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Smart Trike Explorer

Smart Trike Explorer

2.5 from 18 reviews

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Suits us well

We purchased to take bub back and forward to park and beach along roads both sealed and gravel. A little bumpy on gravel but all part of the fun ride for our little boy.
Easy to maneuver if front wheel locked properly to avoid bubs changing course.
Can steer off course if bub puts feet on wheel. This will be avoided once he is taller.
Does not reverse which means a larger turning circle than a pram.
Cover can blow up with wind but we have avoided by lowering below 90 degrees.
Good amount of storage across pockets and bags. Easily fits change of clothes, shoes, hats etc. High storage with zip helpful for valuables.
Easy to build. Doesnt fold but doubt we would if given the option.


It’s a life saver! My daughter hates her pram, and she enjoys this trike so much! although she has gotten abit bigger now , so she kicks her feed on the paddles ? it makes it a bit harder to manoeuvre when she does so, but other than that , it’s light weight and has a lot of storage!
My daughter started using it at 9months and she is 17 months now ;)

Simple, light, easy to transport

My 13-month-old grandson loves this! It is a great alternative to a stroller - but bear in mind that this is NOT a replacement for a stroller. You cannot use this when your child is tired as their head will loll to the side with no support if they fall asleep. It is a fun little thing to walk to the park, instead of the stroller. Reading previous reviews about the trike not steering correctly - I have not had this problem at all and wonder if the reviewers actually had the lock mechanism on Parental Control rather than child control. The sunshade pulls right down and stays anchored, but again, remember this is not a stroller, so if you are going out for a long walk in the sun this is not the vehicle to use - use a stroller. It is easy to fold and unfold, and extremely easy to carry, even for an old granny, as it is very light. The rear carrier is only small, designed deliberately this way I would imagine, to prevent you putting heavy things in there that would make the trike perform not as it should, and unbalance it or even tip it. It also has a cup holder for your morning smoothie, or to securely store bubs sip cup. It is not designed for long outings but as a jaunt to the park, around the block, in your yard, or to take to the shops when you haven't much to buy, and reviewers should remember this and not expect the trike to perform like a heavier stroller.

Most annoying product!! Waste of $$$

Purchased $129 smart trike groove, can’t use it. Constantly having to stop and adjust steering, impossible to steer straight. If baby grabs handle bar bike is dangerous just careers off or across road. Biggest waste of money on baby product and that’s saying something!! Wish I had read reviews before purchase, would have spent more money. You would think nearly $130 would be enough.

great for little ones

it's easy to steer, get around the shops easily with it. doesnt fold down to easily very frustrating as takes up a bit of room in the car. but other then that great my kids love em prams/strollers get boring for little ones, but with this they are very entertained at all times. great harness and shade cover. very sturdy and strong frame.

Save your money

Doesn't steer well. Hard to fold and the bike stage of it is useless. I would never waste my money on one of these again and I'd suggest other do the same. I bought full price and sold for $20 as the trike is useless. Don't bother. Just skip this and get a proper bike.

Ours is the newer model and works well

Purchased two for our twins from baby bunting and the results are very good, use them all the time over our pebble Crete driveway. Our girls love riding in them, sun shades are very sturdy on ours and nothing has broken. They steer well forward but not good at reversing

Can't even use it. Terrible product!

You'd think for the price you pay you'd get something you can at least use! The worst thing for me was the sun shade does NOT work - with the slightest bit of breeze it flips up exposing baby to the hot blazing sun. I'm sure it worked well in the factory though with no wind blowing. It's a serious design flaw! Other than that I really liked this bike but can't even use it now.

I personally found it easy to maneuver and had no problems there, and yes I think it was quite easy to unfold and pack away in the car. Quality is ok but could be better for what you pay (mine was $170)

Does what it should. Little one loves it. Don't be fooled by poor reviews, just be reallistic

Purchased this from target for my 14 month old. After reading reviews I was a little concerred as either a 1 star or 5 star. After using it I'm quite impressed. It appears many reviewers are just whingers and expect it to be a Rolls Royce rather than reviewing it for what it is.

Lets be honest It's not going to ever replace the stroller in terms of sturdiness and manoeuvrability at the $200 (pram/strolley at 500+). It doesn't have as much storage but hey it is a smart trike, a 5 in 1 multi aged trike. It does a good job of its intended purpose. My stroller doest have pedals but I don't complain about it a review as it's a stroller.

The little seems comfortable and enjoys holding onto the bars as if it's a bike and is even making a few calls on the inbuilt phone.

Due to its 5 in 1 nature it does compromise a little on design but I guess it needs to to cater for a growing child. Child's foot can bump the wheel, foot plates are a little awkward but at the end of the day easy enough to use. If you are wanting an engineering marvel this is probably not it, but at the price point works as intended. I would recommend this product for walks around the block, quick runs to the supermarket etc. If I want to go our on a hike or rugged terrain I wouldn't recommend, bUT funny that I don't see the Smart Trike recommending that either.

Happy triking

Unpractical piece of plastic

This is by far the worst thing we have ever purchased for our daughter- and unfortunatly this was a first birthday present. Every second walking with it is frustrating and unpleasant; the front wheel swivel on its own making it hard to stear, the suncover flaps up and down with the slightest breeze, it has even tipped over with my little girl in it; and did i mention how hard it is to steer with the front wheel locking all the time. I jus got home after another unpleasant walk and literally through it out the door. If i still had a receipt i would demand every cent back.

Great. Easy to use

When I first saw these I thought they were a bit of a silly novelty item but I picked one up on eBay cheap and it has been great. My 12 month old daughter always wants to go out when her older brother goes out scooting but she is very little (but can walk) and her legs were too short even for the baby ride ons. Got sick of bending over pushing her so found this second hand. Was disappointed initially as it seemed like you could only "lock" the front wheel straight and it would pop undone if she touched the steering wheel. It didn't come with any instructions but I looked up online and realised you have to push red button on the front wheel down and then spin the wheel 360 degrees to disable the steering. Since then it's been very easy to manoeuvre even with one hand (the only way I can describe it is it works similar to how the front wheel of a 3 wheel pram does. I have found it very responsive and simple to push. Very occasionally the front wheel goes at an awkward angle and I have to tip it back a little on the back wheels and give a little shake. My daughter loves it and it's been fantastic to take her out when she is a bit stir crazy from being inside. I haven't had any trouble with the canopy. We often walk to the shops with it and the bag is quite handy. The back wheels are quite wide so you can go over various terrain (footpath,grass,mulch) although you do feel the bumps. I used to find it a bit uncomfortable after long walks as you feel the vibrations through the parent handle but I discovered if you hold it in the middle it isn't as bad. All up we have been very pleased.

Love it

I find this trike amazing !!!
I haven't had any difficulty with steering or with the front wheel. We Love this trike and so does my son !! also very easy to assemble and great quality. I love how much storage it offers too. Would highly recommend to other families.

Could not possibly hate this thing more then I do

Where to even start with this overpriced piece of junk. The sunshade cannot be locked into place so the wind just pushes the sunshade up rendering it usless. The front wheel has a mind of it's own and is quite dangerous, almost resulting in toppling the trike on one occasion. The handle is flimsy and cannot be secured properly. The hubcaps occasionly come loose despite being fitted correctly. Honestly could go on for hours about how disappointing this thing is. Great idea, but in this case very poorly designed and executed. Anyone considering purchasing this trike I strongly urge you to reconsider.

Awful - impossible to steer

The front wheel careens around wildy - tipping the trike and making it impossible to steer. My 12 month old son can reach the front wheel and if his foot barely touches it that also sends you careening off the path. You can't locate the brake with the bag attached. I am so so disappointed in this trike. Its almost unusable and the biggest waste of $200.

Complete waste of money. Do not buy!!!

This trike is virtually impossible to steer in a straight line. The handle is made from cheap plastic and feels very loose so steering is difficult. The front wheel has a mind of it's own. The sun shade keeps coming unattached. The brake is hard to locate when bag is in place. Extremely dissatisfied with this trike.

what a waste of money

Absolutely terrible. The canopy does not lock into place and pops out of place in the wind. My son can easily reach the front wheel at 12 months and can push the trike in either direction by pressing down. The tiny plastic lever that changes the front wheel from independent to child controlled also malfunctions all the time. The handle has so much movement in it that it doesn't feel secure at all. You cannot see the brake with the bag on the back of the trike.

Terrible Trike- Not worth $250

Purchased for my daughters 1st bday & we are EXTREMELY disappointed! The trike is very difficult to steer, the front wheel has a mind of its own and if going over bumps the wheel decides to lock itself. Sun shade is useless and always becomes unclicked. The overall product is tacky plastic. Most def not worth $250.


I've had 3 of these for my 10mth old first 1 the wheel kept falling off wouldn't lock in 2nd one missing wheel guard at front 3rd one kept pulling and jerking to the right I have a replacement 4th one but unsure if its safe enough not worth the RRP of $249 would never by again

Questions & Answers

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to LOCK the steering mechanism? I am having a very difficult time trying to do this.
No answers

Help!! I just purchased this but the front wheel just spins when moving forward in stroller mode and then when it does stop sometimes it's facing crosswise so it's impossible to move the trike forwards. How do I stop this from happening? I've even tried taking it apart & putting it back together. I thought I just upgraded, as I had the model with the flat canopy but that blew up in the wind all the time, BUT the steering was amazing!! And there was something attached to the wheel from the parent handlebars that actually turned the wheels. While it didn't have a huge turning circle, you quickly learnt to get around that. This one as it is at the moment is impossible to steer... feeling like I've made a huge mistake!!
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Hi, I had the same experience with that model. So I contact smartike costumer service and they explained me that they had a specific problem with that model. Contact them at their web site. They are great. They will find a solution for you, I'm sure.


Smart Trike Explorer
Price (RRP) $249.00
Seating Type Single
Convertible No
Suitable Age0+ months
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible No
Capsule CompatibleNo
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight8.43 kg
Folded Dimensions66 x 22.3 x 44.1 cm

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