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Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid

Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid

Double, King and Queen
3.7 from 9 reviews

Comfortable Bed!

This mattress provides great support and comfort. Dealing with back pain I had been doing a lot of tossing and turning resulting in sleepless nights. The memory foam top on the Sealy provides so much comfort along with the coil springs. Absolutely love it!

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Joan, thanks for sharing your feedback. We are sol glad to hear your are enjoying your bed so much. We hope you enjoy many years of quality sleep on it. Kind regards, Sealy

What a great mattress

Having both lower and upper spine issues, i am finally getting a good nights sleep. This mattress takes all the pressure off my body and i feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi there, thanks for sharing your feedback. We are glad to hear you are getting a great night's sleep and that your Sealy is providing the right support and comfort for your needs. We wish you many years of quality sleep. Thanks Sealy.

Best bed ever

Very supportive mattress ! Has comfortable gel infused pillow top ! I have back injury and MS ! This has been the best mattress I have used for comfort ! I now sleep at night

Date PurchasedMar 2016
Hi Angela, it's great to hear that you've been enjoying your gel iinfused pillow top mattress so much. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. Thanks SealyIm saving up to buy the pillows that match the bed ! I tried them and they are very very comfortable !!!!

Best bed!

I've had a Hybrid Zen Plush Bed for 18 months and totally love it. The combination of memory foam and spring support makes it very comfortable, especially if you like a firmer mattress. I particularly like the support the mattress gives along its edges. I tested lots of beds before settling on the Hybrid, but I have to say for me it was a stand out.

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Wonderful news, we are so pleased you are enjoying your new bed! Sealy Australia

Worst mattress ever

Sealy mattress collapsed! The side has collapsed in couple months! They told me it's minor problem! They refused to send replacement! Bad customer service, money wasted! Keep away with sealy.


Bad bad bad!!! Don't buy it! Mattress went uneven just after few weeks. Plenty of slopes have turned, rotated etc but the slopes come so fast and give a bad posture and backaches.

Please check and review other brands. We have a extra mattress which is of no use and out again to buy new

Bad quality and bad customer service

We bought this mattress 2 years ago and they have picked it up for repair 3 times only temporarily solving the problem. After a few months every time the mattress starts squeaking. A 4th time they do not want to repair it again, guess they have given up on that. Now we have no alternative then to go to ACCC as there is a 10 year warranty they do not honour.
For a mattress this expensive not only is the quality bad, but also their customer service.

Squeaky mattress.

A new way of sleeping

We bought a new Sealy Hybrid mattress about 2 months ago - we both like a firm mattress for our backs but don't like the way we get dead shoulders. A friend had recommended we look at the new memory foam beds and as our beds have always been a Sealy, we tried their Hybrid out in store. It feels quite different, so we spent a bit of time trying it out, but thought it could solve our problem. Boy did it ever. We needed to give it a couple of nights to settle in - turning over seemed a little difficult at first because memory foam reacts slowly. I think I actually move a lot less during the night, it is so comfortable. Both my lower back and my shoulders are great now, and I love going to bed every night. It's pretty expensive, but very worth it.
Firm and very comfortable

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The best night's sleep ever!

We invested in the Sealy Hybrid Infinity 200 king size mattress six months ago and we have not looked back since. The only issue we ever have with our bed is being away from home! As my husband and I travel quite extensively we find it more difficult to sleep when we are away from home.
Absolute blissfull comfort and no aching back or shoulders in the morning.

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