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Sony X8500E Series

Excellent picture quality

I bought this product from ebay sony store. The picture and build quality is excellent. Easy to use its in built Chromecast and connects very easily. Sound quality is also good compared to other televisions in that range

A good Sony TV

I bought this TV after my Samsung died just right after 4 years of my warranty is up (no unable to claim). Very happy with this TV as it is a much improved version of my previous TV. Use it daily to watch TV and youtube on wifi service. It is also able to get my google home to connect to it. There are many HDMI ports for use but I only get to use one as the rest are on wifi connection.

The TV interface is also easy to use but it feels tougher than my last TV and I have no regret for it

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Please take all "smartness" out of this TV!

I bought the TV because it had the two main features important to me: great picture and chromecast.

But it had another feature: Smart TV. So far, I have never seen a satisfactory Smart TV and this Sony is no exception.

Smart TV's are really quite dumb: they typically provide an Android OS that theoretically allows you to do what your Android phone allows you to do. Problem is, the TV doesn't have any useful input devices like touch pad, mouse or keyboard. While Sony has added a microphone to the remote control, it doesn't work with Netflix, Youtube or Opera. I'm baffled how this made it past the testers.

You quickly recognise how ridiculously stupid these interfaces are when you see silly buttons like Netflix or Google on your remote: if the OS was easy enough to use I could click a button that activates the Android screen and there I could do what I can do on my phone.

Truth is, I ignored the Smart capability because I was only interested in chrome cast which allows me stream my Android device to the screen. But the built in chromecast is kind of linked with the TV's "smartness".

Take Netflix, for example. When I want to watch Netflix, I start Netflix on my mobile and then press the cast button and select the TV. Instead of starting the show, the TV asks me to sign into Netflix. This clearly shows that the TV's "smartness" has taken over. More often than not, I get a message that Netflix couldn't contact the chromecast device and googling the error tells me to turn off/on chromecast device - but there is nothing that seems to do that on the TV.

Youtube does something strange too. I can always cast to the TV but when I turn off the TV picture, it stops playing. Again, this tells me that somewhere along the lines the TV's "smartness" gets in the way.

I can use Google Home and cast my mobile devices video and audio signal to the TV to bypass some of these issues, but it impacts picture quality and if I forget to turn off casting, it sometimes means Google Home doesn't see the TV listed as a device to cast to.

None of this behaviour exists if I use an external chromecast device connected to the TV.

Apart from all that, the built in user interface is less than intuitive. Often things don't seem to work. There are many inconsistencies and outright bad designs. A classic example is the Action Menu which has a sub menu called Watch TV and there is see (amongst others) the 4 options: red, blue, green and yellow non of which seems to do anything.

I could go on documenting the pathetic UI features, but instead I make a simple suggestion: why not include a remote with a touch screen and just one button: on/off? Then I see on the remote what I see on the screen? Now doesn't that lead you to the inevitable conclusion that most users already have a mobile device so why not provide a bluetooth app that allows you to control your TV with your mobile phone?

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Faulty - six months old

Tv became unresponsive to the remote. Tv freezes. Changed batteries and ensured software up to date.
Rang Sony support and tried several fixes. Turning tv off, pressing all buttons on remote twice, factory reset and manual factory reset. Was told It could be caused by power outage?? Seems more like a Sony product fault or issue.
Tv basically useless. Can not use it with the remote. Does not function as specified. Awaiting Sony’s response to resolve. Not acceptable for an expensive tv for it to be unusable afyer only 6 months.

Date PurchasedJan 2018


This is an excellent tv. Couldnt have bought a better product. Brilliant, crisp, clear image. Couldnt live without. Though its a big tv its a very thin make so its not bulky in a smaller set lounge room. Wouldnt hesitate to buy this tv again. Will buy another sony tv.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great quality screen but poor user interface, and remote.

I bought this TV to use mainly with a portable hard drive via the USB, and its not the TV for that.
You cannot delete files off the USB, as I could with another model (maybe Panasonic, but not 100%).
I have to keep swapping the hard drive around to different USB ports as it does not always read from the same drive. Often I will have to try all 3 USB ports before one will work.

Sometimes some of the files will show up, and other times all of the files.
Its really annoying me and I have only owned it 2-3 weeks.
Also it will not always resume if you quit a movie etc, halfway through and return later.
Sometimes it will, and sometimes it wont.

I have updated the TV and nothing has changed.

The remote is terrible in that you have to point it very accurately at a small area at the bottom of the TV. If you were to aim at a corner say, it would not work at all.

The quality of the picture is very very good but its sadly lacking in other areas.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Very good product

After having LG and Samsung finally bought a Sony and this 55 inch TV has amazing picture quality and price was best value for such a big TV. I wouldn’t waist money on the massive promotion that LG and Samsung do even though they are good also. But Sony is in underrated brand that you won’t be disappointed once you have it. Thanks Sony I’m converted.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Simply love this TV!

We've been researching this TV and others similar for over a year and with NBN on the way in a few weeks we decided it was time to upgrade our 7 year old 55" LG TV.

The picture quality is amazing, sharp and clear! The other requirement of our purchase was that the smart TV should run Android TV. We've been a heavy user of the Nexus Player (which still does a fantastic job) -- so it made sense we continue using the same OS and apps! The Android OS runs really well and easy to navigate.

You can plug in an external HDD and record your favourite TV programs, or simply use the catch-up TV apps or Freeview! To our surprise, there was more catch-up TV apps available on this Smart TV than on the Nexus Player!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

I love my new TV!

So I actually purchased another TV and went to pick it up. On pick up I realised that this TV had gone down in price so felt it was worth swapping and I'm so glad I did. The picture colours are set up perfectly without adjustment. I have been able to put my hard drive in directly and it play all formats. If I had any complaints I would say the set up of the videos app could be better with filter and listing settings. I have used it to play my music on Spotify loudly and this has now replaced my bluetooth speaker! It seems very responsive to opening and closing apps and I love how I can just cast my Samsung phone in seconds and control the TV from my phone. It's great for convenience! Would recommend!

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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So a 2 month update. TV has become slow to turn on and function. It stopped recognising my hard drive as a recording device and had to reset and start again. It took 3 restarts and a complete wipe until I could use again. Still think the picture quality and sound are great but in typical used computer fashion it has now become an annoying slow old laptop and after just 2 months this is highly annoying and unexpected.

Great TV, Awesome picture

I did a lot of research on the current range of UHD tv's before purchasing this tv from the Good Guys for $1995. For most users this tv ticks all the boxes. Great colour & clarity, easy to use menu system. We mainly use Foxtel & Netflix, and have a NBN connection, setup was quite easy. Inbuilt speakers are ok, a sound bar would be better, but that goes for most Tv's these days. All in all for the average viewer a great TV.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Worst tv ever

This tv is great for picture, and that is all, only had it for 5 months motherboard has gone twice. Deletes apps resets it self every week. The chanel that you are using keeps flashing on screen. If watching tv or bluray. Screen goes black for up to a minute then comes back on and can continue to watch. Sensor wont pick up the remote most of the time. Occasionally we have to turn off at power point as the only way to turn it off. Absolute crap tv dont recommend at all

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Amazing 4k quality

Really clear 4k and inbuilt speaker is not bad. Got it for $2800 from HN Erina on Black Friday sale.. Happy purchase and wise choice. Wish it had direct Youtube on remote. Huge Screen and looks great quality. Better to watch it on certain distance as it is really BIG !!!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Not so smart

Had this TV for six months and I regret buying it is very slow, the available apps aren't good, simple things like a decent slideshow aren't available it was better to convert photos to an mp4 on my tablet then play it on the TV. Before this I used a media player and apple tv and it was better and easier except for multiple remotes. Recording a tv program means you cant watch another channel for $1,800 you think they could add a second tuner. Many more issues too many to list

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Picture/Colour/OS, Perfect!

Picture quality on this TV is great, colours come through really well. I chose this tv base on the operating system on it, it was easy to use with alot of options and has a built in chrome cast. Now that I have had time to play with it, its exceeding my expectations as its just so easy to switch between all the online streaming options. Sound could be a little better, but that's normal on all tv's these days.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Superb Picture Love It

We got this in January and I am still amazed by the picture quality every time I turn it on. Sony 4K is just so good, even when you get your face right up close it has a beautiful picture.
This has made me a bit of a homebody recently because its just the best for netflix sessions or streaming movies. The original speaker were good but not amazing so we have now got it set up like a mini home theatre going through our stereo. Its just amazing!
It looks really nice in the lounge room and is very thin and stylish. Sony definitely produces a quality product.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great tv!

We love that this is an android tv with access to the play store! This gives us many viewing options as well as gaming. It is easy to use and looks great. I like that you can run the cords down the back of the stand so you can't see them. My only issue is the back of the remote comes off too easy, if it falls off the couch it comes off. However you can use the Sony remote app on your phone which is really handy!

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Picture good, HDR windows is spotty, WIFI is limited to 10mbps even though I have nbn 50 and 5G wifi

the title explains everything, the operating system is slow, android tv is not very good, but I got it for $1000 on discount so in that price range is pretty solid. If you bought full retail price, oh dear, that would not be a good idea.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Also it does not support dolby vision

Great colour and resolution from mediocre sources

We didn't do a lot of research but plowed into the Sony brand again after many years of contented use of a 200hz bravia 48" model. We were pleasantly surprised because wow factor on 4K pictures in the store don't reflect much of the use our box gets, with mainly blue rays and 720 & 1080p file sources from usb and/or pc HDMI inputs. The picture is nevertheless stunning and we have never had to touch a setting on it to just get great, super viewable picture from any of our diverse sources. The native sound is also acceptable, but of course external feeds to dedicated sound devices is always going to win, and that's what we do, pumping out to an amp & speakers. The android menus are good for navigating external source points, and the only criticism is that as an android device, Sony goes the big brother route as usual and tries to rather heavily limit the kinds of programs you can put on the thing. Anybody know how to root this baby?

One final point is that the TV is extremely thin and we are looking forward to soon mounting it on the wall to make our whole entertainment wall more austere, and I'm sure it will look great due to this feature.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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One year later and still going strong. Using the android all the time to access remote USB HDD content, after installing VLC. Youtube is acceptable to us, of course a little cumbersome through remote but navigable to do what you want. Speedy enough for youtube HD stream with ADSL2 ethernet connection. (Don't use any wireless unless you have to; it's not healthy. see bioinitiative.org ) All told, virtually flawless. Still want to root it though if anyone has a tip on a way to do it.

Picture quality is satisfactory, but user interface is good. Bought $1300. Good value for money

Bought it on offer. If you have good internet connection, you will enjoy this tv. Picture quality is good but not great. ANdroid tv compensates the picture quality. Only issue I had is wifi dropouts. I suspect this is due to my poor internet connection. If you manage to pay $1200 or close, its good deal

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great TV with excellent range of Android apps

Love this TV. The picture is awesome and having Android as the OS is great as it provides a lot of features. Seems to be a bit of input lag when playing games on the Xbox. Doesn't have a swivel stand which is one thing I miss from my old TV.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

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Page freezes on the guide channel got to reboot tv to start again also happens on netflix option as well-very annoying. Any ideas?
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KD-55X8500E (55")KD-65X8500E (65")KD-75X8500E (75")
Price (RRP) $2,099
Screen Size 55"65"75"
Wireless OptionsBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-FiBluetooth and Wi-Fi
Number of HDMI Ports444
Number of USB Ports333
Wall MountableYesYesYes
Weight19.5 kg22.1 kg35.2 kg
Operating System Android TVAndroid TVAndroid TV
Dimensions (without stand) 717 x 1232 x 57 mm840 x 1454 x 44 mm968 x 1677 x 53 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 772 x 1232 x 252 mm905 x 1454 x 266 mm1032 x 1677 x 284 mm
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)1 year(s)

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  • MPN: KD75X8500E

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