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Stihl MS 880 Magnum

Stihl MS 880 Magnum

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The next best thing to the Stihl 090

It is easy enough to start although I feel the cord is a bit short and I keep pulling it right to the end which must shorten the cord life. I bought this to replace the loss of my 090 I do not think it is as good as my 090 but it is 5 kilos lighter, do not kid yourself the 880 a man's machine waving 10 kilos around is not easy. I am using it as a slab milling machine with a 50 inch bar, you have to sit back and coax the machine along you cannot push it too hard. It's nice to have the chain brake, the auto oiler doesn't push out enough oil for the big bar you have to stop cutting and let the oil get around. It is a good saw but I would still swap it for an 090 you cant compare 9hp to 14 hp.

January 6th 2019 Update: Excellent for slabbing

I've had it for some months now, cut a few 39 inch slabs 9 metres long, I have to stop and have a spell every so often. It generally starts well but on the odd occasion it has brought me to my knees and once I walked away from it, only to come back later and it just started. If I can use my Mccullock 10 10 (35 years old) I will every time but it only has a 16 inch bar, so for the big stuff it's the 880 and give it hell.
I have a skip tooth supposedly a ripping chain which is sharpened to 30 degrees and I get a lot of dust but with each sharpening I am changing to 10 degrees and th cut is improving, fuel does not last long but you have to expect that. All in all I'm pretty happy with it.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
I may have hp wrong depending on where you get the information from but having used both I can tell you the 090 will bury your feet in chips in no time there is no comparison between the two, that said the 880 is 5kg lighter easier to start and has the all important chain brake also when the spark plug insulator brakes down on the 090 it can give you some stimulating moments.I just seized mine during the week, very disappointing, I have a Mcculloch 10 10 I have owned and run for 35 years it is still going strong so I don't believe it is anything I have done wrong, I was 6 feet into a 40 inch slab all of a sudden it started running stronger 60 seconds later it just stopped dead, seized, I can only think something got into the main jet and caused it to run lean and seize there was no funny noises or pinginger the only warning was the increase in power???

If you need a chainsaw for really big logs this is the one for you.

I've had my MS880 for over 2 firewood seasons and can not fault it. Yes it's heavy and definitely not a saw for first time chainsaw operators and novices but I'm yet to find a log that it hasn't ripped through with easy. Like others on here I'm also an Aussie and I find that it does get a build up of fine saw dust on the air filter but with regular cleaning (about every second or third use) and an in-expensive pre-filter it's not really an issue. It has been a reliable saw starting on about the forth or fifth pull from a cold start and nearly always first pull when hot. I would definitely recommend a longer bar than the 25 inch bar that comes standard as it is in big timber where the saw really shines. Obviously this is not a saw for cutting up limbs and small timber but paired with 60-70cc saw for the smaller limbs/logs you'll have a great duo capable of tackling any size timber your find.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Apposlutly brilliant!The monster of all saws...

I bought my 880 brand new about 3 months ago and with out a doubt its one of the best tools I've ever bought... its really easy to start and has so much power it brings a smile to your face in the tuffest conditions. Eg: will drive a 42inch skiptooth chain though rock hard dry timber of that size or bigger almost as easy a my ms381 cuts green two foot rounds ;)... I also use the 880 for milling and with a ripping chain I can easily cut about 9-12 foot a minute green and about 6-9 foot a min in dry... to sum up if you want a good fallers saw for mobility and power up to 25inch get a ms381 pro if your looking to cut bigger or mill get a ms 880 magnum its only 3 kgs heavyer then the 381 with almost twice the power!

Does exactly what it's meant to do!!

Have had my 880 for around a year now, running a 36inch bar with full chisel and skip tooth chains, a 42" bar and a 25 for smaller rounds. First thing is first, before you buy a 880 go into stihl hold one and get a feel for it. I'm sick of people whinging about its weight, it's like buying a V8 and whinging about fuel economy, it's irrelevant it's a 121cc! It's a big burley saw, I've run around 70L of fuel through it now and have zero problems, as long as you keep an eye on the air filtration system. I cut red gum, red box, yellow box, iron bark, these rounds are often wider than my bar, it cuts with ease. Also have felled some massive trees with it and done a bit of milling.
Starting it is a breeze, generally around 4 pulls, let it warm up, away you go. People saying it's hard to start need to get to a gym or practise on their wipper snipper, honestly it's a breeze.
All in all I love the saw, I have owned a 660, used multiple 460s and farm bosses, all great saws, the torque of the 880 in big wood is amazing.
Admittedly you have to be pretty strong to handle one but one the saw is in the wood, it pulls its self through.
Unbeatable big saw, starts easy, cuts everything looks ridiculous, just don't buy one unless you've handled it in the flesh I love it, and after the run in service and tune it has even more guts!!

Great job


This saw is not for the weekend warrior or faint hearted, this is the most powerful commercial chainsaw currently available and takes a little getting used to. This saw is heavy particularly when used with extra long guide bars where it excels, however becomes very nose heavy.

It will handle a guide bar longer than most people are tall ( up to 84" or 2.13mtr ) when used with skip or extended skip chain.

I have compared this saw with both an MS660 Stihl and a Husky 395XP, the big 880 will cut at exactly double the speed of both when the same bar lengths are used. This is the saw to use where high production is required and weight is not a limiting factor.

There have been considerable improvements on this current model, although it looks the same, amongst other things the ignition system & flywheel, carburetor and crankcase have been changed.
It is a pity that the air filtration system has not been improved. Under certain circumstances the air filter will not seal on the base mounting plate and fine particle of dust can enter through the carburetor which acts like grinding paste on the cylinder bore. The air filter also has to be cleaned or changed very often. There is a severe service air filter kit sometimes available from Stihl which consists of a heavy duty flock type filter with an outer foam pre filter and cover plate ( rear cover is removed ) This should be a standard fitment in Australia as we mostly cut seasoned hardwood which generates a lot of fine sawdust, not green pine or softwood as they do in Europe or North America.

I have used this saw with bars up to 72" ( 1.83mtr ) bar cutting River Redgum up to 2.7 mtr diameter where it performed flawlessly.

Overall though this is the saw for the big timber/high production, it would rate 5/5 except for the poor air filtration system.

This review is for the latest model 880 with the stainless steel 2 piece muffler, not the model with 1 piece cast alloy muffler.
fairly reliable, big power, very robust, side chain adjuster, inertia chain brake
air filtration system is poor, vibration damping, quick fill oil and fuel caps

Very unreliable

Had very high hopes when we brough this saw that it would be as good as the Stihl salesman said it would be but the saw sadly spent more time back at the dealers workshop than what it did cutting wood. The saw had plenty of grunt and felt nice to cut with when it wasn't broken. The engine siezed up on me after its 5th tank of fuel, got it back from the dealer and the saw would stall out and wouldn't rev, another trip back to the dealer there. Got it back off them again and the bar lube oil pump all but stopped working, wrecking a 30" bar and chain, the saw also started to idle at about 1/3 throttle on and off when it felt like it, making it unsafe and awkward to use. The Stihl dealership ended up giving us our money back after quite a few long and heated phone discussions. Would deffinetly NOT recomend anyone buy one of these saws.

Unreliable, constantly broke down.

Questions & Answers

Would you run a 22" bar off a 088ms for speed cutting through a 30-40cm radiata pine?
2 answers
Bars from 17" to 84" can be used on a MS880, I do run 21" on one of mine.I run a 25” for smaller rounds but always on hard fwood, a 460 or 660 would cut just as fast with a 21”bar, would be overkill but can be done easily

what is the fuel consumption?
1 answer
Off the top of my head I think you would use about a tank an hour, you cannot expect great fuel consumption with a saw of this size. I'll restate how much fuel it uses, slabbing blue gum and ironbark with a 50 inch bar I would say 20 minutes to half an hour even that could be an over statement, but running out of fuel is a welcome rest.

What was the retail price of a magnum 880 chainsaw back in 2013? What model would be the equivalent chainsaw today in price and performance?
3 answers
With cash back, from memory it cost around $2600, they still make the ms880 and from what I've read they haven't changed the design, if you're not after a huge saw, the MS 660 or 661 I think it's called now is an extremely capable saw and more practical, will easily run larger bars alsoI think the retail was around $2700, there is nothing else that compares to the MS880 which had a major upgrade in 2011, there really is not any other equivalent to the 880 except the Husqvarna 3120 119cc which is a very old design and and does not perform as well as the Stihl, also I have run bars to 72" on the 880 with the appropriate chain and no problems. If you are cutting commercially as I do time is money, and the 880 cuts at double the speed of a 660 or 395XP.I fell for the biggest cable logger in the southern hemisphere. I regularly encountered trees 14 ft through. My saw would use 12 litres of fuel a day, and I would not walk it out of the cable slope. It stayed there for months till the slope was finished. My saw of choice was a 3120 xp. And had used the ms880 with upgraded "looks", which is still a relatively old saw. LOL! It does not run the extra lube that the 3120xp does, and honestly struggles to keep bar tips lubed beyond a 28" bar. It Revs however. And if you want hp falling pine plantation it can more than match the 3120, but parts are 5 x dearer! The 3120 achieves its power through torque, and when the going gets tough, it is governed about 2000 rpm lower than the stihl so it lugs heavy and won't fly to bits. But don't ever run stihl chain on a 3120xp, it will pull the eyes clean out of the drive links. Stihl 404 chain has a much smaller pin through the chain and simply can't handle the torque of a 3120xp. And if you want any further evidence, watch any YouTube competition. The ms880 is at least 2 seconds behind the 3120xp in any given cut. The only other major difference between these 2 saws is one uses rubber engine isolators and one uses springs. The rubber will eventually go soft and need replacing, the springs will not. The both use Walbro carburettors, so any argument on which starts better is null and void.


MS 880 Magnum
Price (RRP) $2,799.00
Bar Length63 cm
Weight9.8 kg
Engine Displacement121.6 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity1,300 mL
Release dateMar 2008

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