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Stihl MS 362 / 362 C-M

Stihl MS 362 / 362 C-M

MS 362 C-M, MS 362
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This saw is the worst saw


Bought three of the stihl ms 362c I have been using stihl products for a long time professionally. And six months and two are down. Never seen this before. Very unhappy. With this product. Is has cost me time and money.

Purchased in July 2018 for $650.00.

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Worst saw ever


Have brought 2 in the past two and a half years. I have been using chainsaws for 17+ years professionally and have never blown any motors until I brought these two - 362-c and 362-cm. I have rebuilt the engines a total of 5 times with the two saws ( and it's not the fuel mixture). Just stuffed the crank on one today. so disappointed sthil your 361 was a good saw but have definantly gone backwards with the new models.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

The best all around chainsaw ever.


I just purchased the ms 362. I have ran about five tanks of file through it. It gets better every time I use it. I have had a 025 for 25 years never no problems and I think the 362 is going to even be a better saw. It’s a wood cutting machine so far. Love it. I believe u can run the 25” bar on it with the Oiler turned all the way up but I would just run it when I had to.

August 8th 2018 Update: Best all around chainsaw

This is the best all around chainsaw on the market as long as u have the right chain on it. The chain it comes with is no good need to get a full chipper chain and ur saw will oil better and get more out of a tank of fuel.

Date PurchasedJul 2018



I have the ms362c , had to replace the old 361 when it got stolen. And now I never know if it's going to start, it's all electronic with no manual carburettor adjustment. So it's back in a box and off to the retailer for yet another repair. Meanwhile I can't work.! Will buy husky next time.

Date PurchasedApr 2016



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Great saw


Had the saw for about 2 weeks. Have put 3 tanks of fuel through it so far. It came with a 20" bar with a full chisel chain. So far its a beast. Easy to start, comfortable to use & not too heavy. Supplements my older Stihl 026c which has done very well for the last 10 years+.

Date PurchasedAug 2016



A great allrounder


I have a ms362 & I replaced the 16" bar for an 18" bar solely because when cutting scarf cuts the power of the saw tends to kick the bar up out of level, otherwise it's a magic saw to use.



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The Goldilocks saw!



JlMMYMid North Coast, NSW

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Best all rounder saw in high 5kg market!!!


Saw is down :(


My brand new "professional saw" is down after only 4 tanks of fuel because the the oil cap broke into a dozen pieces. They called it the "Oil cap from H**L" but it is not covered by warranty because I must have forced it. It will take about a week for them to get in a replacement part. I have been earning a living for 25 years cutting wood and all I did was gently turn it counter clockwise to remove. Also with these new design oil and fuel caps you have to keep a clean rag with you to clean all of the crud that accumulates in the recessed design that would wash right into the tank when filling.
Looks pretty, cuts possibly.
Feels slightly underpowered

not bad at all


I have been using these and older 034s for a couple of years now. They rev harder but can be tricky to start if they havnt been used for a couple of months (they can flood easily). I haven't had any breakdowns other than operator error. very easy to do a long shift with.
revs harder than older models
can flood on startup if not used regularly

Questions & Answers



I've just purchased a 362 c-m and haven't used it yet. It came with the 20" Rollomatic ES bar/chain. Don't know much about chainsaws period! I've read many of the reviews here already but could always use the newest reports on this unit. Can you give me some great advice about this particular saw b4 I start using it? Also, what would be a great recommended bar/chain for oiling purposes for this particular unit?

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Is a 20 to 1 petrol oil mix correct?

1 answer

20:1 is way too rich.
50:1 is the best mixture and is very compatible with the saw, make sure that you use Stihil oil when mixing two stroke fuel.

Julie Mabe-Steinbruck

Julie Mabe-Steinbruckasked

I have an older 362. Cut a bunch of wood with it. Over the last 5 years. I started it up this last weekend. It was reving up real high. So turned it off and pulled the chain and bar off. The sprocket that the chain goes on. Was extremely hot. Do you know what may be wrong with?

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I don't know what the answer is to your question, I will ask around for you and get back to you in a couple of days


I've been fastidious with engines all my adult life. I use chainsaws professionally. Just one moment of distraction in over 40 years of machine use and servicing and I forgot to add 2 stroke oil to my fueler and in a tank and a half of hot, high revving and stalling and repeated difficulty successively starting my Husqvarna 562XP, I destroyed it - turned the con rod purple, scoured and welded cylinder piston ring and ruined the crankshaft. After any time of no use of any 2-stroke that runs on premixed fuel it is critical to remove any old fuel and replace. Oil separation occurs and can essentially supply the engine with oil free fuel. 1 to 3 min's use and you have substantially worn the ring/rings to render lower compression if you are lucky. Never use old fuel, never be less than 100% certain you have put the right amount of the right oil in the right fuel (octane 91 not 96 or 98). Then double check!


Agree with Kurt but will add - Don't use ethanol E10 fuels. Just straight unleaded 91 octane. Two stroke engines will last for years when fuel and oil mix is done right. Manufacturer oils from Stihl or Husqvana etc. are the best. Change the spark plug annually and keep the air filter clean. Easy to do then your two stroke engine will serve you well as a result.

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