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Simple Pure Soap

Simple Pure Soap

4.5 from 25 reviews

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Tallowate ingredient is animal fat from cows and sheep. I will never use.

Tallowate ingredient would never use a product from animal fats on my skin. Never bought the horrible soap but now my mother will not ever again either. Read the ingredients and research but I knew from the smell of a relative why they needed to stop buying it.

Purchased in January 2019 at The CPAP Clinic Physical store.

Value for Money

Used for 40 years

I have very sensitive skin and suffered acne as a lad. I found simple soap was the only soap that didn't agitate my skin. The good thing about this soap is that you can use it with a razor and lather it up with a shaving brush. You will need nothing else if you have this soap. I am 61 now and people cannot believe that's how old I am. I definitely put it down to using simple soap.

This is great for sensitive skin.

Have not been able to buy this product in a long time. Great to see it available at Chemist Warehouse once again. . A great soap for sensitve skin problems

Good price

I brought this soap from the Chemist Warehouse for $1.99 for 3 cakes.I haven't use it is before so I am hoping that it does my skin good because I have very sensitive skin

very good soap

We have been using this soap for a long time and it doesn't dry out my skin like some other soaps I just love it. and i would not change it.

Been using it for years

Great soap,
I have been using it as skin/body soap and instead of shampoo for years
Recently i bought it online at kogan.com at a pretty good price:
6 twinbars for $12 plus $9 delivery.

Simple soap

I love this soap. My skin reacts to most others. I have been unable to buy it at Woolworths for some time. Now even the pharmacies have stopped stocking it. Please bring it back.

Recommended by skin specialist. Am desperate to find something as good.

This soap changed my life.. Coming out of the shower I felt that my skin was completely cleansed of everything that causes irritation. Please advise if there is anything similar.

bring back simple soap

we my sisiter and i have not seen it in a while we use to buy it from the fragrance pop up shops but they are not stocking it .please big supermarkets bring it back for people like us who have sensitive skin.

Where is it???????

Now not available at Priceline, not even on line. Only in overpriced chain store chemists. Even then only in small quantities. It's needed for European skin in Tropical countries. Cleanses without drying the skin like parchment.

We need to bombard Woolies/Coles to get this back!!!

This is the ONLY soap that doesn't make my face break out! It was discontinued in Aus/NZ due to no longer being ordered by the big supermarkets. There are so many people like me who are desperately trying to source it. We need to bombard Woolworths and Coles with emails to get them to re-order from Unilever. Can't believe such a popular product has been discontinued . . . PEOPLE POWER!!! Use your voice to get it back!

Simple soap twin packs from uk supplier

I recently ran out of my stockpile i bought from chemist wharehouse last year when they had stock for a short time, i found a supplier in the uk and ordered 20 two packs, after a few days of using the UK supplied bars my skin is now reacting, the crazy itching all over has started. I was sceptical of the UK bars as they had a slight smell and have a different feel when used.
Clearly although the package says they have the same ingredients they DO NOT or the formula has been changed without changing the packaging.
If you buy online get a small amount you will know right away by the scent of the bar if it is the same as the old GOOD bars

Bring it back we need it, there is a difference between want and need!

I used to buy simple bar soap in most NZ supermarkets but no one including chemists sells it in NZ now. We went to Melbourne in Australia 3rd August 2016 and spent the first whole day on trains buses and trams going from shop to shop at the Chemist Warehouse branches searching for this soap and picked up 7 kilos of it, had to increase the airline allowance on weight to get it home but took every bar we could find. The staff gave us all the branches and how many were where, now there are only two bars left in NSW somewhere for the lucky last to can get them. I suggest we all email the Simple company in the UK and tell them to bring it back as we need it, this is not a want but an absolute need for our problems skins. My husband hates liquid soaps and refuses to use them. One man on the staff from the Chemist Warehouse has a skin problem and went to a skin specialist in Egypt I think he said and was told to use the bar soap called Gamophen, made by Johnson and Johnson. It is medicated antibacterial bar soap 100g and fights acne, this may help some of you out there but not for my skin issues. It was under $2. This is available in the Chemist Warehouse in Australia. I got home back to NZ yesterday and not sure if it is available in NZ I suspect not as it does not look familiar but I may be wrong, try a chemist.

Available at Chemist Warehouse

You can now buy Simple Soap at Chemist Warehouse at $1.99 for a pack of 2 bars and it's available online if that helps. My parents love it and won't use anything else

Here's hoping

I stocked up on a less expensive brand of non-irritating soap some time ago and I have now run out. I'm going back to Simple soap because it's not as expensive as it was. Here's hoping they haven't changed the formula in some way to make it less expensive. My review is based on the Simple soap I used about five years ago.

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Went to Chemist Warehouse and bought up on their special for Simple soap. Not a hundred per cent sure the manufacturer is using the old formula but my skin will let me know eventually.. Is purchasing it through Amazon the best Plan B? I can't find it anywhere else.

Why is it difficult to purchase

Simple bar soap has been recommended by dermatologists since my teams. It is the only soap that does not irritate my skin. I am over 60 and quite annoyed that it is so difficult to purchase.
I tried registering on the website but unable to do so.

As an update, I was able to order five twin packs of simple soap on line from Chemist Warehouse in NSW, Australia.I cannot find Simple bar soap on the shelves at Chemist Warehouse locally it has been 5 months since my last purchase. Has anyone else found it?

Simple Soap both hand pump and bar soap.

Will the fool who took it off the shelves in Australia please pull their head in and bring it back as you have made everyone with sensitive skin itch again. There is nothing that stops my hands or body itching except simple soap. I am sssooo over having hands, feet and armpits that split and bleed. Simple soap is the only product that stop this problem and it was a godsend. I am 58 years old and there is nothing that has ever helped my itchy splitting bleeding skin before. I beg you to bring it back and sell it instead of Sorbolene or any of the other so called dermatitis products or sensitive skin care product. Even the stuff on prescription from a doctor is not as good as Simple soap. Unilever just did not market it properly. Put it in doctors surgery's and advertise it properly and you will not be able to keep it on the shelves.

Simple Soap 125g Twin Pack for $2.99

Chemistwarehouse currently have
Simple Soap 125g Twin Pack for $2.99.

Is this the same as the original one?

I remember the Simple range when it came out in the UK. Very popular.

Simple says it all

Simple soap is the only product that suits my sensitive skin. I have tried so many other, so called 'simple' soaps, and nothing is as caring on my skin, with whole body itching returned in a big way! I am at a loss as to what to use! I travel a lot and have always carried several cakes of Simple soap with me. Nowadays, I have irritating rashes and itching! Please bring it back, with NO so called 'improvements'!

Being discontinued, very annoyed

Simple Pure Soap has disappeared from stores. Unilever helpfully says it hasn't sold and is being discontinued. Equally helpfully it referred me to its website to find a replacement. Seriously, is the 'Customer Engagement Centre Consultant,' his signature block, not across his company's soap range and therefore not able to advise on an equivalent. I am more than annoyed having used this for more than 20 years.

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Is the tallowate in simple soap of animal origin?
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Where can I buy simple soap. It is no longer available at my local supermarkets or chemists.
1 answer

My son has been using this product and it keeps his eczema at bay but he has recently moved fro the UK to Vancouver and cannot find it in any of the stores does anyone know where he can buy it?
1 answer
You can buy it on e bay. I also found some in Cheap as chips Australia so there would be outlets out there. Buy in bulk from ebay.


Simple Pure Soap
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