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Shindaiwa 285S / 352S

Shindaiwa 285S / 352S

352S and 285S
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This is perfect for me

Bought a 352s in 2007 and have it used it continually since... I heat with wood. I have had no trouble with it and its lightweight , for me, 83 years. Still going strong. The saw that is. I would definitely recommend buying another one. I live in the north eastern USA.

Date PurchasedSep 2007


I've had my 352S for about 5 years, usually using it lightly in autumn to prepare firewood for the home. It has a 16" bar on it.

Lately (during the past 6 months) I've been slowly getting into the arborist industry and have cut a couple of medium-larger trees (about 25m high) - a Eucalyptus tree and an Iron Bark with this saw. It was used to cut everything from the small branches all the way down to the large trunk. The borrom of the tree (the bottom 3m of the trunk) was too large for the chainsaw. Or rather I didn't want to kill the poor saw just to cut one trunk, so I stopped using it on that tree. But during the process it has cut large dead limbs that were totally dry and hard as anything on the Ironbark, and I accidentally dropped it from a height of 10m or so, watching in slow motion as it hit the fence, bounced onto the sandstone and rolled down the hill. My grounds-man went to check the damage, pulled the chord, and it started first go!

It has never needed any replacement parts, although the on/off switch has disappeared into the housing (it's permanently in the 'on' position, so I pull the choke to turn it off). And also, a couple of times when I leave it laying around I find that it had leaked some oil onto the ground. Not a huge amount, and not a big worry, but not ideal nevertheless.

+ Reliable, never had significant problems.
+ solid construction, can take a beating.

- on/off switch has disappeared (Although I should have got it fixed while it was becoming loose)
- can sometimes leak some oil when left lying around.

Nice little saw

Very light saw, I have it for about 8 years now and its not used very much. However its been tortured by me on some occasions.
Other than new chains and bars no parts have been changed and it runs like new.
One star down because when its been laying around for a longer time you need to pull about 8 times even with choke on. This is because it needs to prime the fuel to the carburator.

Best Quality

Buy the origonal shindaiwas like the 352s and not the rebadged echo models and you will have a faultless saw. Look at them side by side, if you can't spot the difference in build quality right off you probably shouldn't be handling a chainsaw in the first place.

Stihl /Shindaiwa competition

Iv'e had 2 Shindaiwas. The first was stolen:0(.
My friend has a 20 inch Stihl chainsaw and told me how great it was.
We had a little race through some Australian tea tree.My shindaiwa went through 3 or 4 seconds quicker without any heavy pressure.I have an easy sharp 16 inch bar and chain which is a big help.
It's nice and light and well constructed. Great sales team in Hamilton
Nothing so far.

In comparison with many others it is a good design, easy to maintain, no oil leaks,

Have had a 352s for three years of 8 weeks x 4-5 hrs per day of 50-200 mm all angle cutting and have not found any faults yet. best is the twin air cleaner system and ease of maintenance.
Strong well made construction, easy starting every time. best air filter I have seen on any one of around 8 brands inc Swedish and German.
For use in very cold (frozen timber) conditions I would use a Swedish heated handle model.
Cannot fault it
The chain bar oil tank had a cork seal leaked which I replaced with 20 cent 'o'ring


see above totally fed up, spent good money to buy a supposed good quality saw and got crap, and NO SPARES are available to the dealers
light easy to start
The service is non existant, they have been bought out by ECHO and the distributor has been changed, so NO SPARES are available to the dealers, I have had to have 2 Carbies replaced, and it has taken over a month in the shop they cannot get parts from All Power, they say tey dont have any [parts to send out.
I am totally pi..sed off will never buy another Shindaiwa product, should have stuck to my Stihl

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I too purchased a Shindaiwa. It is junk. Every time I used it, it went to the shop. Will never buy another Shindaiwa or Echo product.

Questions & Answers

What type of chain do I need for this saw. There are 52 links and the number 91 on the teeth.
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Bar Length38 cm
Weight4.3 kg
Engine Displacement35.2 cc
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)5 year(s)

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