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Soga Stainless Steel Electric

Soga Stainless Steel Electric

6L and 12L
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Pretty much an overpriced cheap cooker

I bought the 6L version off ebay recently. The first problem I had was the inner pot arrived scratched.
The inner pot is aluminium and has a non stick coating. Even though the ad said "PFOA free coating" the seller could not tell me either way whether it had PFOA or not. To me it looked like standard "Teflon" coating. I have several ceramic and stone coat non stick pans and this DEFINITELY isnt ceramic coated....

The inner pot did not fit well inside the unit and it was rubbing against the "hammer tone finish interior of the unit. Additionally the inner pot sticks to the lid sometimes!

Not impressed with the lack of this thing's ability to sear before cooking....

Being disappointed I returned it.

So in summary, the outer build quality is OK but the inside is rubbish like other cheap units with non stick thin gauge aluminium pot....

I have since moved to a Heller 6L for a similar price which has a STAINLESS STEEL inner pot.
Mucho better!

I love this pot!

Was gifted this beauty several months back and pressure cooker option is perfect but because instructions are so badly written I am not able to understand how to use the slow cooker option. Can an help?! id so please email me. I really need to start using it properly as I work full time!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Lid and instructions problems, otherwise great.

Lid and instructions problems, otherwise great.
Two problems but otherwise excellent.
(1) the instruction booklet is incomprehensible. Double up of some information and other information missing. Use of English is so poor as to be dangerous.

(2) It is very hard to close the lid. You need to push down very hard, and I do mean very, and slide the lid around at the same time. My husband and I both find it is a two person job and he's very strong. I have resorted to putting it on the floor and standing on the lid to push it down and then trying to turn it on before it comes back up. This is a highly amusing process for anyone watching.

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Construction Material Stainless SteelStainless Steel
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