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Sani Pet Cat Litter Crystals

Sani Pet Cat Litter Crystals

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Change suppliers


We’ve been using this litter for years and found it to be the best on the market, however recently its no longer is as good as it use to be, it appears Aldi may have changed suppliers and unfortunately the quality has gone down
It use to last a minimum of 14days (1cat) and now we are lucky to get 8-9 days before it needs changing

Purchased in May 2019 at Gympie for $6.99.

Value for Money
Odour Absoprtion



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Good Product, False Usage Time, Smell.


This product is fantastic if you have one cat using it.
As a owner of three and using this product it definitely is just as expensive as expensive brand buying as I go through quite a lot of the litter.
I have three cats using this litter in the evening and overnight while indoors and the smell travels and doesn't hold after 24 hours.
Even with one cat using it the smell begins to travel within a few days (baggage says the litter will last weeks).
I have been continuing to use it but I feel the Kmart branded litter is a little better but only by an extra day or so.
I guess owning more cats litter is something you are signing up for when it comes to expense :)



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Best value for money!


This is the best product on the market and the price is the most reasonable too. Clumps better than Catsan which is a lot more expensive as well. Compared to Catsan it has a bit more dust perhaps but overall is a better product. If you add 1 quarter of Catlux Softwood clumping litter (available from Coles) to San-i-pet you'll get a lighter mixture easier to clean out, yet it won't lose its clumping power (unless you put too much of the softwood one). As a long term cat owner I tried it all and I find ALDI's San-i-pet to be the best of all clumping litters.

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Just a small correction - my review is not for Sani pet CRYSTAL litter but Sani pet CLUMPING litter - it's a different product. Can you please change the picture and the title? Thanks.


pauluswmaximusGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

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amazing litter


We have been using it for sometime, and now Kmart litter in crystals has been discontinued, we will rely on it more heavy. We have 2 cats and change every 2 weeks as a result of this. good value for money compared to supermarket brands

Best cat litter I've ever discovered


This is a clumping litter which means the 'wee' can be removed, leaving no smell. It also doesn't seem to have a lot of dust like some of the more expensive clumping litter brands. This is important because your cat can inhale the dust while in the litter container and the material that causes the litter to clump can have bad effects in your cat's lungs.



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shocking stuff


There is no way the stuff would last 4 weeks - it does not even last 1 week without us having to change it - and it does hold the smell - I am very annoyed that I was fooled as I bought six bags and have had to use them all in three weeks - a very expensive exercise

David B

David BCroydon South

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Best Cat Litter we have bought


We had been buying more expensive brands of litter for our ragdoll, but thought we would give the Aldi product a try. Our cat was more than happy with the change and has had no issues in using it. Works really well with absolutely no odours. Has saved us a heap in cash over the last couple of years. Would recommend giving it a go.

unhappy jan

unhappy janwerribee

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This is the most amazing clumping kitty litter I have ever used.


I was looking for a better Kitty Litter than what I was using. I came across the Aldi Product and will never ever buy anything else from now on. The most discerning user of kitty litter will be amazed how good this product is. It is value for money and is not expensive Go buy it !!!

Questions & Answers



We have a 14week kitten, I think he may have eaten some. has this happen to anyone else?

1 answer

Hi, yes, kittens are curious and they do that as a part of their exploration of life. In my opinion it shouldn’t cause much trouble although I’m not a vet but keep an eye on the kitten just in case. Also, if you notice him doing it again it’s important to intervene by gently (but firmly) saying NO, it’s not for eating, this is where you go to toilet, OK! I think they understand and learn things when we explain it just like you would to a child :) All the best.

Cheeky BooBoo

Cheeky BooBooasked

Hi, I've been using "breeders choice" litter pet pellets ( recycled paper litter ). How would the Aldi product compare? I don't think the product I'm using does anything to hide the smell. Also how often should I be changing the litter tray? I'm finding I'm doing it every 4 days as I can't deal with the smell & the cost of litter goes up as it's being changed so often.

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We use the aldi brand. Absolutely love it. Works well and is value for money.
We use the Litter Robot Open Air which cleans itself. It ends up using less as it just removes the wee/poo.
I feel you in regards with the smell. Definitely give the aldi one a go, don’t think you will be disappointed.


Depending on how many cats you have I would say it's good if you have one or two cats.
I have three and with all three using this litter it lasts three days before being thrown away and a new bag being opened and placed in the litter box.
This is also with the cats only using it in indoor time which is usually evening and overnight, so not often.
It's cheap, it works, but it definitely does not last the amount of time it says on the baggage.
Good Luck :)



I have bought from aldis cat litter brand name San I per clumping cat litter. They don't appear to be able to have it anymore. Where can I find it as it is by far the most outstanding cat litter?

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unhappy jan
unhappy jan

Hi Barbara, I have just found out that they will no longer be stocking this product. It is being replaced by "Healthi" which I am now using and it is as good as the other. Thanks for the enquiry. Regards Mike "Unhappy Jan"

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