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Samsung DMS500TRW

Samsung DMS500TRW

2.2 from 76 reviews

Dishwasher Works Very Well

Having used a SAMSUNG DMS500 for over 7 Years it has worked very Well But the Problem has been that it has required 3 Water Inlet Valve Replacements done and Luckily I am able to do that myself. The Problem is the INVENSYS Manufactured Product that Fails and has nothing to do with SAMSUNG. Blame INVENSYS, the actual Solenoid Coil goes Open Circuit within the Moulded Plastic case for no reason. It looks like all these units are destined to fail due to Faulty INVENSYS Water Solenoid Coils. They have probably used inferior Coil Winding Wire and it burns out in the centre of the coil of the Solenoid. I have smashed open an INVENSYS unit but cant get a the Solenoid Coil readily.
Don't Blame SAMSUNG for a Faulty internal Component from INVENSYS.

Date PurchasedJan 2011

No Sams singing here!

Our machine too broke down about a month out of warranty....steel door cables broke and wrecked the plastic wheels and now the mother board has broken. This was a couple of years ago and as our household has decreased back to the 2 of us we decided we didnt need a dishwasher. After Christmas and numerous family dinners during the festive season Ive changed my mind....and thought I would just get it repaired again. After reading the reviews though we will now look for a new one.....so what is a good dishwasher to buy?

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Worked perfectly until it broke

This dishwasher was brilliant but is now not fixable after an error message. I had it for 5 years which judging by other reviews, lasted longer than most. Absolutely no issues with it until it broke. Easy to use, compartments worked well to fit maximum number of dishes. Easy to clean. Functions were user friendly. Just disappointed it suddenly stopped working.

Date PurchasedDec 2012

Good clean, doesn't last

I'm not surprised to see that Samsung has discontinued this dishwasher. It washes well, and is reasonably quiet, but it broke down after less than 3 years (6mths out of warranty) and cost $375 to fix. That brings the total cost to over $900 for 3 years of dishwashing. Terrible, terrible value AND I checked Youtube and saw that the inlet solenoid is a common problem. Thanks Samsung.

That was a couple of years ago, a couple of weeks ago it wouldn't power up and it didn't finish draining the water - drainage pump problem. Checked Youtube, sure enough it's another common problem. I've learnt my lesson, and I'm not going to fix it again. It's only been 2 years sine the last problem and I'm not about to spend $350 every couple of years to keep this piece of garbage working.

So, in summary, this dishwasher had two problems in a short period of time that are common to many Samsung dishwashers. My conclusion is that Samsung makes unreliable dishwashers and my recommendation is DON'T BUY A SAMSUNG DISHWASHER.

Why can't they make a dishwasher that lasts 20 years like the old Dishlex we had when I was growing up.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Ran for 5 years only recently had issues.

A few months ago the water inlet valve went, got one off ebay for about $80. Be careful tho, some people try and tell you they are interchangeable with an LG version, they look the same but the electrical connectors are different.

Just now the machine tripped the circuit breaker for the laundry/kitchen, I reset it and it tripped again, I figured it was because I was running the washing machine at the same time, after the washing machine finished I tried the dishwasher again and all it did was keep running the drain pump until it gave an E3 error. E3 means fail to drain according to the service manual. Anyway a bit of troubleshooting and the help from the circuit diagram it turns out the heating element has blown, the E3 error is a false error. I bridged out the heating element with some test lamps and it started doing the normal cycle.

Hope this helps someone else investigating this fault, there seems to be a lot of dodgy fixya sites around but no real info.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

great machine

this every thing you want in a dishwasher , the only thing is the cutterly basket the base falls out after sometime and i have to purchase a new one (should be stronger )
i have had this machine for some 2 years or more good dishwasher would buy another

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Never again Samsung. Must read this. Get your refund. We did!

You all really need to read this true story and get some real help here!!. I am currently searching for a replacement for the biggest dishwasher fail in history. I can't say enough true and damming words about Samsung and their dishwashers. RUN far away from them. DON'T try to fix E2 or E3 errors they will break again in 1 - 3 months. Demand a refund before you waste any more time and $ - and get on Twitter about it as this was the sure and fast way Samsung paid attention to our service issues. This is a very real and disappointing story. Check out the forums - everyone has had problems with E2 an E3 errors and they repairmen scratching their heads. Me too!. I have archived in excess of 70 emails and multiple phone calls to Samsung and 3 months later (quote me on this!) Agreed to `refund my purchase` even ater the warranty had expired. Now you may say, that s very fair of them, But read on. I went through a lot of pain to get it... and Thank you Twitter.

Ultimately, the dishwasher was repaired 5 times and it still broke down within 1 month of the last repair. Same errors.

Did you know that Australia consumer law already affords you 5 years warranty. DID YOU KNOW that Samsung wants you to always use their preferred repairer (they will have one nominated near you) otherwise there is limited responsibility ongoing and you risk voiding warranties. DID YOU KNOW that Samsung will NOT refund your repair cost even if inside the original 1-2 year warranty period if not fixed by their preferred repairer. DID YOU KNOW that after dozens of calls, and re-telling the problem to new staff that seem to have lost any record of previous calls, to find out what they are doing about the broken dishwasher that they will assign a 'case manager'... if you persist (Don't take `no` for an answer as this is probably the only way you will get any resolution). We got immediate attention after a twitter post about their rubbish product that would only run for a few months after every fix.

So here is the story....
We had our home rented during the first 3 repairs (repaired by estate agent preferred repairer - not Samsung's repairer - NB problem!). There was a repair on the exit pipe, then the inlet pipe replaced, then the exit pipe again all within 3 months and that cost ME $547 (Which Samsung would not refund). It broke down within weeks. We moved back into our house and the war with Samsung continued. I say war because they were difficult to talk with, did not refer to previous repairs, always wanted to start at the beginning = 'Have you tried this button and that button. Even when we had 3 repairs already. War on Samsung. Samsung assigned a case manager who by the way left the company and I was assigned another who did not have any of the history - SO KEEP A RECORD OF WHO< WHEN< WHAT< DATE of your calls.The preferred repaired (now) fixed it in situ and in 3 days it broke down again so they took it away for bench testing - over Christmas 2016 - lucky us. 2 MONTHS they had it trying to fix it... ! They replaced both pipes again, the water pump, the motor, the control panel basically the WHOLE machine - and returned it to my house. LAUGH! It broke down within the month. Man, we were VERY VERY ANNOYED. The machine is basically faulty design and parts.

That was IT! We did not agree to anything more, no more repairs, simply demanded a refund in full otherwise there would be a social media storm coming. TRUE STORY!! Samsung agreed only to pay the item cost, NOT give me back my wasted $547 trying to fix a hopeless machine - deemed not repairable. HOWS THAT - a dishwasher full of NEW parts deemed NOT REPAIRABLE!!! I call that faulty design. So I spent $547 on an unrepairable dishwasher. Also Samsung would not refund the original installation fee or final removal fee. They made payment extremely difficult, forms forms forms. Their finance manager agreed their forms were ambiguous and wrong! BEWARE LANDLORDS: Samsung will ONLY pay to the name on the purchase order. Because mine was installed in a home that was rented at the time (organised by the agent) Samsung said they needed to speak with the owner of the real estate business that bought the machine to verify they were who they said they were. The owner was overseas - Oh My!! . Easier if all your purchases have your name on it! What a lot of baloney anyway because their refund form asked me to enter the bank details of an alternate person - me - but because the sales slip was in the agents name they said they would not pay. They even asked me to get a photo copy of the managing agents business card. What kind of hillbilly business are they? Anyway Samsung called the real estate and were not happy with the authority of the Managing Agent - the idiots wanted to speak to the business owner - who was sun-baking on an island in Fiji at the time. I personally called the Finance department manager of Samsung in Australia and asked if they would like to speak to the owner of NEC (??) if the dishwasher was faulty in that company? You don't always get to speak to the business owner! Idiots. In the end they paid the cheque without that phone call to the RE business owner, to the agents account who then had to reimburse me. Terrible behavior. Stupid.

A month later Samsung called me to ask if I was happy with their customer service. What do you think I Said? "Never Again. Never Ever will I buy Samsung anything. "

Good luck with your product purchase.
And much more luck if you are seeking Samsung service.
Document your calls!

We bought a Wesinghouse WSF6608X - very happy!

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Hi. Our dishwasher has just died outside warranty and wondering if you could recommend or assist as

Hi. Our dishwasher has just died. Plumber been out and no blockage. Sounds like pump is trying to run water through but not the case. No blockage in taps and running fine. We want to avoid wasting to repair if you feel we need to purchase a new dishwasher. Hoping not the case as we would then avoid Samsung again

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Our Worst Appliance Experience in 40 Years

Broke down just after factory warranty ended. Broke down 6 or 7 times more (we lost count). Motherboard replaced (twice?), pump replaced, hose replaced, steel door cables cut through the nylon door wheels. The door rusted out - that wasn't covered by warranty. The worst failure of all was the electrical arcing event that seemed to have brought us very very close to a fire in the kitchen. That had every potential to risk our home and lives.

Some of the engineering seemed incomprehensible to me. For example, the bare contacts that arced. The steel cables cutting the nylon wheels.

It cost us lost time and money to attend the repairs. I feel we paid for this machine several times over even if repaired under warranty. And, it seemed to me to be a serious hazard. Thanks a lot Samsung!!

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Samsung just stick to phones and junky electronic trinkets

Samsung DMS500TRW
Plagued with many engineering problems.
Is Samsung ready to manufacture dish washers and place them into the general market?
No Not at all,Samsung just stick to phones and junky electronic trinkets. Samsung you tried but failed big time in the dishwasher world. I got one of these dishwashers and never ever again in my life time would I get another one of Samsung’s white goods. Why well this company is not ready to produce products of this kind as yet and may be never. It is clear that product testing was a non-event with Samsung as it has colossally under engineered the components in its electronics systems. Thus causing total electronic failure from one part to the next.
This unit has a very short life span and so do many other of the Samsung white goods products all prepared to fail well before one would normally expect them too. Money for jam for Samsung.
This unit and many others under this manufacture brand name have far too many engineering oversights to them way too many to list. So simply. Don’t touch. And shame on Australian retailers to sell substandard Un- tested white goods that can catch on fire and have done so form washing machines to tumble dryers and yes even the DMS500TRW dishwasher all in the name of making a retail dollar. The Australian market is happy to hand over good money for products that shows themselves to be robust and of long standing life time but the Aussie market is growing tired of nice looking junk that fails well within expectations.
I cringe at even giving this product one star however I cannot post this review unless I do.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

E2 error code

No problems with unit until 3 days ago, when the E2 error code came up.I went to the troubleshooting manuel and verified water was available to the inlet hose. I emptied the drain to ensure it was clear. I poured hot water into the drain and turned washer on. Pump worked fine as you could feel the heat in the drain line. I googled for info and found this site. Someone with similar issues had phoned Samsung direct and the problem was rectified at no cost. Accordingly I have just rung Samsung and they have a technichen coming Tues . I will advise the outcome.

Date PurchasedJul 2013
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Technician came as advised and replaced aqua stop in less than 30 mins..Dishwasher back up and running . At no cost and good service. Thanks to Tulloch post in Aug and Paula's Nov post and Samsung even though machine was out of warrenty

Another piece of dung from Samsung the Samsung DMS500TR Dishwasher

My son Purchased the Samsung DMS500TR Dishwasher on the 25th April 2012 as a birthday present for me. Cleaned ok for the first 12 months I guess and it was kind of quiet I suppose, not a great deal of features to rave about. The machine hasn't had that much work in the last year since the kids left home, I went to use it a few weeks back and it came up with an error message E2 and from what i can see after reading these other reviews it seems to be a common problem. The door on ours also stuffed up quite a while ago as well and you had to push it very firmly to close. After hearing and seeing a lot of negative things about certain Samsung products it's made me quiet nervous about their goods. Anyway my Samsung dishwasher is still sitting in its spot in the kitchen till hubby finally get around to removing it. I wouldn't recommend this unit to anyone as it seems to be a bit of a lemon in my view. I had a Fisher & Paykel years ago and i had it up until we got this and it still worked perfectly the day we removed it, we should have kept it.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Free samsung repairs

Thanks to Tulloch post of August, i contacted samsung as i had e2 error as well, and they are going to repair it without cost to me! All dishwashers bought after 2011. Tulloch (and samsung) have just saved me $800 as i was about to buy a new machine. Thanks!

Date PurchasedFeb 2013

Seriously used less than 20 times now completely dead.....

It cleaned the dishes ok, (always residue which is why I don't use dishwashers often) it is very quiet because it doesn't work! Not sure on favourite features as it doesn't actually work! As there are only 2 people in our household we have used this machine less than 4 times a year on average (dinner parties, BBQ' sand Christmas) it has no power at all - our of warranty but still looks brand new - beyond unhappy with this product - disappointed with Samsung - they're quality has slipped over the past 5 Years as can be seen in their new release of phones! I rad that this is a manufacturing defect and as such should of had a recall - I would expect that Samsung should cover the cost of repair/ replacement of my unit as it can be clearly inspected to have had less than one months normal use in its life!

Date PurchasedJun 2012

LEMON, 5 break downs. Destroyed our flooring

After five breakdowns and months of time waiting for the repairer in Geelong to comeback and repair it. We are now dumping it. Water has destroyed our timber floors in the kitchen and will require an insurance claim. 5 year extended wrnty was essential other wise repair would have added up to $1k. I RECOMMEND keeping away from Samsung dishwashers. Ok while it was working but not up to scratch with its engeneering IMO. Standard wrnty is completely inadequate.

Date PurchasedMay 2011

AVOID! Not reliable in the least!

Cleans dishes okay. Drying sometimes is okay.
Fairly quiet when operational.
Favourite features - raising and lowering top tray.

We were recommended this machine by the salesman at 2nds world. He said Samsung are very big and reputable and make good quality products. How wrong he was regarding Dishwashers.

We've had this machine since January 2012 with Extended Warranty.
About to be repaired for the 5th time in 4 years.
Pumps will fail, plastic will crack and chip without you even touching it, the water intake will fail, the front panel will rust, then maybe the mechanical wires attached to the front door helping it open and shut will fail rendering the machine useless.

For the first 8 months or so all was well. Then every 6 months or so something major failed.
All up just in call out fees and for time, Samsung have lost roughly $1025 not including parts.

Our last machine was a Kleenmaid and lasted about 18 years without fault.

For the cost of the machine I don't believe it's very good. Spend $2000 or more and get a Miele or something better made in Europe, it'll work way better.

I would give this no stars but that is not an option due to the website.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Samsung now repairs dishwashers for free!

Hi there, I don't know if anyone is still reading about this dishwasher, but thought I'd pass this info on for anyone who has one. I bought mine in April 2011 and also bought the 5 year extended warranty. Best $60 I've ever spent, as I've had the circuit board, outlet hose, top basket and bottom seal repaired for free under warranty. Four months after the warranty ran out, I got E2 error. Rubbish, I thought, but called out the service company (Woolleys appliances in Melbourne) out anyway. They replaced the inlet hose, then told me that Samsung are giving free repairs for dishwashers bought since 2011! I got the callout ($160) plus the hose assembly ($120) for absolutely no cost to me!

My advice, before you throw it in the tip, ask if Samsung will repair it for free.

BTW, I still like this dishwasher, it's quiet, had heaps of features, it's just not that reliable. But with free repairs, I don't see why I can't use this for at least another 5 years.

Date PurchasedApr 2011

Samsung? Never again..!

Bought in February 2013. Cleaned good, drying was okay. So far, so good. 6 weeks after the warranty expired the notorious E2 warning pops up. Estimated repair costs: $400+. No thanks! We paid $530 NEW! Samsung was no big help on the phone either. After a short discussion my wife and I decided to scrap the Samsung and go for another brand (Miele). Will check user reviews on productreview.com.au in the future.

Fix for E2 error

Got it second hand and was working fine for 2 years. Got a E2 last week, but managed to fix it. Here is how I fixed E2 error:
1) Disconnect power.
2) Removed top and then left panels by taking screws off.
3) Pull out the blue inlets hose and disconnect its 2 wires (bit of struggle to reach the wires, but it's do able)
4) Reconnect wires.
5) Point blue hose away from internal
7) Reconnect power & start a wash (Make sure all the water is cleaned before)
6) A drain cycle should run followed by solenoid valve activating and then water coming out of blue hose.
7) If all goes well, reconnect hose and close everything up
This worked for me since it seems it was a blockage issue. If you're not getting any water through, replace the Aqua Stop hose ($100 from eBay)

Build quality is not good. Door Handle broke in just over 3 1/2 Years.

The good.
Washes good.
Not very noisy

Bought in October 2012. Door handle broke in April 2016. Extended warranty runs out in October so.. it will be repaired. From reading the reviews on product review, looks like I will have to start looking out for a new dishwasher in the very near future. I will be going with another brand and would 100% recommend checking user reviews even if you chose a Samsung on Product review before you buy any appliance. It's helped me in the past.
It's a pity I didn't look this one up before I bought it.

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showing F3? what is the problem and how to fix.
2 answers
I’ve just looked through the manual and there’s no F3 code. All the codes begin with an E.Hi Violeta, we'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Would you be able to send us a photo of the error code to our Facebook via the link below? Please ensure to copy and paste your enquiry in a private message to us. > m.me/SamsungAustralia Jo Samsung AU

How to remove the kickplate?
No answers

E2 error what does it mean?
1 answer
Hi Clint, as per the User Manual, E2 means there is a water supply error. Make sure the water supply is on. Make sure the water supply hose is not twisted. Make sure the water pressure is not too low. Sara Samsung Australia


Samsung DMS500TRW
CategoryFreestanding Dishwashers
Price (RRP) $899
Water Rating4stars
Energy Rating3.5stars
Max Noise Level46 dB
Release dateJul 2010

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