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Steelcraft Siesta 2 in 1

Steelcraft Siesta 2 in 1

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Lovely portacot

Baby sleeps really well in the cot, the mattress is nice and it is easy to set up. The only downside is it is extremely hard to pack down. I can't do it myself need hubby as you need a fair bit of hand strength. I believe it will become easier over time as the parts become looser. Other than this it is a nice safe place for bub to sleep while away from home.

reliable and sturdy

This portacot came in good use for holidays and trips to grandparents house. After a couple of times opening and then closing the portacot became a breeze, quick and easily packed away back into storage bag. It comes with a mattress, which was a little hard, so I would just add blankets for extra cusioning

handy for away trips

the siesta has serve my bub well. initially i did have trouble erecting it but after reading the instructions carefully a few times it became a breeze. can be hard to fold away at times so you really have to follow exact instructions, its well made though the mattress anchors start to sag due to poor design. it is handy if you do away trips overall its ok for me

We like it so much we want a second one!!

We seriously like the one we have, we want to get a second one. It is awkward at first, I know, but when I get stuck putting it up or down, guess what I read the instructions staring at me printed on the base and I get it right. We like it.

Terrible product

Difficult to reliably erect and difficult to collapse to put away. Such a simple product yet fails dismally. Hinges and brackets are padded (as they should be) but impossible to fix them when they don't hold up or to collapse without cutting away the fabric. Common problem from what I read so just bad engineering. Cannot fathom why this simple product doesn't just work. Waste of money.

Easy to assemble, does the job

I'm quite happy with this purchase, it was very affordable and compared to my mummy friend's portacot this one is very quick to assemble & pack away. Is pretty heavy, but because of that is quite sturdy, I tend to lean on it when I am patting babes bottom to sleep sometimes and in the 6+ months I have been doing this (we travel alot) has not given way yet.
Sturdy, easy to assemble & pack away (as long as you actually read the instructions!), large so can double as a play pen.
Mattress is terrible but is easily fixed with a padded cover


We got this cot free with a carseat we purchased. It was valued at $150. I'm glad we didn't have to pay for it as I would have been disappointed. If you are going to erect it and leave it up then it's OK, but if you need to move it around it is quite heavy and bulky.
Very sturdy, the bassinette function was useful.
VERY heavy. The matress is covered in a non breathable fabric which makes it very hot in summer time. The matress is also quite noisy if the baby is restless. It is difficult to put up - not intuitive, you really need to read the instructions (everytime, even though we use this cot quite a lot) as if you don't put it up in the correct order it just wont work. It is a two person job to erect and dismantle.


The quality of the make and build of this cot is evident, and I can really walk away from it with a child in it and trust that it will do the job.

Apart from initial teething problems in assembling the cot, from the second go I could set it up in 5 mins, and same to pack away. Its heavy, but its not made of plastic.

I haven't used the bassinet function - I thought it was unnecessary - my daughter slept fine in the lower cot position as early as one month old.
Really sturdy, quick to assemble, very good quality materials and construction.
Quite heavy - but that's because its made of metal! And is sturdy!
But the weight and size of the folded article make it portable, yes, but you wouldn't want to be carrying it too far...
Also the mattress is a little light on in the comfort department. Easy enough to add a layer of padding with a blanket over the top.
The locking mechanisms in the cross bars were a little tricky to work out the first time, but that was just inexperience.

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