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Shindaiwa 757 / 757c

Shindaiwa 757 / 757c

757 and 757c
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I have used and owned most of the major brands over the years, Stihl, Husqvarna, Dolmar, Oleo Mac, Shindaiwa etc.
But i must admit that the quality of Stihl and Husqvarna has dropped off over the years. Probably to increase profits lol. So i decided to try a Shindaiwa a few years back (488p). From the moment I got it i could tell the quality of this Japanese brand was better than the other major brands.
So now we run ALL Shindaiwa and thet are awesome machine's.
The 757 has ALOT of torque. They dont seem to rev as hard as the MS441 and definitely dont rev as hard as a 372xp. But the 757 definitely has more useable REAL world power/torque. This is what matters. They are a "No frills" saw. Our 757s have been used and abused daily and they just keep going.
SHINDAIWA do not advertise that they have the latest technology with the latest "Acronyms" for some marketing crap that the saw is supposed to do (unlike Stihl and Husky). They just go about their business building Japanese quality saws.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Good saw

I'm a contractor and have 12 757's they would be in my opinion the best saw on the market today. This is due to the fact the saw can be tuned unlike the new stihl or husqvarna with their auto tune nonsense. There is a few problems you will need to undo all the screws and lock tight them back in when you first buy it and take out the chain adjuster screw and hit the end with a hemmer to stop it undoing and getting lost. Rebuild are cheap and power is good the air filter is the best thing ever put on a saw.

1200 hours on

My personal worksaw now 1200 hours older since my first review
40chains same bar I lost 2adjuster screws and my pull cord spindle has just been replaced (warranty)its easy to see why those that use saws for a living are during them, the 600sx with the 18inch bar would be the best all round worksaw available in Australia at the moment
Rod miller
Chainsaw whisperer

Top unit

This is one of the best chainsaws I have ever used. I have used Stihl and they are a great saw, but the 757 is a top unit. The air filter is magic and takes in a lot of air, and with chainsaws if the air filter is no good then neither is the saw. I run a 20” bar rather than the 24” and I use either Carlton or Oregon chain and I sharpen them myself as dealers can get a bit heavy on the grinder. The saw has good balance and just keeps going. So do yourself a big favour and don’t buy garbage from cheap online sellers because they are garbage and money down the drain. I am a private buyer.
The big air filter, plus fives warranty

Extremely reliable saw

I have owned Stihl and Husky saws in the past but they lacked the quality and reliable of a Shindaiwa. After four years of heavy use it still starts on first pull and compression hasn't changed.
Powerful, Reliable, Loads of torque.

Questions & Answers

My shindaiwa 488 runs fine for 10-15 minuets cutting Australian hardwood and then shuts down as if the ignition switch had been turned off. It will then not restart for 30-40 minutes. When it does restart it runs 100% then again shuts down. Fuel does not seem a problem I have cleaned around the magneto etc and cannot see any leads shorting out. My assumption is a faulty coil. Any advice on what to check would be appreciated.
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More than likely the coil...shutting down on overheat...keep a high chain speed to keep it cool...i run all of mine (110 saws) at 25 to 1..not 50 to 1..they run much cooler

is the ignition coil the same for 488 and 757 chainsaws??? Can not find exciter for 757 ??? Can any one help ?? I am in Australia. Thanks
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No, they are not the same. The serial code for 757 is as follows, Exciter Coil 22169-71510, Ignition Coil 22269-71700

With regard to a 757 , has anyone suffered lack of oil to chain? First problem in 12 years !!!
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Check the in tank filter Turn the volume screw left and right while running this happens with most sawsThanks Rod, was the filter just as you said cheers Dale


Bar Length61 cm
Weight6.8 kg
Engine Displacement73.5 cc

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