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Solo Backpack Sprayer

Solo Backpack Sprayer

SU425, SU425D and SU475
3.1 from 15 reviews

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Excellent - has changed my attitude to spraying

Comfortable backpack - well balance and easy to pump. The spray head is great and covers a big swathe. I can now weed spray our 250 metre long gravel driveway with ease. Very simple straightforward design - easy to fill - simple filter, stands up by itself when filling tank. Can't fault it for the price.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Cheap. Had no problems with it.

I don't get it. I have read other reviews and I see people complaining about it being expensive. It cost me $50- from Roberts, who aren't exactly a discount retailer. It doesn't seem expensive to me? Anyhow I haven't had any serious issues with it and I certainly can't claim to have treated it well. Only rinsed out the system a couple of times, when I was changing poisons.

The spray wand is a bit awkward, sometimes jamming on and lately the on lever is not springing back automatically. Bit annoying. But like I say, it was not expensive so what would you expect, for a plastic spray wand.

As other people have noted, the shoulder straps come detach too readily, but perhaps that could be a plus in an emergency, so its no big deal. At least they don't detach once they are on your shoulder with the weight of the backpack holding them in place.

Overall, not bad at all, for the money.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Base of tank join.

Have a carpet cleaning business and have used these sprayers for a couple of years. just recently have had 3 split on the bottom along the join, the last one lasted two weeks before coming apart. now they won't replace under warranty. It's only a mild detergent for pre spraying.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Good unit works as intended. I am happy but.......

I have used my 475 on a farm with a range of chemicals. If Solo spends another $1-00 during manufacturing, I would have given it an excellent rating.

As someone else mentioned, I have also had the plastic hose clamp work loose causing the hose to come off. If this was a metal clamp I doubt it would happen, but if a metal one was used and over tightened it could cause the tank fitting to fail.

The second issue is the hose needs to be about 30cm longer.

I would buy another one tomorrow and modify it with my lessons learnt.

Date PurchasedJan 2000

4 No BS Reviews!

No BS Review:
Solo 425 model with the DOP purchase 27/04/2017.
The pump is good.
The air valve in the lid works well.
The carry handle is an improvement.

The negatives:
Hose is awkward.
Pump handle flops to inappropriate positions.
On falling forward the pump handle at 110 angle may impact the chest to the user.
Shoulder straps don't remain on shoulders.

Should www.solo-germany.com wish to learn how to make the improvements contact me for details?
1 example:
Before assembly procedure to the hose, submerge into warm to hot water to touch for 3 minutes.Assemble as per instructions.Shoulder Solo sprayer with 2 L of clean cold tap water & begin normal simulated spraying action.Allowing hose to form its working memory.

Should you have a product for an authenticity review, get in contact:


4 No BS Reviews!

Date PurchasedApr 2017

mixed feelings

I like the concept of having a backpack but I don't like the plastic type of spray nozzles... I will try to buy a brass one. I don't like the clip on the bottom of the strap that clips onto the bar. This often comes off. Why isn't it fixed and user can adjust the length. I like the 15 litre capacity.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

I would not buy another one.

1. The wand is short and not adjustable so if you are tall it will make your back ache.
2. The handpiece failed after about 6 months.
3. After about 2 years of casual use the pump failed so I went to order the parts to repair it and thought I would also order a longer wand. Turns out he parts are very expensive and I was better off buying a different brand unit which is much more comfortable. So the Solo is in the landfill.....

Date PurchasedNov 2014

A great tool - could only be replaced by another Solo!

My old Solo sprayer died this morning when the frame broke up underneath the tank. I am a viticulturist and I checked the purchase date: It was in 1981! Sounds fair: 34 years. This is one of two Solo knapsack sprayers I have been using, along with a Solo airblast sprayer, which is 15 years old and starts first pull - still!

Only had the thing 8 years!

I can't believe all the negativity. I work with mine day in and day out. My best purchase ever, never lets me down. Like all bits of kit, it needs parts replacing. That is a given! I love my knapsack sprayer, wish my mowers would last as long. I'm a professional gardener. Have been doing this for 15 years. I know what I'm talking about!

waste of money

Within the first 2 weeks the unit failed to pump and hold pressure. The metal (spring looking) o ring in the piston assembly failed and after going to the online instruction manual I have to purchase another one. In addition the Viton collar on the piston is warped. When I tried to disassemble according to instructions another o ring needs replacing and I was unable to remove the pump assembly as advised. The manual also advises to grease the piston. The piston was bone dry after approx. 2 hours of operation from new so it obviously had none on it from the factory.
Better off buying cheap one till it wears out and keep doing that....

475 Excellent

I have worked in natural resource management for many years and have used various knapsacks including Birchmeier, Chapin, Kinchrome etc. In my opinion, Solo 475 is by far the most reliable and comfortable knapsack sprayer. We have multiple units at our workplace and they continue to perform well after 100's of hours use, with very little maintenance other than cleaning the filter in tip. Have replaced a broken handle, that's about it. Cheap knapsacks aren't worthwhile, you'll end up covered in herbicide and the unit will be in the bin before too long. I haven't used the Solo domestic units (425D), so can't comment on their quality.

Not very good

I have no experience with backpack sprayers, so I purchased one that I thought would be pretty decent - especially given the high price. I think this was a mistake and the product is overpriced for it's build quality and features.

My first disappointment was that once assembled it is much larger than the size of the packaging would suggest, due to the handle that sticks out straight and cannot be folded upwards or anything. You would have to disassemble it for storage. Where am I supposed to put this thing now?

Secondly the straps are very dodgy. They do not securely connect to the sprayer but are merely hooked on to the rod at the back, and there is nothing to prevent these hooks from sliding right off the side of the rod, so the sprayer can easily unclip itself when it's on your back, and especially unclips itself when you're trying to put it on your back.

That isn't the only problem with the design of the strap. The other problem is that because you're pumping with one hand, the movement causes the strap to fall of your shoulder, meaning you constantly keep having to 'throw' the backpack sprayer back into place using your back and shoulder.

The nozzle that came with it only does a fan shaped mist, and doesn't spray out very far. My handheld pump sprayer's stream can 'reach' much further to get inaccessible weeds and the foliage of taller plants. The nozzle on my hand held sprayer could be adjusted to change from mist to stream, whereas adjusting the nozzle on the Solo 425D simply loosens it and makes it leak.

The 425D doesn't hold much pressure, I can only spray for a few seconds before the spray gets weak and needs to be pumped again. You have to either stop and repump or continually pump the handle to get on with the job. This was not the case with the handheld sprayer I had previously used which only need to be pumped occasionally and would retain the pressure for a reasonable time.

I was also led to believe that the pressure was adjustable with this model, but it is not.

My final beef with this thing, and this is perhaps a little silly, is that there is no way to tell how much liquid is left in the sprayer when you're using it, because it is behind you. Knowing how much is left would help me make decisions about my distribution of the spray as I go along, or perhaps to refill earlier at a more convenient time to stop.
Holds 15L
Expensive, difficult to store, handle doesn't fold away, straps unclip themselves, straps fall of shoulder, inadequate pressure, constant pumping required, non-adjustable pressure, fixed nozzle pattern, no steady stream option for nozzle, impossible to know how much liquid is left


I haven't used it much as first of all I found it hard to fit in the car as the handle only sat horizontally, not vertically. I then got on-site storage, and the second time I used it, I felt it dripping down the back of my legs before I put any pressure in it. So I went back to my old $30 backpack spray which I had had for 4 or 5 years.
Nothing much
Expensive, leaked on second use, handle position.

Did you clean it out with water after use? Most liquid concentrates you are likely to spray are destructive to spray packs.After investigation, it was found that excess plastic in the lid screww was allowing it to leak. The excess was trimmed off and it is working properly now.

good quality commercial backpack 475

used the backpack a couple of times a week for the past 2 1/2 years, as an gardening contractor, and have had no trouble, previously had much cheaper hills backpack sprayer, that only lasted a year,
mine was the diaphragm solo 475 model, which i was recommended by the dealer !! I was given an old battered piston model by a gardening contractor friend, and found that to be reliable too,
very reliable, quite comfortable, alters for left or right hand
mine was quite expensive,

Mine is 9 months old and the Viton seal is loose and will not stay with the piston, not the quality I expected gin gin qldWhat model?mine is still in good condition, i have roundup in all the time, mine is the diaphragm solo 475 model,

Very poorly made

I wanted a good back pack sprayer so I thought I would go with the best and get the German made Solo knapsack sprayer.
They have two models which is the commercial one and the domestic one, so I have bought the commercial one, and it has been a big disappointment at best, for one I don't believe it is made in Germany, they have got German engineered but no mention of where it is made, and going by the build quality I would suggest it is being made with cheap labor, which is OK but the price should represent that as well.
My first problem was the hose fell off with the second use due to the clamp failing, and all 15L Grazon leaked out all over my back, I took it back and we fixed it with a hose clamp, the next thing is the straps, they are padded in the wrong area, where it goes over your shoulder they don't have padding and it digs in, the next thing is the seal at the top, it also leaks, so you get a lot of chemical on your back, I have only owned this for a month, so the chances of it lasting a few years are very low.
My suggestion is save the extra dollars and buy one that are happy to write Made in China on them but don't charge the extra money for it.

Poorly made, leaks, straps are weak and padded wrong

My package says "Made in USA".Which in my opinion means - Chinese quality (or less) - US priceMine is 7 years old and still works OK. Says it is Made in Germany. 475 or equivalent older model. If your statement is correct you can get a refund or replacement under consumer law.

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