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Stihl RMA 510

Stihl RMA 510

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Have had several size variations of these mowers at 2 x work sites I frequent over the past few years now, currently for the past 6 to 8 months using the RMA510's. Numerous people use them pending whom is available at the time when the lawns need doing, have spoken to all on occasion about them and the general concensis is unanimous, they all love them - bar no-one, so I tried one out for myself the other day on a couple of hundred sqaure meter area that was quiet high and etremely lush thanks due to auto sprinkler systems and immediately upon return home have now bought one. I did however have to remove the rubber flap on the back of the deck as it may ( I assume) be a safety feature for rocks etc, but it drags heavilly on the ground and increases the resistance to push by quiet a bit on the 2 lowest settings. 5 screws and 10 minutes later is now gone and a different machine altogether - tis now perfect IMO. Was told about this flap at work by someone and to get rid of it as it may be ok on a golf coarse but in reality who has one of them at " Joe Average Ville" so off it must come! Very quiet, especially in Eco mode as it runs much slower in Light going and speeds up automatically in the heavier areas. My only gripe is the cost of the batteries, unjustifiably expensive in my oppinion, however I did buy the AP300 which is a bit more expensive than the smaller batteries but still, the price cannot be justified even if they are Lithium. We have 3 batteries at each worksite and all 6 are now at least 3-4 years old as they were purchased with the original smaller mowers and all are still going after litterally hundreds of recharges as the Leaf Blowers ( we have them and the battery powered weed eaters as well) have done thousands of hours over the years, so hopefully that will equate to mega years out of a battery for home useage or I will not be replacing it whilst the prices are rediculous. So, only time will tell on that point. I now intend to buy the weed eater and Blower when funds allow for it, and again, the general consensis is the blowers are a tad bulky but extremely good, and the whipper snippers adequate for light to medium use with the same battery being common to all 3 units thankfully. Also worth mentioning is the Charging time for the battery, it arrived on power level 1 upon purchase, put on charge, arrived at power level 4 being fully charged after about 20-30 minutes, so very quick. Also as a second oppinion, my wife used the mower yesterday for a bit and hasnt stopped raving about it as she hates noise.

Date PurchasedFeb 2019


I am unable to mow the lawns and my wife who is 155 cms tall and weighs in at a massive 53 kilos, is the one who mows our reasonably large lawns. We prefer not to "shave" our lawn, and keep the grass at about 25mm high. Our property has four big Magnolia trees and so we normally have large, leathery and heavy leaves to "vacuum up" when mowing. We had an old 4 stroke petrol mower, but despite regular servicing, it was sometimes difficult to start.

We decided we needed a replacement, and without any preconceived ideas visited our local Stihl shop to see what was available. The RMA 510 caught our eye, and we purchased one. Arriving home we read the reviews here and it was with a great deal of trepidation that "She Who Must Be Obeyed" ventured forth to mow. Fortunately unlike us "mere males" she did read the instruction manual, and so refrained from using the eco setting.

She informed me that using it was a "doddle". It was easy to push and manoeuvre, it picked up all the leaves, and she had a very wide smile on her face when she finished. The catcher had plenty of capacity, and only one bar of our AP300 was used for a half hours running.

She would highly recommend this mower, and that is more than good enough for me!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Don't buy this mower

This mower is Rubbish! Bought Saturday returned Monday morning and bought a REAL mower. The lowest setting is way too high, under-powered, Assured by the dealer this is up for the job. What a Disappointing purchase Don't believe what your told by dealers. This mower is a TOY. At nearly $1000 A total waste of money!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Underpowered for buffalo grass

The 510 is advertised to be suitable for medium sized lawns. That should be conditional on you having plenty of time and the lawn is not buffalo. No comparison with a 4 stroke which did the same job easily. Another problem is the blade deck sits low and makes the mower very difficult to push on a low height setting, although even the lowest setting is comparatively high.
Would definitely not recommended this machine.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

A great mower - very quiet

I got sick of my Briggs & Stratton powered Victa lawnmower and its easy to clog and hard to clean plastic carburettor jets. I already have Stihl battery powered tools but using the previous high capacity AP180 which is in between the current AP200 and AP300 for power so took the chance that the RMA 510 would be fine.

It is. The smaller capacity AP180 battery was enough to cut my 200 sqm "lawn" as well as around 50 sqm of rough long grass in the adjoining reserve. In all, mowing for around 20 minutes. I still had 20% battery power at the end and the Eco switch was turned off for all but 1 minute. The difference with it on and off is minimal but I could hear the engine was running just a little quieter (likely slower). Will try it with the Eco switch on all the time with the next mow.

This machine is quiet - extremely quite despite the dB label which seems to indicate otherwise. I used the mulching setup and it worked well using cutting settings 1 and 2. Setting 1 is a little harder to push the mower but not overwhelming. I don't think the flap at the back helps.

The rough stuff was tamed at cutting height 5.

I have had a mains powered 240v - 2200W electric mower before and it was great (other than the cord getting in the way). While the RMA 510 doesn't quite seem to have the same grunt (obviously as it is 1100W), it never seemed lacking - I would call it adequate rather than powerful.

The build quality is great other than the battery cover which scratches easily. The metal deck isn't the thickest but it seems fine. It would have been nice to have a power level indicator at with the switch on the handle and closer spacing between the cutting heights - at times I found I wanted a cutting height halfway between 1 and 2. I didn't use the catcher - it seems cavernous but I wonder how long it would last.

BTW, the mulching was excellent. I recommend this mower, especially if you already have batteries.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Stihl's Best?

I purchased the"best" most expensive manual electronic mower Stihl makes... IT IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO PUSH. In addition, even with a fully charged battery it could not completely mow my small garden home yard without a second recharge. It runs exceptionally well. Sounds quiet and powerful... Looks "cutting edge" but that's the kindest thing I can say regarding it's cutting ability... Impressive technology, easy one hand height adjust - But my Advise: Do not spend $600.00 on a mower you have to push with a pickup truck! Tomorrow I go back to the store to buy a second $150.00 backup battery... Really?

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Hard to push

This mower is hard to push, i think the blade is too high in the deck so to get a good cut it drags the deck. I've gone back to using my old petrol mower my yard is flat and the grass if not real thick would hate to use this mower on hills.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Excellent Mower - plenty of power and battery life

When our ancient petrol mower gave up the ghost, I looked into battery powered mowers. This is a big push mower with wide cutting. It will cost you as much as a good quality 4-stroke petrol mower, but the battery and charger can be used with other Stihl products. And you won't have to mess around with jerry cans and petrol/oil top ups (and oil changes). And pull starting.

We don't have a large area of lawn - I can get it all mowed in about 15 minutes - and I got 3 mows before the low battery warning. Recharge time depends on the charger you buy. Mine charges fully 75 min (you can get a faster charger).

The mower is much quieter then petrol, and I would highly recommend it as a replacement for petrol push mowers. It has space for an extra battery should you have a large yard. It folds up very nicely and will fit in a garden shed.

The cost of the batteries is high, but costs are likely to go down over the years. So when you do need a replacement, it will likely be cheaper. I don't know if its cheaper than petrol in the long run, but certainly easier to maintain and much easier to start.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Questions & Answers

Very hard to push at times, do you have a solution? It is a poor design ( hard to push, keeps bottoming out) from a company I would have expected more from, What a waste of my time and energy...come on Stihl, sort this issue out please
4 answers
We have one and have absolutely no problem. Perhaps you need to raise the height slightly.Thanks Paddy for your response. Problem is every time you raise the height the grass catches up ( grows higher) and then i'm in the same situation again. I'm on setting 2 now and it's hopeless at times. It's a design fault and this mower is not suited for all types of lawns and terrains. Even the fins underneath dig in at times where I would not expect them to. I have been mowing my lawns for 40 years and have never experienced this problem before with other brands. I like what the battery feature of this mower and hoping there is a fix. Cheers GaryHi Gary. I removed the rubber flap at the bottom below the catcher outlet. It fouls on the ground on number 1 setting. This sorted the same problem I was having, its obviously a rock stopper though so keep that in mind if you choose to remove it. Also they are made to be used as a tool thats used often. If I leave mine more than 10 days the grass gets high enough to start fouling again but I dont have any problems at all if used every 5 to 7 days. Hope this helps. Cheers.

Will the charger for an ap180 charge an ap300 battery?
2 answers
Yes. All the AP batteries are the same physical size - charging time varies with capacity. The AP180 battery was the highest capacity battery until the introduction of the AP300.Dear Peter, Thank you


Stihl RMA 510
CategoryBattery Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $549
Power SourceBattery (Removable)
FeaturesFoldable Handle and Mulching Capability
Catcher Type Collapsible
Catcher Capacity75 L
Cutting Deck MaterialAluminium Alloy
Cutting Width510 mm
Height of Cut38 mm to 90 mm
Noise Level70 dB
Voltage 36 V
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Engine / Motor
TypeLithium-Ion Battery
Name36V Lithium-Ion Motor

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