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Stihl BR700

Stihl BR700

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After a rather disappointing experience with my old DMC EB430 backpack blower (basically a Husqvarna 130BT copy) where the flywheel nut came off and caused chaos in the engine after less than 5 hours use, I decided to finally make the leap and purchase the BR700 from my local mower shop and Stihl dealer, Ashburton Mowers. Although the price tag is quite high for a blower, the increase in efficiency, power and comfort that I got was phenomenal and well worth the expense. I have been very happy with all my Stihl equipment, most of which I have purchased as I have built up my mowing and landscaping business over the past couple of years. None of my Stihl tools have ever had to go back into the dealer for anything at all in that time and more, proving their reliability and quality. I have already put quite a few hours on my 700 (I install hour meters on all my main tools) and am really loving it and so do my helpers. It has mountains of power and the weight isn't really noticeable, even for a 16 year old like myself. This blower will happily go through 11 yards a day and I might fill it up once before we start working in the morning. It sips fuel compared to a lot of other blowers given the 4-mix design (essentially a hybrid 4-stroke), is pretty quiet for its power and has a lot of force in it, especially for thick, wet grass or leaves. The easily adjustable tube and throttle handle is really nice and the throttle lock is great. I have noticed that every now and then if I touch the top of the handle in a certain spot it can sometimes give me a bit of a zap but its hardly noticeable and isn't really something I'm worried about. You do have to be on top of valve adjustments for these machines I hear otherwise you're in for quite a ride but I am good on maintenance so that isn't going to be an issue for me. This blower does have massive amounts of torque given the 4-mix engine so it does give you quite a push back in the arm when you pull the trigger but its great for heavy work.
Overall this blower has done me great so far and I look forward to using it for a long time into the future.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

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Maximum Air Velocity266.4

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