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Onebed Mattress

Ecosa Vs Onebed Vs Koala Vs Ergoflex Vs EzyBed Vs Sleeping Duck Vs Sleep Republic Vs Noa

Update: 2 weeks on and the medium firm is much better support than my other one that was 8 years old and had sunk in placed. This is better than my other mattress for my back. I will switch to the medium setting to see if i get improved sleep when sleeping on my side. So far quality of sleep is still similar. But i am not using my topper i was using on my other mattress, not am i using a grounding sheet that i usually use. The smell is fading and only slightly notice it, not chemical smell but

Ecosa Vs Onebed Vs Koala Vs Ergoflex Vs EzyBed Vs Sleeping Duck Vs Sleep Republic Vs Noa are all the mattress i have spent hours comparing.

My bed base is adjustable so it ruled out
Sleeping Duck
Sleep Republic

They are not compatible with adjustable bed frames

That left

I am sleep on my back, but sometimes side and have shoulder pain from sleeping on a mattress that was too firm. So i need a medium mattress.

That potentially left me with

With Ecosa being a possible...

I then live in QLD where it gets hot especially in a room with poor airflow.
The Ergoflex i read tended to be on the hot side so it was also out of the option for now.

That left

There is a few hundred $ different in the two.
I chose the Onebed as it had some better quality materials like dunlop natural latex and every material is OEKO-TEX certified. It also has 3 layers that can be adjusted so if the medium-firm configuration it comes in (which is the only option for the Ezybed) is too hard it can be adjusted.

I was on the chat with June who was very helpful, was able to answer all my questions. The current beds i have had i would classify as medium to medium firm. So far after 2 weeks of sleeping on this on medium setting my should is still a bit sore if i work out at the gym after sleeping on it but that is better than before where it would be sore anytime. I will change the configuration to see if medium is better.

I did notice a smell after unpacking, like a recycled corn cup or something.. it gave me slight headache being in the same room as it without ventilation. i let it air out for a few days and then i put a cover on it. After changing the sheets after a week i still smell a little of that initial smell. Due for a sheet change so will see if its getting less and less

I will update my review in a month. I will sleep 2 weeks on the medium firm and then 2 weeks on the medium

Purchased for $750.00.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Sleeping PositionBack and Side
Adjustment PeriodWeeks
Pre-existing Neck / Back Issues No
Discomfort No
Perceived FirmnessMedium

Great mattress

The mattress is exactly how they describe it on the website. It was the best decision as I've had it for over six months now and I'm loving it!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Extremely comfortable mattress that was easy to order

I was hesitant buying my first mattress in a box, that's from an online store and not sprung. However, ordering and delivery was very easy and straightforward - way better than going to a large shop and dealing with salespeople. I was also concerned about the feel of a foam/latex mattress compared to springs. However, it's much more comfortable particularly for side sleeping and my neck/back is less sore. There's been no noticeable smell (as mentioned in some reviews), it's easier to make the bed because the mattress is less chunky, I managed to roll the matttess upstairs on my own with a few grunts, and getting up off the mattress hasn't been that much more difficult than the spring. Both curvy me (who prefers a soft mattress) and boney hubby (who prefers a firm mattress) are sleeping comfortably on the medium setting.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Fantastic bed - supportive and comfortable

The mattress is supportive and comfortable, and has provided many nights great sleep. We've had our mattress for over 6 months now, and it's just super.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great mattress and great customer service

I ordered a onebed double after researching many different “mattress in a box” brands. I chose onebed because it seemed the most quality/value for money. I’d never had a non-spring mattress before, and the 125 trial period gave me peace of mind in case it didn’t work out. I found the mattress to be too hard the first week or so, but then it softened — the mattress supports and hugs you. I also really appreciate the customer service — I had many questions throughout, and they were all answered efficiently and thoroughly. Also the delivery was prompt — I would recommend this mattresss.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Best sleep I've ever had

I am a very busy chef and my neck and back have always been very sore and since sleeping on onebed I am waking up refreshed and not sore at all ! I fall asleep so quickly now and stay asleep. This mattress is so amazing I have since bought another for my mum.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Best change I’ve ever made!

I bought one bed as not only did the mattress look appealing but the trial period and their work with the Salvation Army was what sold me the mattress and the company! I’ve been sleeping better and also waking up a lot easier, I wake up more relaxed and rested. Thanks to a great company, for the product and service.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

I brought a queen 3 years ago and it is still fantastic. I have down graded to a king... it's no whe

Not as good as the first one I have. It's top layer moves around and nowhere as comfortable. If one bed went back.to the original formula I would highly recommend the product

Date PurchasedJan 2018

The most comfortable mattress I have ever had!

I bought it 6 months ago and I am very pleased. I sleep better and I don't have any back aches I used to have before.
The mattress is still firm and its shape is still firm.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Very Good mattress, reduce my back problems

Have been using this for last 4 months and can say that very few nights i have had the back ache in the morning i get up.
With my previous sprung mattress i had the back ache every morning after getting up and this one bed mattress and reduced that problem a lot
Would recommend to any one with back or neck pain to at least give it a try with a free trial period.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Love my mattress!

We love our one bed mattress. The ordering process was easy and the delivery was fast. We particularly like the ability to alter the firmness of the mattress. This is the reason we chose the One Bed mattress over other brands. When the mattress arrived it was slightly too Firm, so we unzipped it flipped the top layer and then it was just right. We also really like that two people can sleep in the bed and not disturb each other. Being a King Size, which is new for us, it’s also great for one parent and 2 kids, or 2 parents and one kid of the kids are unsettled. It’s also very quiet compared to our old spring mattress.

Date PurchasedAug 2018


Bought the King size mattress, have to say it really worth the money and also meet my expectation. First few nights on medium firm wasn't really suitable for me as i like my mattress a little firm and i have it flipped over to firm and immediately the sleep was totally different, that's amazing. The foam returns to its original firm-ness after every sleep and it has been 4 months now, i am still looking forward to sleep on it every night.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great mattress with no marketing mumbo-jumbo

This mattress offers great support, it is just firm enough to cradle my body and has the right amount of give to be comfortable.

In the past I've had traditional mattresses which offered little support for my torso, regardless of the brand or firmness. This caused me to wake up constantly due to my body sinking into awkward and contorted positions which gave me back pain or made my limbs to go numb.

Since getting this mattress I never have support issues and my arms go numb probably only a third as often (a great result for a big guy like myself).

So far the mattress hasn't changed a bit, it has maintained it's shape and its support, I weigh 120kg so that's saying a lot. If it can withstand me the average person will never have any issues.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Best mattress ever

We purchased this mattress after having been a water bed user for many years.
This was one of our best purchases ever, very easy to deal with and great delivery.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great sleep!

I’ve really enjoyed the mattress. Very comfortable and supportive. Good value. I haven’t had any issues with the shape or firmness of the mattress. I would recommmend purchasing this mattres

Date PurchasedSep 2018

No more springs!

So comfortable. No sound. No lumps. Did I mention comfortable? Honestly the best mattress we’ve ever had. I’ll be buying them for kids beds soon. They offered me a pillow for this review but I’d give it anyway. Great product.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

New level of comfort!

We love the comfort and quality of the onebed mattress. Easy to fall asleep and keeps the original shape. Didnt realise we were missing out on comfort in bed until this purchase.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

It’s been AMAZING!! So easy to set up- and BLOODY COMFORTABLE!!

It’s been AMAZING!!
Great price,
Really supportive of my bad back!
So easy to set up- (it’s also endured a move of house and was so easy to move!)

Date PurchasedAug 2017

This bed is amazing!

I bought this bed after hearing all the reviews about the bed in the box. At the time onebed had a brilliant special on that I couldn't resist. This bed is amazing!
Not only is it super comfortable and helps my bad back, but it comes with a washable cover. So no more underlay!
The other great benefit is the no partner disturbance...yes!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

This is the best mattress I have ever had I wish I'd brought one ages ago

It's been great I used to get sore backs from my spring mattress not any more with the one bed me and my wife are getting better sleep and the mattress has maintained its shape I honestly wish I'd herd about these beds ages ago cause I would have brought one then

Date PurchasedSep 2018

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Questions & Answers

I was really want to give it a go to for the mattress. But when I was trying to ascertain the delivery time if I place an order. But the answer I get was too broad ...2 - 5 business days. I contacted them at 2 pm to see if they can narrow it down but by close of business still didnt get an answer. Tried to ring the number on facebook and got told by the machine no one is available. Not sure if any official look at this. Can anyone let me know what's their delivery time frame like? Thanks
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I recently bought a one bed mattress and it has some odour. I read from their website it’s free from harmful chemicals. Is this smell dangerous as my baby is also sleeping on it.
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Hi there! Yes, there are no harmful chemicals in the production of our mattresses and the Onebed should be safe for your baby. Some customers may be more sensitive to the smell of a newly opened mattress. If it bothers you, we suggest airing out the mattress with the windows open; using a fan can also hasten the process. Please also discard the box and plastic that the mattress came with. Based on feedback from some of our customers, the smell of a new bed should go away within a week or so. :) Wishing you the best sleep with your Onebed! :)

We are currently trying a ‘Bed in a Box’ mattress and after a month I still wake up several times through the night in pain. Do you know if your One bed would be softer than this other mattress? I am keen to try yours because of the option to change the layers for a more softer sleep. My husband is very happy with the very firm mattress, but it is too hard for me. Im hoping the fact yours is layer changeable it may suit us better. If i change the layers to make it softer, will that change the temperature to a 'hotter' bed? Regards, Ruth
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Onebed is very unique with the 3 different firmness settings that you can try out. We have the medium, medium-firm and firm so that more customers can modify the settings and achieve the firmness level that they prefer. The latex layer should be generally cooler but the 'temperature' should not change too significantly. You can try it out for yourself with our 125 night trial period. :)


SingleKing SingleDoubleQueenKing
Price (RRP) $750.00$800.00$950.00$1,050.00$1,150.00
Type Latex and Memory FoamLatex and Memory FoamLatex and Memory FoamLatex and Memory FoamLatex and Memory Foam
SizeSingleKing SingleDoubleQueenKing
Thickness26 cm26 cm26 cm26 cm26 cm
Country of ManufactureAustraliaAustraliaAustraliaAustraliaAustralia
Manufacturer Warranty15 years15 years15 years15 years15 years

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