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Shindaiwa T260X

Shindaiwa T260X

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Wicked power and great speed feed function make trimming a breeze. Love this machine.
Make sure to be used with ordinary fuel, and not high octane stuff. It doesn’t like to run as good on the high octane. I like to go with 2.7mm line also, destroys even the toughest weeds!

Date PurchasedJan 2016


Bought the machine one year ago. About 1 month ago, it became harder and harden to start the engine. After servicing the machine and eliminating all usual suspects, the only thing left is to change the starter coil. Too bad that the distributor change means, that I have to wait for another 4 weeks or so. I just hope my spare machine won't let me down. Otherwise the performance has been average. It looses power when turned upright, which is very annoying. Won't buy another Shindaiwa.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Shindaiwa t260x review

The shindy t260x is an awesome whipper snipper/line trimmer/brushcutter/weed wacker/weed whip/weed eater/ very power full with the 24.1cc engine. Has heaps of grunt to tackle the toughest of brush. And is metal blade compatible nice and light for the home and commercial user. I love mine is the best. whipper snipper/line trimmer/brushcutter/weed wacker/weed whip/weed eater I’ve ever user.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Unreliable and inconsistent

The Shindawa T260X has been an absolute trial with it losing power every second job every day I use it. It will be OK for a few minutes then “stutters”. I have found that changing the fuel through a filter and refuelling will allow it to restart. However other Two stroke equipment I use has no problem with the same fuel! After a month of “use”, I went back to using my old but reliable Husqvarna. It has been back to the shop where they ripped off a metal shroud around the spark plug and told me that would fix the dodgy running. It didn’t.
The head is also much smaller than the Husky meaning it has to be reloaded with line more often. Remembering to flip the switch from Off was initially a pain when pull starting. Other whipper snippers I have used reset automatically for restarting.
When working it is quite satisfactory.
Purchased in December and used for a month till I gave up and the shop reopened. What a waste of money and my time. Yes it was cheap.....

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Update: My Shindaiwa was still liable to be unreliable that I gave it a service through Kingston Mowers in August. Told them I preferred my 5 year old Husqvarna any day and they laughed. “Oh we will fix that lack of power problem.” $117, but the only difference is that they sped up the idle so that head kept spinning without throttle. The Shindaiwa still loses power at random times and if it does enough I just go back to my elderly Husky for the rest of the week.

Average at best.

Purchased the T260x based on others experiences after owning both Stihl and Tanaka. I find the Shindaiwa average at best, especially when turned upright to do square edging, it loses power and torque. I would suggest it's great for a domestic product, but definitely not commercial. Look around you'll find better at its price.

love my shindaiwa

I have had my t260x for 7 years and worked it merecisely in my business. It has done approximately 3000+hrs,gone through 8 speedfeed assemblys and the only'major' has been a burn't out coil a primer bulb.Still goes hard,simply outstanding reliability,heaps of power for 98% of work most people would do . Can't do better


Greatest product I have ever owned. I have flogged mine in my lawn mowing business every day for two years with no problems.
I bought one as a spare but not sure if I will ever need it ! Why people buy cheaper heaps of crap from Bunnings and hardware stores I will never understand. This product will last 3 lifetimes of domestic work.
Buy one.

Does the Job

So far I've used 6 different dedicated line trimmers - Bushy L26, Makita 3110, Shindy T260, Shindy T270, Maruyama (BC2000RS) and a Honda; all straight shaft and except for the Honda, all 2 stroke.

My least favoured to most favoured list.......Honda, Bushy L26, Shindy T270, Maruyama, Makita 3110 leaving the Shindy T260.

Exhaust fumes aside I prefer 2 stroke to 4 stroke as 2 strokes rev harder. As for having to mix fuel for a 2 stroke compared to no mixing for a 4 stroke, with a 4 stroke you have to change the oil. I prefer mixing fuel to changing oil.

The T260 is my pick of the machines above.

It's not the most powerful but it's more than adequate, feeling more powerful than the higher rated Bushy. It's not the lightest but you are able to use it for hours at a time.

The grip around the shaft near the throttle is rubber making it more comfortable than the trimmers that have a plastic grip.

It feels well balanced out of the box and comes with a genuine Speed-Feed head which has proven to be robust, easy to use and a time saver, taking at least 3 metres of 2.7mm line.

It also comes with a metal blade.

The Bushy and Makita have played up on really hot days but I can't recall the Shindy having the same degree of trouble.

One problem with the T260 is that the on/off switch has failed on 3 machines. We get around this by using the choke to stop the engine.

The machines are about 5 years old and have been used commercially 5 days a week......pretty bloody good!

All things considered, and of the machines above I favour the T260.

Update July 2016
For the last year been using a new T260. It's not the same as the older models. Still revs hard but it slows down as the work gets harder. Apparently Shindaiwa have 'tweaked' the engine and it's not for the better. Still a good machine. When I was looking to buy another whip for myself I managed to find a Makita 3110 at the old price and that's what I bought. Upgraded the head for $65 and it's great.

2017.....apparently Shindaiwa equipment isn't as reliable as it used to be (explains the T260 issue above). I've heard of dealers no longer carrying Shindaiwa gear. Having said that I've been using their backpack blower and pole trimmer for 12 months now and no probs.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Happy after 1 year

I trim about 10 residential properties a week and have used the Shindaiwa T260X for about a year.
I'm happy with the power and reliability. I believe it is an acceptable weight and the unit is robust.
The fuel capacity and consumption is acceptable.
The exhaust comes with an anti-spark grill that gets blocked by carbon and has to be cleared or removed.
The trimmer head holds an acceptable quantity of line and the feed load and release mechanisms work. I've had line get caught up inside the spool - which I may solve in time.
3mm line fits (just).
I've lost a spring through carelessness when I had the line head open but it was inexpensive to replace.
I've had to replace an air filter as, and when, you would expect. The disc-like air filter is accessed without tools.
To fish out a fuel filter you need a hook and a replacement is $13. You can open it and clean the inside with carby cleaner.
My dealer in Toongabbie NSW has been excellent.
My only complaint - and this may just be me, since I have a very bad back, is that it can prove heavy enough to strain my back in a single use. Getting an edger has taken some work off the trimmer, and made me happier.
It comes with a blade for clearing scrub but I have not used it.
Starts, powerful enough, robust, price is ok
Slightly heavy, line gets stuck occasionally

Reliable hard working strimmer

I've had mine 13 years, the handle came loose about 6 years ago, and the lawn mower shop inserted an allen screw, to repair, had a new spool as the old one was really stiff, had a new primer build fitted !! had a break from using the strimmer for about 7 years, when i used a stilhl 32cc 4 stroke strimmer and then hondas umk425u 25cc 4 stroke strimmer, returned to using the shindaiwi as the honda wasn't really powerful enough, i use it daily for a couple of medium size gardens, strimming the lawns edges and the occasional whipper snipping
Reliable, quite powerful for a small machine
Minor maintenance , expected, repaired satisfactorily

How does the T260X perform

This is a great machine, starts easily, especially compared to others I have used. It runs perfectly and does the job very well.
I am not a fan of back breaking work, but I actually look forward to using this tool around the house and in the orchard. Its as pleasant as it can get.
reliable and easy to start.
Does not seem to have the fuel mix labled on the machine.

Questions & Answers

Can you still purchase a shindaiwa t260 or a t270 if so what sight is the cheapest?
1 answer
I bought it from a retailer who had it advertised on Facebook. They are around 599$ I believe standard

Why does this Shindawa 260 whippersnipper constantly lose power? Every day it will happen a few minutes into every second job! Infuriating! Runs, but press throttle and it stutters. I thought it might be a fuel problem so I have been emptying the tank through a filter, refilling through the filter and it restarts. None of my other two stroke equipment has had any fuel problems though.
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Shindaiwa T260X
CategoryPetrol Whipper Snippers
Price (RRP)599
Power SourcePetrol
Handle TypeLoop Handle

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