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Sherwood PM-9805

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Can anyone tell me if this has a built in preamp or if i need to buy a receiver with a phono input or something, or a preamp and if i could just buy any preamp or receiver

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No, this does not have a pre-amp. You'll need to source one.

Stan B.
Stan B.asked

Does the Sherwood PM-9805 turntable have a built in preamp

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Unfortunately not. I traded mine up for an Audio-Technical AT-LP120 which actually does.


Spears availability and please provide me with the web site to obtain spares

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Janean M.
Janean M.asked

Hi I have this turntable, I bought it in 2017. It played brilliantly the first few times. It started making this bad noise, its the arm. I can't play it at all as the weird noise is so bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Janean

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Paul S.
Paul S.

This is a plastic turntable so any amplifier connected must be securely earthed to avoid amplification of mains hums and squeals. If no earth connection on amplifier. Try earthing speakers, left hand negative I.E. Black or white wire as left channel is also used for mono connections. Earth must be a earth connection to a three prong plug. Special tradesmans earth plugs are available for this. Turntable must also be grounded to amplifier ground.

Rose M.
Rose M.asked

I bought a sherwood pm9805 n tried to hook it on to a Yamaha amplifier CA1010-an old one was using in good condition-the output from the speakers is very low-wheras the output from tuner and aux cd payers connections very well-the input sensitivity of the amp is 2mV/47kohm and on checking the output of the turntable it is 2-7.5mV-What is the problem.Also how is it possible to get a protactor to align the cartridge for this turntable.

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The output from a turntable is tiny, so you have two options. You either need an amp with a phono input, which will amplify the signal so the main part of the amp can use it, or buy an external pre-amp. The latter amplifies the signal from the turntable to a similar level to the tuner/CD, so you will then get a decent sound from it. These can be bought fairly cheaply on ebay.


I was given this turntable as a present ( shop display model ) and Id like to know whats included as im pretty sure theres stuff missing

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Why do people get off listening to the sound of arecord being moved back and forth by a dj on a turntable? Reminds me a of something spastic.

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I have upgraded the cartridge with AT 95E. I have set the VTF at 2.3 & have alligned the cartridge properly. Even then I observe some distortion in sound & sometimes skipping of records. It was fine with the original cartridge. Any help?

A K Bhattacharjee

1 answer

This may be a little late of a reply to solve your problem, but perhaps it may help somebody else in future.

Firstly, I wouldn't rate the AT95e as much of an upgrade. It is slightly more accurate, but has a noticeably lower output.

If the cartridge has been aligned correctly, there are still other factors to keep in mind.
1. Reset the counterweight so that the tone arm floats close to horizontal, then zero the indicator on the counterweight without moving the weight.
Now set the Vertical Tracking Force. for the AT95e I would set it to 2 or slightly less, since is is an elliptical stylus. More weight = more wear, and not necessarily better tracking.
2. Set the Anti-skid to the same amount as the VTF or slightly less if the cartridge has been perfectly aligned.
3. Check that the new cartridge has not changed the level of the tone arm too much. If the new cartridge sits lower, and the tone arm is angled down, or if it is taller and the arm is angled up, change to a thicker / thinner slip mat to get the tone arm closer to horizontal.
4. If the above has not helped, there may be an issue with the stylus tip, or the vinyl is very badly worn.


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