still have 2 broken unusable luggage cases.

The only positive I see is that the case is extremely light, but the shortcomings of the product and my personal experience has resulted in an extremely dissatisfied customer and one that would strongly recommend people against buying this product.

Purchased in December 2014 for $849.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use

81cm (or 158cm) failed requirements of many airlines especially the USA and even Qantas

Samsonite has been selling this product for years. I've bought one of these 81cm and realised the total baggage size is over the limit of many airlines 158cm. I've contacted Samonsite Australia and they gave me an utter contradictory response. They said none of their customers had any issue with any airlines but does not want to reimburse me should I be slapped with over-baggage size if any airlines decide to do so. Also, this comes with TSA lock (requirement from the US) but totally ironical this size falls outside most airlines in the US.

If this is a $99 china made, I'll throw the baggage away. This is retailed at $899 and made by world-class re-known brand; I can't believe such a irresponsible response from the management team! Totally disappointed!

very poor quality

I have just purchased a cosmolite suitcase i have taken it on one trip it has very bad deep scratches it looks like I have had it for twenty years I contacted samsonite sent them a picture but sadly it is not covered by warranty I especially paid the exorbitant price as I travel a lot and wanted a sturdy suitcase.I do not believe it is worth the money and it is extremely poor quality I have an Antler suitcase which cost a quarter of the price have taken it around the world and is definitely better quality.

Broken wheel - 4 times

Really frustrated with the Cosmolite 28’. Almost every time I check in my luggage, one wheel will be missing when I arrive destination. It happened to Sydney (2 times), Phnom Penh and Kuala Lumpur airport. While it’s the lightest luggage, the hassle is pretty painful when you’re travelling. The wheel cost AUD 50 to fix and will take up to 3 days, depending on your luck and where are you. Sydney can fix in 2 days. Kuala Lumpur I have to wait for 2 months coz samsonite have to order the wheel in. Don’t buy!

Disappointing performance

I purchased a Samsonite Cosmolite suitcase recently. The lowest position for the extendable handle would not stay locked but the handle continued to slide upward making the case uncomfortable to walk along with. This was In contrast to the two much higher up positions which correctly locked in both directions. Returned in person to John Lewis who agreed and sent the case back to Samsonite. John Lewis Manager's notes on my receipt confirmed "Handle not locking in position". When delivered back to me, the Samsonite repair slip said "repaired - see notes" although the notes were not included. However, it was exactly the same as before. It was then sent back to John Lewis who, after contacting Samsonite, said the handle was not meant to lock in the lower position and therefore, after all, the handle was not faulty. Still under guarantee and purchase was recent. Eventually, John Lewis agreed to a partial refund. (For some reason, the Guarantee was with John Lewis and not directly with Samsonite which was unusual.) Sadly, I would not purchase this make again.

Excellent ultra-light durable luggage

In the family we have two 75cm Samsonite Cosmolites (ver 1.0 and 2.0). We love them for their lightness and durability. They have performed faultlessly for several years of hard use, mostly fully packed (18-23 kgs). The older has made 60+ flights, and the younger 30+, w/o any problems whatsoever. I have now ordered a larger Cosmolite 81cm (v 3.0). In searching the Internet for suppliers, I stumbled on your site and was amazed by the number of poor reviews. Are you guys exceptionally unlucky or are the reviews paid for by competitors?

No complaints - as expected

We have used Samsonite luggage for 25 years in one model or another without issue. I love these lightweight cases. We purchased the 74cm versions in 2013 and took them to the UK and USA without issue. They were a bit scuffed by the airlines, but not sure how this could be avoided. The cabin sized 55cm versions are so convenient and so easy to pack for a few days away and yet stay within the cabin bag weight limit meaning no checked baggage. I bought two of them separately on sale and remain happy with the purchase. They are so easy to manoeuvre around, especially when you are tired and/or rushed, as we tend to be when we're using them.

Zipper breaks and rubber hinges wear out extremely quick

Do not buy if you want reliability. Had bought 6 for whole family...all unsatisfactory and no warranty as they say "wear and tear is normal and not covered...they sure do wear out and tear!!!

Terrible useless luggage

Purchased two samsonite cosmolite, the zipper broke While packing my (23kg) items. I transferred to the second bag thinking maybe my luck and this one is faulty. On my way back from my trip while packing just few hours before my flight the second bag’s zipper also broke and this wAs only the first time I use both. No I didn’t overpack. The quality is terrible considering the amount I paid. ALso the lock on one of them never worked. Very disappointed, I advise anyone to stay away from samsonite.

Terrible, wish I had never purchased

3 out of 6 flights have lost a wheel. Terrible waste of money. I bought these cases as they are ultra light and thought they would be worth the money as we travel overseas 4 to 6 times a year and my husband travels weekly domestically. Have never lost a wheel off the cheap suitcases I have previously used. I have no faith in my luggage arriving intact, losing a wheel once I would think is bad luck but 3 times means poor design and quality. DONT buy these suitcases, and I wouldn't waste any further money on Samsonite ever again. The warrantee isn't worth the paper its written on.

Terrible wheels

Will never buy samsonite again! Main attraction was the light weight but this is null and void if two wheels fall off.
Was fixed by shop but kept falling off so threw it away.
Absolutely gutted, saved up had this on lay by - Never again will I buy anything from samsonite!

Zip broke on first trip and now again on 3rd trip.

Zip broke on the first trip. Argued with shop that they should send it away to get it repaired and won, but lost on picking it up and had to drive 1.5 hours there and back. Now on 3rd trip zip broke again. The zip has broken both times at the start and finish, and if you pull away the cloth that concels the the start of the zip you will see just a blob of glue to "stop" it pealing apart. Cheap idea but useless. Like most I paid premium price for what i thought was quality, maybe they were good a few years ago, but not now.

Annoyed Samsonite/Myer customer too !!!

Zip failed on my Cosmolite 79cm spinner while in USA last month.
$35 repair job refused by Samsonite to be done on this $800+ piece of luggage..
Couldn't speak to Samsonite because of AFL Grand Final holiday in Melb today
Not happy Samsonite.

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Good News .I spoke with "Sid" at Samsonite 4/10 and had my repair approved under warranty.. which i am happy to report 5/10 has just been completed by The Luggage Place in Adelaide. ..(just need to collect it now !)... Pity process was as it was ... for what i consider expensive luggage it would have been nice to have a better srvice experience. Anyhow ..all good .. I am a happy customer now !

Superior luggage

Being a great traveller, I need cases that are light, easy to manoeuvre and durable. The cosmolite range serves all these purposes admirably. Just be careful as they are so light on their wheels that you need to secure them on buses and train lest they 'run away'! They do dent on the corners when manhandled by baggage departments but the dents can be removed by knocking them out from the inside. This means that you need to pack wisely by putting lots of soft goods at the corners and the pack fragile things in the middle to avoid breakages. Recently I had glasses and other breakable things in my cabin suitcase. I always pack with soft things around these types of items. The case slid off the top of the luggage to the floor and nothing in the case broke due to the incredible shock absorbing material these cases are made of. I have 2 X 69cm cases and 1 X 55cm and will be buying another of these as a result of my most recent experience. I have had my cases for 3 years and they have done an incredible number of trips and they still look as good as new.

Great suitcase, super light

I purchased a small and medium sized Samsonite about 4 years ago when Myer was having a 50% off sale. Everyone borrows them and it has traveled overseas about 6 times a year. I have never had any problems, except for the usual scratches and stickers.

Avoid it - quality terrible

Two wheels came off the first time I used it on a flight from Brisbane to Vancouver. Paid a fortune for very disappointing quality. My cheaper case served me well for years.

Shocked at poor performance

I purchased 2 samsonite suitcases recently. They have both been used minimally. My family and I went on a month's holiday to Europe. When we came home both were completely unusable and it was difficult to get them home. The zip had exploded on one suitcase and clothes were hanging out. The wheel had caved in on the other one so that we could not pull it along. They are both beyond repair and I don't trust the brand anymore. I paid over $800 for these suitcases. The cheaper ones which accompanied us continue to be in perfect condition. Buyer beware!

Wheels repeatedly come off

I bought this very expensive case, only to find that 2 wheels were missing the first time I picked it up from a baggage carousel. The wheels were replaced. But the next time the case was used, another wheel was missing at the end of the trip. Beware potential purchasers.

Disgrace That This Product Is Still Being Sold

I had a wheel come off my brand new suitcase which I was thrilled with.
Having had a Samsonite case for 32 years, it having travelled many thousands of miles long haul and domestic. Twice a year at least long haul. It died when I could no longer replace the damaged wheel.
Bought this new one and on its return home wheel came off, on the carousel. Returned it to store they replaced it with the same, thinking it just a faulty one off. This one had the same thing happen. This time on its first flight from Perth to Sydney. Picked it up from the carousel again minus a wheel.
This product should be withdrawn. The product is faulty.
Loved the case but it doesn't do what it is built for.
2 new suitcases that the same thing happened to in 3 months. Two trips.
Wish me luck with this one.

Human errors , cause more damage

Airlines and owners should be more responsible for the damage , you pay more for a car and get no warranty on a flat tyre or a accident that you were at fault , please don't expect everything for nothing , not all problems are warranty...its handling damage most of the time

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Questions & Answers

Considering a Cosmolite 55cm cabin bag, but really need a decent extendable handle, to slip another small hand bag with elasticised back panel over. The pictures show a very small handle. Do they extend further than all the product pictures show?
1 answer
My partner purchased one these when I purchased my large case . Please be assured the handle does extend well and is suitable to attach small bag.. Good luck....

I have just bought a Samsonite Cosmolite Spinner 75. The TSA lock is set to 000 (default), but following the instructions how to change the code to another combination by sliding the left button, holding it while changing combination, then release the left button. The problem is that it is not possible to change the numbers when doing this (numbers are lock to 000) ? Anyone knows why and the remedy on how to change code with this symtom?
3 answers
There is a little button that needs to be pressed down (with a pen or paper clip) See http://www.samsoniteaustralia.com/tsa-lock-instructions/On second thoughts - maybe not - I'll need to check at home on the actual unit.Thanks! It got solved by pressing the small button. Great

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