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Steelcraft Agile Twin

Steelcraft Agile Twin

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I adore this pram!

I have a recent model (BATCH 11 2018 - indicating it was made in November 2018). I love that they've updated this pram to include the linen style covers that are seen in the more recent Agile series. This pram is smooth and easy to maneuver with both a toddler and a newborn. I’ve been a Steelcraft Agile pram series user for 2 and a half years and Steelcraft never disappoint.

My breastfed children gain weight quickly before they get really tall so a pram that isn’t narrow in the seat is a must - and Steelcraft don’t disappoint, their prams are roomy and are definitely well suited for those who have big babies.

I love the strong structure of the pram, it holds my two massive Skip Hop Grand Central baby bags with everything I need for both my children without any risk of tipping from the weight. The canopy underneath is spacious and I can easily fit shopping and my breastfeeding pillow underneath & the pram is still easily to steer with the added weight.

The build quality is immaculate. The quick-fold option is effortless and easy to put away into a car or to unfold in one swift movement ready to use. I know this pram will last for several years & I will definitely be re-using the pram for future children as well. I cannot say just how highly I recommended this amazing pram!

Purchased in March 2019 at Baby Bunting Online store for $543.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ease of Packing & Storage
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Hi Dani, thank you for taking the time to leave such a terrific review. If you need any assistance in future, please contact us on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

This is a great pram!

This is one of the best double prams I have had yet. It is so easy to fold and for a double side by side it fits perfectly through doorways. The only thing I would like is for it to come with a shade cover for extra protection from the sun other then that it is an all round great pram!

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Hi Kim, thanks for taking the time to leave a terrific review and valuable feedback! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team

Great design!

I wouldn't leave the house without this pram with my two kids. We have a 3 months old and a 2.5 years old. The good thing about this pram is it has plenty of compartments to keep everything you need to bring for two kids. There is also a basket underneath the pram which can be easily accessed from the front and the back. It can be pushed easily even with one hand and no problem going through standard size door. It came with two separate tray tables which is very handy.
We had one problem in the past which was the foot brake was not working properly so we had to send it back to a local approved repairer twice but the problem persists until the store sent it back to the head office to have it fixed. Haven't have any problem since then and for the price it is not too expensive compared to others.

Double stroller best decision yet

So glad we invested in a double stroller. I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old. It has been great being able to insert capsule and have my daughter sitting in stroller part when we venture out. Easy to manoeuvre and fits through common doorways. Very easy to fold and unfold quickly. Has pockets for storage behind each stroller, but would be better if more space below to store nappy bag etc.

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Hi Kelly, thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We're glad to hear you found our stroller easy to fold and maneuver. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

I love this pram!

This pram changed my life!! Having twins means business in the pram department. This one delivers!! Easy to fold, lightweight, compact and plenty of undercarriage space which is accessible from the front
for the groceries! It’s easy to keep clean and the back wheels detach for ease of packing into a smaller space.

Great double pram

Easy pram to push and maneuver with one hand. Fits through standard door sizes though some narrower shop aisles can be a bit of a problem. Easy to fold and unfold. Decent sized basket underneath that can also be accessed from the front. Big canopies keep the sun off the kids.
The zip off pockets at the back can be annoying if there is too much weight in them as they come unzipped. Comes with rain cover and capsule connectors.

fantasic pram, best one ive owned yet

This is such a fantastic pram, so far has been the best one I've owned so far, its so easy to maneuver around and its so light to push, and its so easy to fold and unfold and its so easy to pick up. Such a sturdy pram and very well build, highly recommended

Perfect double pram!

I love this pram so much! So easy to use, one button push & lift from the middle to collapse, not heavy & doesn't take up the whole boot. Fits through a standard size door, so easy to push, great big basket underneath for shopping etc, adjustable handle, you can connect a capsule or food tray on one side, super easy to clean, it all unclips. I put mine through on a delicate cycle in the washing machine & it came up like new! Best double pram that doesn't break to budget! Highly recommend.

Love this Pram

Very good pram. Its is very light and easy to push around. I was very surprised as it is easier to maneuver than the one seater pram i was using before it.
Easy to fold and unfold. The storage is very good and i like that ypu are able to take off all the parts so that they can be washed if need. Also very easy to spot clean with a wipe for small stains or mess.
Chairs can be easly laid back for sleeping babies. which also has a netting to keep them cool.
The hood is very good as it can extend a fair bit to really keep baby covered and comes with a rain coat if needed.
I highly recommend this pram for twins or if like myself you have children who are very close in age.
Price is very good for the quality of this pram.

Love how light and easy to maneuver it is!

I absolutely love this pram! I bought this pram when I had an 18 month old and 2 week old and has made life so much easier!
It is very light, very easy to fold and you can literally steer it with one hand which is great.
The one and only issue I have is the access to the storage baskets from the back. There is a metal rod which goes from one side to the other and is curved which actually cuts off quite some access with getting the girls bags underneath.
The canopy's are big and cover the girls very well.
I also love the buckle system as my girls are very secure in it.
I am so happy that I purchased this pram!

Love the twin agile

Easy to maneuver one handed, small turning circle. Front access to baskets very handy. Good price. Overall very happy with the twins agile my twins are 4 months and just started using it. Only thing I don't like is that you can't put 2 capsules on it and I wish it had other colours

Without a firm harness how safe is it!

The harness clips as flimsy.

All my clips broke of in a matter of months and I hardly used the pram!

I have had my steelcraft pram twice longer and used it hundreds of times and its still in excellent condition. Harness is still as new.

I would never buy a britax again! So expensive for such poor quality.

The best for twins

Its very easy to manoeuvre even when u walk inside a shop. easily fit in any door.
Easy to fold & light to lift it up & put it inside the boot.
Fabrics is easy to clean it.
The basket under the pram has got zipper from the front so easy to reach
Im very happy with it & strongly recommend to all.


We brought this pram for our twins at the start of the year and from the second we got it we have had nothing but problems. First the wheels were loose. We returned to the store we brought it from and they replaced the wheels. Then the pram started to rock and bounce when being pushed on a flat surface eg shopping center. We had the pram sent back to Britax, leaving us with out a pram for our 3 month old twins for 4 weeks. Their response, there is nothing wrong with the pram and as a twin side by side it is to be expected (No other side by side I have ever used does this). We can't even take out babies for a walk down the street because all they do the whole time is scream as they are thrown around in their seats. Biggest waste of money.

Great Twin Pram

I bought this pram as it was the easiest double pram to fold up. Push the red button & pull up on the handles, simple.
The seats recline almost flat for newborns/ sleeping babies. Although I had to buy a pram liner with headhugger for the twins first six months.
The steering is so easy for a big pram. You can even steer it one handed.
The shopping basket under the pram is huge which makes walks so easy.
I can easily feed by twins a bottle each in the pram & even change themin it.
This pram has been great in everyway the only down turn has been how wide the pram is but that is the case for all side by sides.
I have a number of prams but this is the one my partner & I both prefer.

Used to love it but now I'm not so sure

Love the fact that it is compact and light. However my brakes have now been in for repair twice in six months. One wheel stays locked, however the other does not so if on a hill the pram keeps movingon the side that is not locking. The first time this happened it was over Christmas time so it took over 2 weeks to repair. Apparently it was cleaned out as dust/sand was clogging it up. I was without my double pram for just over two weeks which was far from ideal, I had a lot of trouble getting around with two kids. I've only just returned it again for the same problem three months later. I have been very careful where I take it so it didn't get clogged up again and have hardly used it. It has been 9 days and I have not heard back as to how long I'll be without my pram again. It is really inconveniencing me now as I'm again limited as to where I go. Thank goodness it is still under warranty however the amount of time I've been without it is quite annoying. How many times does it need to get repaired for the same issue before I can get a new one. What happens if this occurs again once it is out of warranty. I'm now regreting my purchase. Leanne

Awesome pram!!

This pram is great for my two babies that are 16 months apart, I use it all the time! I luv how light and compact it is compared to my other pram the strider compact which needed to be assembled every time I wanted to put both kids in. my only complaint with the twin agile would be the storage underneath the pram it's only big enough to fit a decent size thick baby blanket it would be nice to be able to put my baby bag under there since the handle bar is to wide up hang it over and you could only fit maybe two small bags of shopping under it! Apart from that its great and I'm so glad I brought it!!

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Hi Renaye, thanks for your review and great feedback, kind regards, Britax Team

Big Mistake

Finger gets caught in harness buckle, has drawn blood numerous times. My 20mth old of average height can pull the upper seat so far forward that she can touch the front wheels, engages the swivel lock & reaches down into the storage basket pulling items out. In recline position her head pushes out & gets hit by the back storage bag, (not great if there's hard or heavy items inside) even my newborns' head is not far off being hit. If unzipped & removed children do not have protection from sun, wind or rain. Wheels are wide & flat picking up every stone or pointy tree pod making it a very bumpy ride, unless you stop walking constantly to pick them off. Wish I had of bought the more expensive Baby Jogger, this stroller is definitely the cheap the nasty version.
Cheaper, Free Raincover
Harness buckle snaps your finger, Upper seat not held in place, Wheels collect every stone off the ground

Love this pram!

With a newborn and a 14 month old we decided a twin would be preferable to the strider plus we had been using (with extra seat that the toddler hated). After a great deal of research we settled on the agile twin and are tremendously happy with it! My babies love it (and are both comfortable more to the point), I'm able to utilize the infant carrier I had as part of the strider, it's extremely lite, easy to steer and I'm yet to find a door way I can't fit through!! My only complaints are that there isn't a sun shade for it and I've been unable to find replacement shoulder pads (we lost one moving the stroller between cars). Aside from this it's a fantastic stroller and I'd recommend it to anyone!

great double pram

Love this pram! It has been the best pram I have bought. It's great that it can take a capsule as well.
It's easy to push and my tall hubby doesn't hit his toes/knees on the back of the pram.
Only thing is I would like a toddler seat attachment.
easy to fold, easy to push, reliable

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Questions & Answers

Hi is there a bassinet that can go on this pram?
2 answers
No this pram isn’t compatible with bassinet use unfortunately. There is a set of click n go receivers that is provided with the pram for the use of 1 Steelcraft baby capsule/infant carrier.Hi Bec, thanks for your question. As Dani mentioned the Agile Twin stroller isn't compatible with a bassinet. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

I just got an agile twin and want to get food trays for both sides. Are there different part numbers for each side? Pictures show food trays of both sides but I keep seeing online people saying you can only have a good tray on one side... Which one is it?
3 answers
Hi Trent, thanks for your question. The current Agile Twin - black linen is supplied with the food tray. These are not available for purchase as separate items. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.Ok. Damn. I bought mine second hand as I could not afford it new. Is there any other brands trays compatible?Thanks for your reply Trent, I'm not aware of a universal tray for this model.

I have just bought the agile twin and want to attach my steelcraft capsule but don't have any adapters do the ones for the single fit? If not where do I buy the ones for the twin?
1 answer
Hi Chandelle, thanks for your question. The single Agile adaptors are not compatible with the Agile Twin stroller. If you would like purchase a new set of Agile Twin adaptors please give us a call on 1300 303 330 for availability and pricing. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.


Agile Twin
Price (RRP) $649.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesLocking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight12 kg
Folded Dimensions30 x 75 x 74 cm
Release dateSep 2012

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