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St.George No Annual Fee Visa

St.George No Annual Fee Visa

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Had this card for a number of years and never had an issue. Auto payment sweep is a great feature, and I never have to worry about paying the interest.

Balance Transfer 24 months Interest Free - Quick Approval

After straggling to get on top my debt with a previous credit card provider, they weren't willing to help me at all with either a consolidation loan or switching to a new type of credit card or personal loan.
So... I went to St.George and they were more than happy bring my credit card over to them with 24 months Interest free on the Balance Transfer.. I have since been approved and I have set up weekly payments to pay off the debt. Within a certain number of weeks I will have paid off the debit well before the 24 months period is up .. - Super happy and now feeling less stressed that I was getting absolutely nowhere before with interest eating up all my payments with my previous provider.. Sometimes I think that these banks just want people to struggle. - Well done St George .. very happy customer.


I have had this card for 5 years and i have never had a problem with it and the interest rate is much the same as other cards
Interest rate and no annual fee
I have nothing against this card

Questions & Answers

hello, can you please tell me If you ever deal with their card operation centre in regards to card transaction enquiry ? I've had enough of Citi offshore processing customer service. Thinking to bringover the balance to St George Bank
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St.George No Annual Fee Visa
Card TypeVisa
Minimum Credit Limit$500
Maximum Credit Limit$40,000
Additional Cardholders 3
Additional Cardholder Fee $0 p.a.
Minimum Repayments2%
Rates & Fees
Purchase Rate20.74% p.a.
Cash Advance Fee2%
Late Payment Fee$15
Annual Fee$0
Foreign Transaction Fee 3%
Overseas ATM Withdrawal Fee$5
Interest Free Period 55 days
Cash Advance Rate21.49% p.a.
Balance Transfer Rates
Balance Transfer Period 12 months
Balance Transfer Rate 0% p.a.
Balance Transfer Fee 1%
Release dateMay 2007

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