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Soothers Lozenges Eucalyptus & Menthol + Vitamin C

Soothers Lozenges Eucalyptus & Menthol + Vitamin C

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Can't live without these!

I've had tonsilitis for the past 9 days. I am living on these. They have soothed my throat not only do i have my voice coming back. Im able to eat solids lol. These are so handy! I have packets stashed all around the house & in all my hand bags


This is a god sized throat lozenge which has the added benefit of Eucalyptus and Vitamin C. It is slightly like a lollie rather than a lozenge, so it didnt really work too well for me. It works when I feel a cold just coming on, and I can take this to soothe my throat. Since its a small pack, its not too expensive and can be found in most shops and supermarkets in the confectionery aisle. Overall, its not the best product for me, but can be good for the short term.
This is a nice sized handy pack to have in the handbag in case you get a cough or want to clear your throat. It does have a soothing effect on the throat.
It contains sugar, so I have to be aware of that.

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I would like to know why the orange soothes have been taken off the market, my mother who is 80 and myself love them and was wondering if you are bringing them back?

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How much sugar does eucalyptus soothers have in them?
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