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Speed Queen AFNE9B/BSS

Speed Queen AFNE9B/BSS

AFNE9B (White) and AFNE9BSS (Stainless Steel)
4.3 from 16 reviews

No Service in Country Areas Install Yourself

Not sure how the Speed Queen Front Loader works for we are still trying to install it after an hour. We apparently do not get any service for installation due to living in the country rural area 2 hours from Melbourne. Not happy at all we purchased from H.N being told their staff had training with Speed Queen, I have a disability so purchased the heavy stand with the front loader over $4000.00 yet I cannot lift the machine at all and both H.N and Speed Queen do not care. It's easy to install they said despite knowing the sales person at H.N who knows that hubby has a disability as well. Not sure if anyone cares Hubby will be complaining on Monday regarding after sales installation.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Not great

Maybe good if you live on a farm or have an external laundry. This is made for laundromats.


large clothes capacity
heavy duty wash action (can be quite hard on clothes)
fast wash times
spins well
appears well built and reliable


big con - does not use enough water on any programme
very smelly (weird rubber smell, not nice)
machine is huge in size
not quiet
lack of program choices

Not really a premium washing machine as the price would indicate. It's just a commercial washer sold for home use and I do wonder if maybe the laundromat ones are tweaked to use more water as otherwise it won't wash too well.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

The most amazing washer the Speed Queen

I recently needed to purchase a new front loader.. I did lots of research on the 3 brands I was interested in purchasing. I was deciding between Asko, Miele and Speed Queen. Each sales man I spoke to about the machines all said you can compare a speed queen to the other brands as it’s in a league of its own.. I had my heart set on the speed queen I was just thrown by its hefty price tag.. however I still decided to go ahead and purchase it.
The Speed Queen is an industrial style washer (so if you want something fancy looking I suggest you stick to the generic brands) it’s quiet a large machine, 10kg capacity but I’m so happy with my purchase! Washers soooo much better than any other brand of machine I’ve ever had, and you don’t have to wait 2/3plus hours for a washing cycle to finish like other brands out there today.
My mother and mother in law both have the top loader versions of the speed queens and we all give them a 10/10!!!

Amazing machine fantastic customer service! They come out to your house set your machine up for you give you a demo of how to work it and what functions it has and how to change and add things to cycle washers!

If you can afford a speed queen in the long run it will save you a lot of money!

Definitely worth the price - Quality built to last.

After living with a lemon of a washing machine for nearly five years, I was dreading that I had to try to make the decision to purchase another washing machine once again. Having to wash for a large family, means many loads of washing a week, I wanted a reliable hard working machine, that would wash everything from the toughest dirtiest clothes to the more delicate items. I also wanted to deal with a company that provided excellent customer service.
Despite my reluctance, I did my research. I looked at machines, read up online about performance, even personal messaged other Product Review reviewers to follow up on their earlier reviews, and visited the Speed Queen showroom. So this purchase was very well researched and considered. I was balking at the cost, I wanted to know was this large price tag worth the money? After all, you could theoretically buy at least three cheaper washing machines for the same price - this money being spent was a huge outlay for me, I wanted to ensure that I was going to get my money worth.
After deciding that I wanted to get a Speed Queen machine, due to the commercial quality and extensive testing that they do on their products, after much deliberation between a top or front loader, I decided to go with the front loader. The deciding factor was the energy savings due to the large number of washes done each week, and that they would be gentler on the clothes.
I have had the machine for one month, and can say that I have really put it through it's paces. From the smallest delicate load, through to dirty work clothes as well as bulky blankets, doona's, curtins and cushions; the machine has not missed a beat. It has more than lived up to my expectations (and believe me, for the price my expectations were VERY high!). I cannot speak highly enough of the machine and it's performance.
The push buttons on the machine are very easy to use, with different options for each cycle. The different wash cycles are functional, practical and cater for all needs. You can also personalise your favourite cycle for easy operation. The machine is also very quiet, even whilst at top spin speed.
Previous reviews commented about the size of the detergent dispenser drawer. I personally haven't found this to be an issue. You only need half the amount of detergent that you would normally use, so no concern to me.
If you are moving from a top loader to a front loader you will find that the pile on items like towels will tend to be a bit harder, for this reason I do tend to put towels and other bulky items on a second or even a third rinse, as I found that this leaves them a bit softer than just using the regular rinse.
If this washing machine continues it's current performance, and provides me with the years of easy, economical washing that I expect (given that Speed Queen machines are tested to and beyond their limitations), I will continue to be more than happy to recommend this machine.
For the moment, I can thoroughly recommend this machine and would say to anyone, like me, who was hesitant due to the price, that it is worth the extra money. The machine looks, sounds and performs like genuine quality and you can tell that it is definitely built to last.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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Hi , Many thanks for the great review, we are pleased that you are enjoying your new SQ washer.

The best washer I've owned.

I've had 7 washing machines in 10 years and quite frankly I'd had enough of reviewing and buying average priced machines that fall apart 12 months after getting them home. When my last machine died a slow and painful death I was looking at getting a Miele front loader as nearly everyone I know has one and raves about it. I was put off by the very long (too long) washing cycle however. I have had a front loader before and I really don't want to wait 3+ hours for my washing to finish. I prefer to line dry my washing and we are on tank water so a fast wash without using heaps of water is a MUST. I was nervous about spending $4k on a machine that apparently isn't very water efficient compared to other front loaders.
What a fantastic surprise I've had!!
This machine is so good that my clothes are cleaner and SOFTER than they have been in years without having to wait for forever for the load to finish and without using heaps of water. I noticed that some reviews I read here when I was researching to buy said that it takes a long time to fill, I'm not sure what they are on about frankly. It takes less than 45 seconds to start a wash and that is plenty fast enough for me. No, it doesn't heat the water but as my hot water cistern is located in the roof cavity this isn't a problem. Less stuff to go wrong in my opinion. It is actually overbuilt for a washing machine, and is designed for long life heavy use. I live on a farm and have a teenager son, a baby and a tradie husband. Clothing at our place is often FILTHY and more than a lot of it. I use the heavy duty, whites and delicate cycles the most and at around 45 min a cycle that is fast enough to get a few cycles done and out to dry before the day is over. Truly the clothes are amazingly clean! I use a baby formula scoop of powder, 1/2 lid fabric softener, and a bit of vinegar in the bleach compartment. I think the tray is easy to use (not too small at all) and it's easy to remove to clean. There is a bit of sludge that builds up in the door seal but I just wipe it out once a week. easy. I have washed all our bedding using the bulky setting and had no issues at all. One of my friends with a miele came and used my Speed Queen to wash all hers too as her machine doesn't cope :)
Great machine, cannot say enough about it. Only thing to note is that it is BIG! Be aware of this if buying to go under a standard bench (no way would it fit).

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hi Lou, Thanks for the fantastic review and we are delighted that our Speed Queen washer has solved your laundry woes. If it ever need attention please contact asap on 1300washer.

Great Heavy Duty Machine

I have had two top loaders in the last 3 years, one took a over 1 hour 45 to do a load, another pump failing, constantly out of balance and couldn't washing in full load of hot water and ripping clothes... This speed queen is exactly that a speed queen. Most loads around the 45min mark. It is large and handles large loads well. I do lots and lots of washing, grotty farmers clothes (mud and grease) come out clean with pre-wash, two rinses no more soaking. Bulky items are handles well and with ease. (fits Qs sheets plus light quilt covers sets in one load. Have tried summer wool KS quilt no problems although think may struggle with the bulkier wool winter KS) I love you can actually see the water in the machine. Couple of tea towel is easily done as well. My laundry / washing time has been reduced by hours, not to mention less soaking. I only use washing powder OMO and Biozet no fabric softener Like other's have said the detergent draw is a strange size in compassion to the rest of the machine and fiddly... the rubber seal is really hard to clean out spotlessly . A water heater would of also been great but I just run the water off in laundry sink before washing, as middle of winter our tank water is freezing. I had looked at this machine before buy two previous models and are now kicking myself I just didn't purchase this one straight away. It is quiet and I am hoping as reliable as it claims to be. I wash probably 3x a day 5-6days a week. I am fussy, ultra fussy but are extremely happy with this machine performance, I am happy to work around the few annoyances, because I am saving time and it does do the job.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Outstanding washing machine.

I was sick of built to break cheap washing machines and decided to go quality. No regrets at all, this machine does everything very well, I am so happy with my purchase. Delivery man set it all up and showed me how to use everything and took the old one away. The only issue I have is keeping the the rubber seal around the door clean but just have to keep on top of it. Great load capacity and cycle selections. Quiet and efficient. I would highly recommend. Takes great care of our clothes even the delicates.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Quality, Heavy Duty Machine - perfect for large bedding /quilts etc

After my 8 year old Simpson front loader, started to suffer some mechanical issues, the Repair man told me not to expect more than 8 years from it, and instructed me that if it broke down again, to buy a new washing machine. He also told me that the general life span of most modern washing machines and fridges was around 8 years(we had a fridge issue too), talk about 'not making things like they used to'.... After having to be without a washing machine for a number of days before the repair man came, in addition to the repair bill, I just wanted to buy a washing machine that would last longer than 8 years. I didn't necessarily want 'bells and whistles' just a thorough and fast wash, without any complications, or headaches, and I didn't want to have to think about washing machine problems in 8 years. I also needed a machine that could handle large loads, as I have a special needs person in my care, and I am washing bed linen (including large quilts, mattress protectors etc) everyday.

I have had the machine about two months, and I am very happy with it. The drum is so large that even when putting in quilt covers there is enough room for the cover to come out easily and not be in a twisted mess. It also means I can fit our oversized King Size linen sheets (flat sheet, fitted, sheet, and pillow cases) in all at the same time, and still not be crammed in. I was concerned about some review comments about 'lint' and I asked the Sales lady at Speed Queen about it: she said that as long as towels are washed separately to other items there would be no problem (as towels give off lint, and other items receive lint). I have followed this advice and haven't had a single problem with lint, even on black clothes. I also read another review about a man who said that he found from his experience that the front loader was the better choice for a more gentle wash (he ended up changing from a top loader to a front loader). I asked the Sales Lady about this and she explained that the rolling/circular washing action on the front loader is more gentle than, the back and forth agitation action of the top loader. In saying that, I still choose to put delicate items or items with straps into mesh laundry bags. My last front loader seemed to collect gunk and grime on the rubber seal, and I was wary about this, and originally went to wipe out the seal every week. I have found that apart from the odd paper or coin, that there has been no gunk whatsoever - I think that is because I run vinegar through the rinse cycle (the softener dispenser) every 2nd cycle or so. As other people have said the washing machine is quiet, but what I like even better is that if I am waiting on a load to finish, I can see how much time is left on the cycle, better than popping back every couple of minutes. I always use the fast cycle, about 25 minutes, on all my cycles. I wash filthy work clothes from the building industry, special needs washing, and delicates, and even the odd single item at times. I wash 6 days a week, three - four loads (darks, lights, grubbies, etc) and everything comes out very clean (I think cleaner than the Simpson). I haven't had any issues with build up around washing liquid dispenser either, perhaps that is the washing product - I use Bio Attack Zet, and sometimes a Sards Powder booster (in the drum - love, Sards).

Important to note, that this machine doesn't heat it's own water - this may be a problem if your hot water system is a long way from the laundry. It is not a problem for us. Also this machine does not have a lint catcher, hence the care advice about washing towels separately (this is because in the USA, home of SpeedQueen they don't line dry their washing and the clothes dryer removes any excess lint.) The machine cost us about $3,500, a hefty investment. However consider that this is labelled as a "Commercial Heavy Duty" machine, and the huge size of the 10kg drum, the 5 year warranty, the promoted as 'built to last' - I think it's a case of 'you get what you pay for'... I am expecting 20 years out of this machine, and I have read on other websites, that people are replacing there 20 year old SpeedQueens/Kleenmaids and choosing to buy SpeedQueen again - contrast that to the review on Harvey Norman, with the person replacing the 8 year old Simpson with another one....
On final note, the Sales Lady said to me that if I was to ever have any issues with this machine, that I could ring and speak to her personally, and she would sort everything out. That means a lot, especially when you read some people's problems with 'after service' help, or lack of it - however I doubt I will be needing it - I just wish they made a refrigerator!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

it is perfect. washes so quickly and can add washing after closing the door. Great front loader, eas

Cleans and rinses clothes really well. No tears in the clothes and is very quiet ( we have it next to the kids rooms). The fast cycle is great for the quick wash, you can also vary this. So easy to use no need to consult a manual and translator. installation was perfect despite our hard access and the staff were friendly and prompt.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Great machine, hits the mark every time!

Overall I dont regret spending $4k on a washing machine but that's because i expect it to last a VERY long time! Loads take a fraction of the time and results are impressive. My previous Bosch had every bell and whistle but took up to 3 hours to do some of the regular cycles. I would cram in 8 kg a time and then deal with creased clothes, having to drag out the ironing board or switch on the drier. The size of this machine means large loads comes out fluffy and perfectly washed. I was concerned that not having a heater would be an issue but frankly im happier it draws hot water from our tank instead. The results are exactly the same.

Speed Queen came to install the machine and were meticulous in doing so. The 5 year warranty is great reassurance too. The only gripe is i find the detergent drawer messy to use... also fabric softener is deposited during parts of the cycle other than the final rinse. You cannot pause a cycle to add another item without the machine draining all the water first. This is frustrating if the wash has just started as you end up with detergent and hot water going down the drain. There can be a build up of gunk around the rubber gasket so it pays to give it a wipe every week or so.

Overall im very pleased with my Speed Queen. Its utilitarian appearance is matched by its dependable performance load after load. Despite a few gripes I'd give this machine the big thumbs up!

Can't live without this machine

Literally can not say enough good stuff about this machine. It's super quiet. Super efficient. Cleans great. Big loads for a big family no trouble at all. Small delicate load (1item) easy! Has quick wash function. If you have the space don't even hesitate, buy one.
I've tried the very expensive well marketed German brand and disliked every load.. The Speed Queen is definitely the most superior wash. If I could leave my phone number for a personal reference I would.
Harvey Norman Everton Park in Brisbane was excellent organizing next day delivery . Very friendly staff. Ask for Tiarni! She is wonderful .

*Review Update..

This machine is still a fabulous size, big door, and washes clothes efficiently.
My disappointment is the rubber door seal occasionally leaks, which I notified SpeedQueen within one wash load after installation.
The door rubber gets absolutely filthy with grime and lint, therefore my black clothing ends up with lint on it so I have to sticky roller dark clothes as I iron. This is frustrating as I am particular. And yes I do wipe out the door rubber but there is a little lip underneath and it is impossible to properly clean ! Definite design fault here.
I agree with other reviewers that the Detergent Drawer is not a good design as it gets very messy. It does not seem to pull out far enough to tip in my powder prewash (NapiSan), and fabric softener does not always release in the final rinse.
Overall it is still a good machine and I would still recommend it.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Excellent machine but has design faults

Purchased a couple of months ago to replace a Maytag front loader, 14 years old.
Washes well, easy to use.
Settings so easy to program.
Clothes come out almost dry and with no wrinkles.
Capacity is fantastic, easy to fit a doona in it if needed.
On the down side
Finish cycle buzzer could be louder.
Also you need to wipe under door rubber seal after each wash as it deposits a slush at the bottom of the machine.
Overall machine runs well and the build quality is excellent.
I would certainly recommend this machine over the Miele, which is a smaller capacity and the door opening is too small.
I expect 20 years of use from the Speed Queen for the money outlaid for it.

Update after 3 months of use..
In my opinion there are a few design faults with this machine.
There is no heating element, which is totally ridicules, as my hot water comes from the other side of the house.
The laundry is at the furthest point away from the hot water system.
On a hot wash, it must first force all the cooled water thru the pipes first before you get to the hot water.
By that time the machine has almost finished filling. Totally useless.
Next, if you use liquid detergent and program a pre wash, all the main wash detergent runs into the pre wash cycle. You must use a soap power for main wash if you pre wash.
Next, the fabric softener dispenser is such a bad design, for if you fill it to the max mark, with a second rinse, it uses it somewhere thru the cycle and not in the last rinse when its needed.
The only way around this is to put a minimum amount in the dispenser, then it works ok.
Next, if you want to add something to the wash after it has started, once you pause the machine, it drains all the water first, making you add more detergent for what drains away, stupid idea.
The gunge under the door seal is a concern as it constantly needs wiping.
Again I mention the finish cycle buzzer, should be louder.
Overall machine still runs well, but needs software changes, a heating element and a complete re design of the detergent/fabric softener dispenser.
The best part of this machine is the ease of use of the electronic controls. They are easy to use and can be set at what you need in the wash, this part I give 5 stars for.
I initially gave an overall 4 stars, but after discovering these design flaws, 2 stars now.

UPDATE 26/7/2016
Speed Queen contacted me regarding my concerns with this machine.
They offered a new machine replacement.
I thanked them and took up the offer.
The new washer seems to work well which normally runs off tank water, but at this time tank is empty, so now it's running off mains supply, I will do a review once tank water supplies machine again.
I will say Speed Queen are doing everything to make the customer happy.

UPDATE 4/8/2016.
Back on tank water.
New washer just the same as one replaced.
Electronic programming pad...5 Stars
Wash items select available...5 Stars
Wash load...5 Stars
Door opening size..5 Stars
Build quality/ look...4 Stars
No heating element..0 Stars
Soap/fabric dispenser...2 Stars
Must use powder, not liquid if you do a pre wash...1 Star
End chime alarm..3 Stars
Gunge under door seal...2 Stars
Drains water if you need to add item to wash...2 Stars
Door not interchangeable to open other way...0 Stars
Needs software and design changes.

The problems I found with the pre wash cycle detergent and fabric softener are mentioned in the owners guide..
It appears to me that Speed Queen are aware of these design faults, yet are doing nothing about fixing them.
Not good enough for a $3500.00 cost machine.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Sturdy Top Quality Front Loader - Highly recommend this unit.

This unit is our 3rd washing machine in 4 years. Our 9-year-old LG 10kg front loader died 4 years ago so we bought a Whirlpool 10kg unit (piece of junk - sounded like a Cessna taking off when on spin cycle) and didn't wash very well either. When we moved from NSW to WA we got a Samsung 10kg washer dryer combo WD1102XVM - another piece of junk too - dryer function NEVER worked only warmed the clothes, took 3 hours to do a decent wash so with a family of 7 it took a whole day of washing from 5am to 3pm to get the washing done.
After a few power surges the electronics started to go haywire on the Samsung. To ensure we didn't get left in the lurch without a functioning washing machine I decided after a relentless internet search to go for the Speed Queen AFNE9B-AW01 front loader. It does a full hot wash in 50 minutes and clothes come out very dry and very clean. It doesn't waste time trying to 'balance' the load like the old Samsung unit - the Speed Queen just spins up and does the job relatively quietly and without the extra time wasting 'balancing' act the Samsung used to go through.
The unit has very simple controls - no fancy 'cycles' - no fancy 'bubble' washes and no other 'gimmicky' buttons or 'jog dial' controls.
This Speed Queen just washes clothes - quickly, relatively quietly for an industrial machine and without fuss. I've had a 'Speed Queen' before in the way of a gas clothes dryer badged as a 'Kleenmaid' it too was a robust bullet proof no fuss no hassles machine with 10 years of faultless service going 2 times a day 5 days a week.
If this Speed Queen goes for as long as the dryer I'll be extremely happy. With a family of 7 its already had 2 months of a solid workout 6-7 days a week 2-3 loads per day. At $3,595 it was not a cheap unit but after spending around that amount already for the Whirlpool & the piece of junk Samsung combined I'm hoping on finally cutting my losses.
I've noticed over the years the so called 'high energy star' rated products seem to take forever to do a basic job like washing or drying clothes. Make no mistake the Speed Queen is no 6 star energy efficient machine but it is a washing machine that does its job in a timely and effective manner - unlike my previous two 5 star time wasting machines.

25th October 2016 (6 months after purchase)
- detergent & fabric softener drawer a bit small
- small items (kids socks & jocks etc) tend to get trapped in the lip of the door
- door seal must be cleaned regularly
- washing very well
- quick wash time
- no faults or failures to date
- very happy with my purchase

Still give 5 stars - best washing machine I've had (1st washing machine purchased back in 1991 this is my 5th washing machine in 25 years)

Date PurchasedMar 2016

AFNE9BSS - Fabulous machine so far

I used this site so much to make decisions and now it’s time for me to give back.
Our 10 year old 6.5kg Maytag front loader started to deteriorate the last few months and we were having a hard time trying to work out what to buy. Working with appliances in the UK, I knew the European brands well but always steered towards American built brands (Kleenmaid, Maytag etc). Asian brands were out of the question as we wanted to have a machine that had the capacity to:
- Last a long time
- Great after sales service
- Basic functions fine (do not need fancy LED display and all the bells and whistles)
- Tough and easy to clean
- Very tough and reliable
- Workhorse
- Clean clothes well without tiring them out
- Huge capacity to wash blankets, quilts, comforters.

And the Speed Queen AFNE9BSS was the only answer. Yes I went all out and bought the platinum version.

Sure the price tag ($3995) was very hefty and we had to move our laundry sink and a door to get the monster of a machine in but so far I’ve washed about 5 full loads with quilts and blankets to do when the weather is sunny later this week and our clothes come out cleaned and nicely spun. Top speed is 1200.
I’ve mainly used the Heavy Duty medium soiled program and this seems to be fine. I don’t see any wear and tear on our clothes and delicates. Tried a Normal Eco wash which doubled the time and it seemed to be fine. I only use cold wash.
The installers were absolutely professional and it was hard getting the machine in – one their hardest job but they did it with humour and professionalism. They showed me how to use the machine and tested a couple of programs. They threw all the rubbish out and put my back door. It was a very hot humid day and they were fantastic. Very impressed. This is what you pay for. I know that if I ever have a problem, it will be easy to deal with Speed Queen.
I’ll post back after a few months on an update but I’m sure I’ll still be posting good comments in the machine’s 20th year (and if this site is still around!!).

You get what you pay for. Worth every cent.

Purchased Speed Queen AFNE9BSS (stainless steel) 10kg front load Washing machine from Harvey Norman Dec 2015... Contacted Speed Queen direct on 02) 9748 2155 in Newington Sydney and purchased a base for the washer to sit on before the front loader was delivered. They installed the washing machine and the base together. Don't need to bend down, more convenient height.. Heavy Duty machine' ..Cleans clothes excellent and spin dries till nearly dry. Clothes come out soft, not crushed or creased. Less to iron.... It's quiet and easy to use...I no longer have lint on my clothes. This washing machine has removed lint off my clothes from my previous top loader... Worth Every cent!!! User manual download :http://docs.alliancelaundry.com/tech_pdf/Production/805471.pdf

Very Happy

Purchased this to replace 25-year-old Maytag top loader. So far very happy, no more lint and washing powder marks! Didn't realize how much the old one had worn out. VERY quiet, has fast loads that seem to work well. Water level has auto-sensor, holds 9.5-10 kg of washing. Just learning how to save some favorite settings.
I can highly recommend this machine if you have lots of washing to do and don't want to spend 2 hours waiting for a standard front loader to do a normal family wash.
If you buy one, I suggest you visit the American website and download the current instruction manual, it is easier to follow than the old one that came with the machine.
Edit to add (March 2016) had this for a few months now, and still really happy with my purchase. Happy to recommend to anyone..

Questions & Answers

Hi Speed queen. I would like to hear your advise on cleaning out the gunk build up that you get after washing in the black rim around the door. Is there a product that will help this or type of brush or a type of powder you recommend?. Sometimes I find that it can start to smell and my cloths come out smelling the same. Very frustrating as love the capacity and cycles.
1 answer
When you finish a cycle of washing you need to leave the door open to let the machine dry out inside, to clean the rim you need a damp chux wipe to clean around the rubber rim, I gently rub around the bottom of the rim there are small drain holes there. The machine will smell if you shut the door straight after a wash so leaving it open allows the water to dry out then you can shut it.

I am intending to buy this model but need to decide between white and stainless steel finish. White is our preference aesthetically, however stainless may be preferred if this confers better rust resistance. (Our previous machine was an Ariston which are known for rusting and ours was true to brand.). Is the outside of AFNE9BSS a true austenitic stainless (like the drum)? In that case would it be accurate to expect that it would have superior corrosion resistance to the white version? Are there any other differences between these models?
No answers

We have had our Kleenmaid KAW793 just over 20 years. With 4 healthy teenage children growing up and numerous load being washed each day, it has been outstanding, apart from routine serviice calls (3 x drive belts, drain pump, brake pad set & inlet valve assembly. Total cost around including 4 x service calls $805.90 + $1149 purchase price = $1954.90 expenditure over 20 year period). We still want to retain this washing machine, if we can purchase a replacement top. Otherwise my very handy husband wants to modify/repair the corroded hole to allow the spin cycle to work as this corroded hole has a switch near it and it isn't allowing the spin cycle. Please advise if this part is available and the cost to Blacktown NSW? Thanks Susan.
1 answer
Hi Susan, I am not a dealer or service agent I was only putting up a review of the washing machine I have just purchased. Regards Don


AFNE9B (White)AFNE9BSS (Stainless Steel)
Price (RRP) $3,895$4,495
Capacity10 kg10 kg
FeaturesAuto Balancing and Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)Auto Balancing and Door/Lid Lock (Child-proof)
Energy Rating2.5 star(s)2.5 star(s)
Water Rating3 star(s)3 star(s)
Household Size 5+ people5+ people
Drum MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Colour / Finish WhiteStainless Steel
Dimensions 1027 x 683 x 704 mm1027 x 683 x 704 mm
Max Spin Speed 1,200 rpm1,200 rpm
Number of Spin Speeds44
Number of Wash Cycles1010
Temperature Settings 44
Weight122 kg122 kg
Manufacturer Warranty5 year(s)5 year(s)

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