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United Global eSim

United Global eSim

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eSIM and SOS Alerts

I've been with United Networks for a little over a year, using primarily their SOS Alerts service (it's pretty awesome, I also recommend it). Last month I bought a "blue" eSIM package from them and used it over 3 weeks in the US & Canada. Honestly couldn't be happier with how it worked. I got a call from their service team before I left, just making sure that I got set up alright. They helped me test the service and walked me through enabling data roaming etc. I just bought another SOS subscription and will reuse the eSIM for my next travels. I think United has definitely improved their services recently (judging by their previous reviews haha).

Purchased in January 2018.

Zone(s) UsedBlue (North/South America)

Great SIM to have if you are travelling often

Bought the Red eSIM bundle for my trip to Europe. Spoke to Emma and she was very patient with helping me set it all up (I’m a bit of a technophobe...) To my surprise the process was really simple! The SIM worked smoothly in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Not sure why they got such horrible reviews before, I think they must have upped their game recently.

Purchased in March 2019 for $20.00.

Zone(s) UsedRed (Europe, Caribbean, S. America)

Exciting product

Contacted United asking for advice about a standard SIM bundle for my trip around Asia and was told that I had an eSIM compatible phone! I didn’t even know! Got everything set up in under 10 minutes and now I’m excited to try it out in June. I think it’s an exciting new product.

Purchased in April 2019 for $12.00.

works very well!

Received an email offering a complimentary eSIM upgrade. Bought some credit with it and the service was delivered within a matter of minutes. Very happy with this new product. Just gotta make sure you have a phone that's compatible with this new eSIM technology before purchasing.

Purchased in April 2019 for $50.00.

Try their eSIM!

I've been a customer for the past 2 years. Their Global SIM product works fine, did take some time to set up but it's affordable. The eSIM though is something else! On my most recent trip to Asia and Europe, I forgot the United physical SIM at home. I didn't want to buy a different SIM for every country so I contacted United to get one sent to me overseas.

When they found out I have an iPhone XS, they upgraded me by giving me 2 eSIM for free - I just had to purchase credit. I didn't even understand what an eSIM is at first, but once they walked me through the process I was mind-blown. Basically you get this email from United with a QR code, scan it on your phone, enter this 4 digit code and the mobile plan is added. I was honestly quite shocked! Apparently I need 2 different esims for Asia and Europe, but I can have both of them on my phone at the same time and switching between them literally takes 5 seconds. I'm still on my trip as we speak and so far it has been a breeze.

The only minus point is they don't currently have data packs for their eSIM like they do with their standard SIM. On the eSIM, you use pay as you go rates, but I was told data packs should be coming soon. A big thank you to Terence and Hame for helping me set up my eSIMs, you guys were a great help!

Purchased in March 2018 for $200.00.

Zone(s) UsedPurple (NZ, Asia, Australia) and Red (Europe, Caribbean, S. America)

Good value and smooth process getting esims

Had a physical sim with United Global for a while and worked fine. Just have to get used to making a call, it hangs up and immediately calls you back to connect your call. It’s fine.

They are now offer free esim. I got all 3 different zones’ esims free of charge, meaning that I can use it practically anywhere in the world. The beauty is that I don’t have to swap a physical SIM card, I just select which esim I want to use in my phone. It was easy to register and online chat was prompt and helpful for when I got stuck. They even gave me free credit on the esims to start the journey free, and they helped me pooled all the credit across the one physical sim and 3 esims I have, so credit is shared across the whole lot in my account.

Their iPhone app and online website are also quite easy to navigate and user friendly.

Purchased in April 2019.

Zone(s) UsedBlue (North/South America), Purple (NZ, Asia, Australia) and Red (Europe, Caribbean, S. America)

So far, so good.

I used an SIM from United Global last year throughout Europe. It worked fine. I now have two eSIMs in my new phone, one for USA and Switzerland and one for Europe. So far, so good. It was a bit tricky getting both to work properly, but I received the help I needed from real people.

Purchased in March 2019.

Zone(s) UsedBlue (North/South America) and Red (Europe, Caribbean, S. America)

Questions & Answers

can I use the sim in Russia
1 answer
Hi Yes you can use the SIM card in Russia and 190 other countries check out all supported countries at https://www.unitednetworks.net.au/en/global-sim-rates

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