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Audio Technica AT-LP3

Latest review: Ever since I was born I can remember touching, playing, scratching my parents & my own, records! When records became UN-HIP 25 years ago or so, I never gave up on them. And still have every record

Numark TTXUSB Professional Direct-Drive

Latest review: Great turnatable, heavy, very heavy very solid, when I got back into vinyl it was hard to choose on this or a good home one, you get really no noise off the direct drive motor , very good vibration

Onkyo CP1050

Latest review: My JH turntable is 45 years old, it was time for a new one. I have worked in the audio retail industry most of my life so I wanted quality,performance and price to be balanced. After many months of

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Latest review: I have found this turntable to be terrific for the money. You can upgrade a few items to make it sound even better without spending megabucks either. Mine came with the Ortofon OM10 cartridge, with

Pioneer PL-990

Latest review: After going through countless cheap turntables we decided to splurge on the Pioneer PL 990. It is of exceptional quality and we’re now able to play LPs that had previously proven too scratched to p

Audio Technica AT-LP60

Latest review: Please let me start by saying I am not a record listener and I do not own any records nor have I used any record player before. However, recently, I helped a friend of mine, who is very keen on

Welling F700 Stereo

Latest review: The only output is RCA cable. I can't plug speakers into it. I can't get it to play via my tv. So it is useless to me. It sits in the corner gathering dust. What a waste of money. It needs speakers

Sherwood PM-9805

Latest review: I have had this turntable a while now and it’s awesome, I highly recommend it, I seriously cannot paraise it enough. Added bonus Belt driven, with pitch control, Strobe Light, Target light, A

Lenco L-90

Latest review: This is a review for the Lenco turntable L-90 model. I purchased this in Australia. There are special features which I like about this particular turntable. For instance I did not want an audio

Dish TV Aerialbox T2200

Latest review: I have been using a Dish TV Aerialbox T2200 for the past 2 years and have found it to be pretty reliable and has not frozen or crashed during this time. Dish TV is based in New Zealand and they have

Crosley Collegiate CR6010A

Latest review: Let me start by saying I only paid $100 for this player. It has a decent solid feel with good sounding (if not loud) stereo speakers. It also has a decent quality Audio Technica stylus on it. A

Stanton T.92

Latest review: I purchased this 3 speed (331/3, 45 and 78) full manual USB direct drive turntable in 2009. My intention was to convert my vinyl into a digital format but the time required to do this meant that I

Lenoxx TT500

Latest review: The unit failed after using the turntable the first tape I inserted did not play and would not release from some part of the carrier so I have contacted Lenoxx and I need to send some information

Bauhn ASET-1116

Latest review: Arm will not move along track 2-3 cm from record label. Needle is steel so, won’t play any really old 78s. I guess in this regard you get what you paid for, as they require diamond needles. Stereo

Crosley Coupe

Latest review: The idea of a small portable turntable in a retro look school case was very appealing. Ok so it's not totally portable as it still needs 240v but it still looked good. Unfortunately that's where