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Smeg DWAU6214X

Smeg DWAU6214X

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Washes well, but could be better!

Smeg dishwasher was included in Metricon package. Overall does a very good clean. I agree that i needs a short 45 minute wash. The way i get around this is start on ECO mode, for 28 minutes (using timer), then pause, and switch to soak setting (used as a rinse). Works well, saves power and a great clean.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Disappointing machine for the price!

Just moved into our new Metricon house and started using the dishwasher. Very disappointed with this “luxury” upgrade Smeg machine. 2hrs for the shortest setting is a joke as others have posted. The other extremely disappointing discovery was that this model does not come with a cutlery drawer. The cutlery basket is absolutely useless for a family with small spoons etc falling inside the basket. Feel like we have no recourse as it was part of a new build house rather than something we could return to a store.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Dishes end wet.

Just moved back into our newly renovated home. We chose all Smeg appliances as they have good reviews, however, we are very dissatisfied with this dishwasher. As previous comments, it doesn’t dry dishes. There is still water left in the spray arms so when pulling top rack out bottom dishes get fully wet again. Quickest setting is too long. In terms of noise, it is a very quiet one. Having said that my old 5 year old Bosch used to leave everything dried. Plastic cups may have some drops but not as wet as in this dishwasher. Quite disappointing considering its cost.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Dear SenoraS, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and telephone contact details. If you are using tablets can you please check that there is rinse aid in the appliance as this will assist with the drying of plates etc. Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

Why did I do it!

So disappointing. I brought this machine on a recommendation of the SMEG brand - should not have listened. Detergent tablet does not dissolve. Does not dry off anything that is in it cycle finishes on dashboard and you open it and - dripping wet. Half the plates and utensils still got muck on them. I think it is a lemon. Yes we did read and follow all instructions in booklet. Brand new machine- waste of money! Was excited about a SMEG won’t go near this brand again:(

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Dear Patches, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and contact details. Once I have this information I will be in a position to arrange a service call to ascertain what to do to fix these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

Hate it, hard to fit large plates in bottom shelf and no quick wash function

We got this with our new home built by Masterton in the Yes Package. Since the beginning after reading the book/manual I didn't like it.
Cleaning wise it is not to bad, it gets the job done.
-You cannot fit large dinner plates on the bottom (main) shelf. You have to place these only to the back left area or the plates will always hit the above spinner/cleaner
-NO quick clean setting apart from rinse. You would only want to rinse your plates. Complete waste of a function. The quickest is over 100 minutes. I had a Samsung in my previous home (that I chose myself and got installed) and it had a 28 minute clean function that was fantastic. The only thing it didn't do was dry everything properly due to the short time. With this SMEG one there is no way to clean anything quick if you have a busy day or function at your home. This was a deal breaker for me straight away

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Dear Jason, Thank you for your feedback regarding your dishwasher. Please note that the top basket is height adjustable in three positions. If you raise it to the uppermost level, you can accommodate dinner plates with a diameter of 30 cm. Regards Smeg

Lowest time setting about 2hr, already within one year gross mechanical fault

We get it from Clarendon home , from begaining not happy, echo setting takes which is the lowest takes about 2 hrs , other normal echo setting not washing at all which is very annoying .. Lot of westage of water and electricity and not drying well
Last wk door was not closing , SMEG technician came fixed the door , my concern about the manufacturing quality too.
Contacted with company , they told we have upgrade if you like short cycle one, we have to pay extra money
This is a vey disappointing that this mechine has no short cycle .
We choose top company SMEG but looks like westage of money ,

Date PurchasedAug 2016
Dear Hasan Sarwar I am the National Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address, telephone contact details , Once I have this information I will be in a position to ascertain what to do to fix the problem. Regards, Steve CullenAfter contacting with SMEG through here, they have fixed my problem within 2 weeks. They replaced our dishwasher free of cost. Their aftersales service is excellent. Well done SMEG! Hasan Sarwar


Moved into our brand new Clarendon Homes build with SMEG appliances 10 days ago and the dishwasher has not worked properly once! We have tried every cycle, every trouble shoot, yes it has rinse aid but dishes do not dry, the liquid compartment never opens, the water never heats it's always cold when it's finished and we have repeated flashing lights which according to the booklet is an error with the machine and heating. Emailed them for a service technician and no response. Rung them for help but no helpline in the weekends. I will be asking for our builder to remove it and replace with Fisher and Paykel.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Dear Renee, I am the National l Service Manager for Smeg and I would like to assist with this problem, could you please email me direct at steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your address and telephone contact details. Once I have this information I will arrange for one of our field staff to carry out a visit to ascertain what needs to be done to fix these problems. Regards, Steve Cullen

Dishwasher is a lemon

Just moved into my new sekesui home and just started to use my dishwasher it doesn't work. Called out for service and worked one wash. Was so excited to keep using my dishwasher the next day it's not working again. So disappointed. Have to call again smeg head office to get my money back. Not a happy customer for something I paid brand new that doesn't work.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
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Hi Teresa, could you please email our National Service Manager, steve.cullen@smeg.com.au with your contact details, address and the problems you are experiencing with your appliance. Once he has this information, he can ascertain how to best rectify the problem. Regards Smeg

Very good

After using it for 6 months its been Good both on water and energy and I've been very pleased with the results.
I wish I waited for the new models as they had an auto door open at the end of the cycle which makes for better drying.
Also the new ones have a 27 min cycle but all in all I'm happy with it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Recommended at Harvey Norman but going back

This Smeg dishwasher was recommend to us at Harvey Norman but it is going back.
Dishes are not drying even on the longest wash cycle using rinse aid and Quantum finish tablets.
The draws are terrible and the middle draw is useless, cups and mugs do not fit. The draws have no adjustment besides height ( middle draw only ) no racks lay down for pots etc.
Our cheap Haier dishwasher washed as good, dishes dried and the racks make these Smeg ones look pathetic.
Very poor for an expensive machine.
The door would not even lock first up but eventually did for some reason but i bet that is going to be a future problem.
Looking at other reviews it seems like not drying is a common problem . I will admit it washes ok and is quiet.
Not Happy

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Worst dishwasher we have ever used

We were supplied this dishwasher as part of our new Metricon home. It's the only thing we don't like about our new house! It doesn't open and close properly, the buttons/cycles are not intuitive at all and instruction manual is useless. The ECO function goes for more than an hour and the dishes do not dry no matter what. Nothing stands up/fits in the top rack and our standard size dinner plates block the rotating sprayer when on the bottom rack! Can't put wine glasses or large glasses in the top rack or the rack won't close. I'd prefer the budget brand that we had in our previous rental! Have also been disappointed with our 'top of the range' Smeg oven but that's another story....so much for 'luxury' items. No thanks Smeg

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
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Hi amy_treacey, Thank you for your feedback regarding your Smeg dishwasher. If you are experiencing difficultly opening and closing the dishwasher this may be an installation issue as this should not be the case. As per the manual the ECO wash cycle is around 100 minutes. If you experiencing issues with drying, we recommend the use of rinse aid. The top basket is height adjustable in 3 different levels. If you tilt the top basket the spray arm feed won't engage at the back of the dishwasher. I hope this helps you achieving the results you're after. Regards Smeg

It doesnt dry things properly

It is not as good s our previous dishwasher, I don't like the cutlery basket, and it doesn't dry all the dishes properly, fair enough though it cleans everything each time, from heavy soiled dishes to 2-3 day old cereal bowls from the kids. Even cleans the glass wear, just not drying ..

Date PurchasedSep 2016
HI Rob O, Thank you for your feedback on the dishwasher. In order to achieve optimum drying results, we recommend the use of rinse aid. Also if you have your manual, check the program table and select a program with a 70 degree final rinse. Plastic items are challenging to dry as they don't retain heat and therefore the water doesn't evaporate off them. Regards Smegthanks for your feed back, I currently use rinse aid, and i always wash on the hottest setting. currently using finish tablets.... will double check the manual and try again. thanks

Questions & Answers

We just moved in to our new Clarendon house, the SMEG dishwasher doesnt work (DWAU6214X). The power light comes on but none of the functions work. Ive tried everything on this thread and nothing works. Power is on, rinse aid is in (it takes 140ml even though it comes with a 70ml sachet), hose is connected.... fresh out of ideas.
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The buttons must be pressed for a bit for functions to work. Put the liquid rinse aid in the placement inside dishwasher and turn off the rinse aid function on the panel. If dishwasher doesn’t turn on contact builder. They should have proof of purchase that you can use to contact Smeg for them to come and inspect.Thanks, we tried all that. None of the buttons respond other than power on/offHi Laura Ella, Please ensure the dishwasher is leveled correctly, otherwise this affect the door locking properly and therefore the machine won't start. Either contact builder to have the machine leveled or our Service Department on 02 8667 4833. Regards, Smeg Tech Support.

Dishwasher is almost 2 yrs old now and we are starting to see issues. We clean everything monthly and recently the LED panel in the middle no longer lights up when we start it. We can start any cycle however as soon as it comes to the part where the tab needs to be released the dishwasher beeps twice and the cycle stops. Water has started pooling at the bottom and the tap dispenser is still closer. Called the customer service and they tried to reset over the phone, which didn't help and now we need to wait 4! weeks to get someone to service it which is frankly quite ridiculous. Anyone here who had the same issue and can help so we do not have to call anyone in?
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Alexandra, e mail this person: steve.cullen@smeg.com.au He was on to it straight away. If you write a comment (negative) on product review page someone will contact you, as that is what happened to us. We didn’t go through customer care waste of time. We are still not happy with the dishwasher even though they came out and “fixed” it. Doesn’t wash properly especially peanut butter!!! Good luck!

I moved into my new home with DWAI6214X built in for around 1 month. The dish washer failed to start today. I cannot choose the program cycle when I turn it on. I fixed it by adjusting the plates in the morning. However, it failed again in the evening and I can never make it work. Please help fix it by advising the solution or sending a technician. Thanks.
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steve.cullen@smeg.com.au Email the gentleman above. He helped us immediately by answering my complaint immediately. Tell him what is going on with your smeg. Ours works now but I find the basket for cutlery too small and we had to remove the cutlery drawer at the top as if we didn’t the wine glasses wouldn’t fit in. It is a small space for utensils and even on the heaviest wash won’t clean off peanut butter!!


FeaturesChild Lock, Eco Mode/Wash and Height-Adjustable Upper Rack
Water Rating5 star(s)
Energy Rating3.5 star(s)
Control Panel Position Front
Maximum Noise Level49 db
Number of Programs5
Number of Place Settings 14
Colour / Finish Stainless Steel
Dimensions 818 x 598 x 570 mm
Height Adjustment 70 mm
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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