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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" With S Pen 4G

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" With S Pen 4G

MPNs: 36473746 and SM-P585YZKAXSA
4.1 from 38 reviews

Great for Uni! Can't imagine uni without it now

Ive had this for just over a week... between the tablet and my laptop I have completely replaced all my paper notebooks (and textbooks too since most can be found as an ebook). Has been reliable, and the battery lasts an entire day of uni note-taking and googling and netflix and then some.
Super handy and the S-pen is great, just a little small so writing non-stop for over an hr might make your hand sore. I was concerned about the pen lagging in lectures but it has kept up amazingly. I have a problem in One-note when resting my palm on the screen, in which it sometimes scrolls the page as I put my hand down and I miss the line.... but I don't think that's unique to this tablet. Would love to get some sort of grip to put around the S-pen so that I can hold it properly and potentially eliminate this problem, otherwise pulling up my sleeve a bit helps too. Using the S-pen is also kind of addictive. Maybe that's just me.
Screen is probably just a little too large to read novels on, but the size is great cos I can split the screen so I have a writing page and a lecture notes or textbook page open at the same time, which is great when I'm at uni and don't have my computer's second screen to read off.
I bought a 64GB sd card which I've downloaded my textbooks and teachers notes onto so I don't have to rely on wifi; I could have bought a sim for it but couldn't be bothered considering I don't go many places without wifi anyway.
For AUD$550 I suppose the price is reasonable, cheap even, though a little more than I originally wanted to pay. I have no regrets now. I was considering the Surface Go but for what I'm doing the extra $400 or so was totally not worth it.
I definitely recommend this for students; any student, really. As an engineering student I would never rely on a tablet for some of the software anyway so the fact that it's not super powerful is not ever going to be a problem.
This tablet is great as a complementary device along with a laptop for the more demanding things. MS Office works well and I am a huge fan of the Samsung OS. Would love to see it get more updates; both software and newer models (this is a 2016 model! Practically ancient lol)

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Love this

I recently purchased a samsung tab A 10.1 after having an apple. The samsung is a better product by far. And its magnetic. ie u can attach it to ur fridge or something metal. I called samsung and they weren't aware of this feature. Not complaining. Its quite a handy feature.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Best Product but bad customer service

The product is great. I bought 3 for family members but one was a lemon. The customer service is a killer. I refuse to buy any more Samsung products as a result. The other 2 are awesome. The apps are so easy to use and download. There are Samsung apps as well for daily things.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Perfect for reading books!

I recently purchased this product as an alternative to reading books. Unlike Kindle, it allows me to ready any pdf book or file I download from the internet.
I won't recommend it for playing games as I did not find it a very powerful machine. The screen resolution is good enough for reading books. The stylus is very responsive, however, you will feel some lag. Galaxy Note 8 pen won't work on it, perhaps it uses an older technology. I've fitted it with a 256 GB Samsung memory card that allows me to download videos on it. The battery is huge, and if you enable battery saver, it goes for almost 4 days (moderate usage).
Overall, I'm very satisfied with this product.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Love this

I bought this at about February and this is really useful for me to go to class as i can jot down notes simply by the “pen” which is much faster than joting down notes through your laptop
And i really like how it looks, it looks simple!!
And this is also easy to use

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good but the old charger cable is a pain with newer products

I use this Tab A for work and it's GREAT! It's small enough that traveling with it isn't a hassle, we use it for spotify, trip advisor, calling, texting, google maps and more!! Don't use the pen and finding a decent case that fits properly is a pain. Also the charger

Date PurchasedJan 2018

This is ok.

Got it for my kids the kid mode is why we got these you can add or remove parent approved apps and set what you want them to see or do and the battery life is very good all I would say is buy a case. If only the tablet was apple too.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Above average tablet

My 2nd tablet purchase

Overall I'm quite happy with it

It's very speedy and priced quite a bit more competitive than the apple products.
I also prefer the Samsung/android user interface and feel.

Battery life is also quite good compared to my old tablet.

Size is also just right.
Good bang for buck!

Recommended if you find it for a good price

Date PurchasedAug 2017

heavy but doing ok so far

got this tablet for my dad (late 50s) as a present and so far its doing a good job. it is heavy than other thinner tablets but so far it is not lagging or sudden app shut down is not happening. front camera is not too good, hard to find screen protectors but I believe there are heaps in ebay.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Unbelievable battery life

Bought this a while ago for business use and it's amazing. Runs multiple apps and high-resolution games without effort, and the screen is big enough for word processing, spreadsheets, and other admin type tasks. The included pen makes it easy to jot down handwritten notes with either included or third party software, and it works great as a drawing tablet or sketchpad when I'm away from my PC.
Also several times I've picked it up after it's been in sleep mode for six weeks or something, and the battery is just as I left it.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Underrated and useful

I bought this mostly because it has the S-Pen for drawing (which does a pretty good job!) and because it had great reviews. In 2018, still highly recommended! Not a complete laptop replacement, but you can do lots of things you'd do on your smartphone, with a 10.1" screen. Great for productivity.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Powerful but heavy tablet !

I have been searching for sometime for a tablet that I can use as a replacement of my work laptop at home for reading and online training
It is very powerful tablet with S Pen and 4G
optimum for reading and web browsing
However it is little bit heavy and faced some challenge to find case for.
Overall good almost ticking all boxes

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Screen and functionality are good but...

The problem lies with the audio quality when you don't have headphones. Earlier models had speakers either side of the tablet when placed in landscape mode. Whereas this one places both of them next to the home button. Therefore the sound quality is poor. I can understand that people would say use headphones when watching Stan or Netflix on the device but sometimes you want to watch something with another person etc, making headphones useless. On the plus side the HD screen quality is great and the operation of the device is snappy. Not perfect but not bad either.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Great Tablet, good features / fast. Screen could be a touch better

This is a fantastic tablet, and if you're buying it to take notes the S pen is fantastic. I recommend taking the time to learn all the features of S note as it really enhances it's note taking potential. Overall the tablet is great and very comparable in quality to it's expensive counterparts. The screen could be a little higher resolution however it's hard to notice unless transferring from an ultra HD device

Date PurchasedMar 2017

This is average product

This tablet is good value for people who is still studying as it operates quite slowly and sometimes could not open some applications. If you need the tablet for your work, I recommend not to use this one as it may not run smoothly enough for your work.
The battery life of this one is relatively short and even not use, it still runs out of battery quickly.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Bought it for uni but not as good as expected

The tablet is the right size with a 10 inch screen. A pen is enclosed so you can write. This is very handy but at same time it does not work as well as you expect. The battery last long. The sound is not great and can be improved. More memory would be handy. Not great for uni

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Love love love

This tablet is seriously so awesome. Quick and effcient to use. Awesome digital display, wide screen ( enough for me ), great camera and just plain easy to use. Apps are easy to download and playing tablet or searching things on if are a breeze. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

perfect for netflix

I bought this to accompany a 30gb mobile plan with spintel and its been fantastic. Netflix runs smoothly on this 10 inch screen, speaker sounds is ok but i bought a set of big headphones to rectify that.battery life is usually around 5-6 hours streaming netflix on 100% brightness but last twice that on 45%. No issues with the sim connection overall a solid tablet.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Overall good, but has some issues

As a tablet, overall very good, however TWO major issues,
1. Brightness on Auto is just hopeless. On my S7 mobile, auto brightness is smart, quick and sets level just right. However on this unit, it seems to be lazy, very inaccurate and narrow minded to even try to set brightness. Message to Samsung, both described units run same firmware, so fix my tablet auto brightness please!
2. No THEMES? Um, if you use calendar and want or more importantly NEED a dark or black backround, too bad, you stuck with BRIGHT WHITE! Whereas, again on the S7 mobile, same firmware, just change to another theme! Hey presto, problem solved.
So Mr.Samsung, can we please fix these issues?

Date PurchasedOct 2017


Someone told me they reckon Telstra was including the Samsung Galaxy Tab A in their plans to get rid of them. Well I agree with that statement after using one. Basically it has flawed software that cannot even open a mail returned message from a Telstra server. Yet my new laptop using software from another retailer could show the message and the address I tried to send it. The address had a simple typo error and it took me weeks scrolling through over 40 addresses in the list to find which one was incorrect. Yet on the laptop it appeared instantly. Add to this the lack of an easy to find exit button on some pages and deleted emails which the Samsung tablet kept reloading as unread messages including messages I knew were scams. Some messages kept reloading up to six times before I finally was able to delete them completely. Also the device is not very durable considering it is supposed to be a portable device. One drop and the screen shattered into many pieces. Lucky the Telstra salesperson put a stick on cover over the screen or there would have been glass everywhere. I will be glad to get rid of it! This report was typed on a proper laptop that is easy to use.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

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Galaxy Tab A 10.1" With S Pen 4G
Operating SystemAndroid
Screen Size9.7inches
Camera (Rear)5MP
Camera (Front)2MP
Expandable StorageYes
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