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Very Bad Experience

Stoddart Building Products were contracted by Fairhaven Homes to install the roof to our new house. The day we moved in, it was very very noise even at night. I have contacted the builder as well as stoddarts directly several times but initially they says coz its a new house tats why its noisy and will settle with in 4-6 months but the prob is still continues and now they claiming that it is noisy because there is no Sarking under the roof and dont want to solve the problem. Noise is that loud sometimes that my 6 year old son is afraid even going to toilet alone.
Guys plz do check when signing a contract with builder or replacing ur roof with Stoddarts. I dont recommend Stoddarts and Fairhaven(Builder) at all.
Good Luck

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Hi Aman, I'm sorry to hear that your newly built home is making a lot of noise and causing you problems. Please contact us directly (marketing@stoddarts.com.au) so that we can investigate this further and help resolve the problem for you. Thanks, Mai

Whirlybird fell after 4 years

We had Whirlybird installed through Henley (builder). After 4 years, it fell down. We called Stoddard who said that warranty was only for 12 months and were trying to evade my question as to why it would fall. The plumber who installed a new one said it was screwed. The fixing was not strong and overtime the screws became loose. He was surprised that Stoddart did not glue this as well. Also it is appalling that the workmanship has a warranty of ONLY 12 months.

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Hi Sahara, Could you please contact us directly (marketing@stoddarts.com.au) so that we can investigate this further to help rectify this for you. Thanks, Mai

Roof leaks

Stoddarts were contracted to install the roof on my house.

It leaked badly 2 years after construction and was "repaired" by a young bloke who left all the replaced screws, cigarette butts and lunch wrappings on the roof.

2 years later, a major leak occurred and I discovered that the incorrect roof sheet profile had been installed during construction.
A large area of roof was replaced.

This year (2019) during heavy rain, the same roof section leaked and damaged a large area of the ceiling.
An independent insurance assessor inspected the roof section and stated it was the worst installation he had encountered.

Lysaght warranty has just expired and I am left with a useless section of roof that I cannot afford to replace.
My advice is, do not even consider this company for roof installation.

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Hi Bill, I'm so sorry to hear about all your roofing issues. Please email me directly (marketing@stoddarts.com.au) your address and I will help look into this further. Thanks, Mai

Horrible work done

This company did the fascia and guttering for our home. Box gutters were not done well to the point that water is pooling in the ceiling of our entrance portico. Roof tiles were also not properly and water is leaking into our masters bedroom! We've been asking them to rectify the issue but it has been months and it still has not been resolved.

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Hi Patrick, Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with us. So I can look into this further for you, can you please let me know which of our branch did the job? I will try to get this matter fixed for you. Thanks, Mai

Excellent service, quality product, great installation crew.

I recently had a sectional garage door installed in Brisbane and I received excellent service from the state manager who has gone out of his way to be very helpful. The crew who installed the door were professional and persevered to fit and adjust the door into an opening that left them little headroom.

I am very happy with my choice of supplier and the quality of the product and would not hesitate to recommend the Brisbane team to anybody.


Hopeless Service

Have got a garage door making hella creaking noise which was yes installed by Stoddart. The customer service personality does not understand we are working people who have no time except for Saturday\ Sunday or afternoons. Am wondering where is customer service?

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Hi Josh, Sorry to hear you've had a bad experience with us. So I can look into this further for you, can you please let me know where you're located? Thanks, Eve

Rude Cheeky Tradies

Stoddard Group tradies were putting roof on house being built next door to us. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac and the tradies have been using our driveway to access that property - in doing this they have damaged the gutters and drain pipes underneath. I went out to ask them to please NOT do that (had to yell to be heard over the blaring loud music they were playing) and got cheeky grins in response. I took my own sign out and put it up so they could not drive through there (while one of them was ranting at me about feeling sorry for new owners having to live next to me!). When they left their final gesture was to back over my sign and toss a water bottle out of the window on to the road!

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Hi Jimme, we're really disappointed to hear about the experience you've had with our contractors, it doesn't align with the level of professionalism we hold ourselves accountable to. Could you please let me know where this happened so I can look into it further? You can reply here or contact me at evef@stoddarts.com.au. Kind Regards, Eve

Pathetic Customer Service

Been waiting for two months for a tradesman from Stoddarts to turn up and repair a simple leaking gutter they installed on our new Masterton home. Made numerous phone calls only to be given excuses and rescheduled appointments. No surprise their overall rating is less than two stars.
Masterton homes need to consider using another supplier/fitter of these products.

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Hello, we're really sorry to hear about the experience you've had with our team. Could you please email me at evef@stoddarts.com.au with your name, contact details and property address and I will get the team to investigate ASAP. Again, please accept my apologies and I look forward to getting this resolved for you. Eve


Utter disappointment in what is supposed to be a well respected company.

Attempted to book in a garage door service. It took being bounced in between 3 administration girls in an attempt to take my booking. I was then expected to pay the FULL invoice BEFORE the technician would attend, with no definite explanation of what the costs would include/exclude. Then to be transferred to accounts to pay the invoice that i had not received, or they could not find. I was called back hours later after they had found the amount i would have to pay. To then be told i should pay by credit card, but there is a surcharge, "other payment options are available, but it would take days to have payment approved and then they would call back to make an alternative booking"

With administration systems like this, no wonder they are more expensive than every one else.

Patio Install Failure

Stoddart installed patio roof using Bondor insulated panels 12 years ago on my new house. Because it was installed incorrectly moisture wicked its way through the polystyrene and rusted the roof out. Stoddart said "At the seven year mark we are no longer responsible." It took weeks to get any response from Stoddart and then it dragged out over six months and they would not respond in writing. You can check out my Youtube clip on the subject.

Hi Ross, first off please let me apologise for the service you received, I took your complaint directly to our Managing Director and he was upset to hear about your experience with us. I believe we have worked to repair the patio and I hope we were able to provide you with a better experience. Kind Regards, EveHi Eve. Thanks for responding. Yes, the local manager did respond by sending a man to cut out and patch the dozens of rust holes. His workmanship was very good. I think we have struck a compromise with Stoddarts. I have more questions about the Bondor panels or the Colourbond sheeting since seeing the cutouts.

Worst example of customer service

We bought a home from a large builder who unfortunately uses stoddards group for installing roofing on their homes. We rang stoddarts group about a leak in the roof. I was told we were out of warranty. I said I am willing to pay to have the issue resolved. The rep promised to ring back. Never did. I rang back and left a message for the rep to ring back. No response. I made a feedback/complaint on the national Web site. No response. I have concluded this is the worst company I have ever dealt with regarding cusomer service. I would check to see what contractor installs the roof on your new home and make an appropriate decision if you don't want the experience that we have had.

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I was contacted by state management who sent the local manager to our place. He inspected the roof, gave me his card. Fortunately, the leak has been repaired by myself.

Terrible Customer Service

Stoddart Building Products were contracted by Courage Homes to install the roof to our house. The day we moved in, the roof leaked. I happened to be home when one of their workers came to have a look at the roof. I overheard him on the mobile phone telling some one back at the office, that this was one of the worst jobs he had seen done.

I lost count on how many times they visited to try to fix the problem. With the long dry years, we did not know whether it was fixed or not. The 2011 heavy rain event confirms our fears, it had not been fixed.

Then as we all know, Courage Homes collapsed. They had not arranged for the roof leaks to be stopped, or the damaged ceilings repaired.

Interesting, when Stoddart were approached to see what sort of attitude they might have to the repair, they readily recalled the problem however were not interested in attending to any repair.

Great customer service Stoddart's.

I have had a few opportunities to share this story in person, however thought I would use the power of the web to share with a few more.



Questions & Answers

Stoddarts did our roof, we were in the house for just a couple of months when we got a storm an the roof leaked, we got on to stoddarts and they came out and did something and said the roof is fixed, a couple of months later im summer again, get our first rain and it is pouring into the house! Rang stoddarts, its been 3 weeks, raining now again and it is pouring in!!!! Worst experience ever!!! What will stoddarts do?????
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Call the relevant area manager. They fixed our roof leak. After a couple of goes. Very happy with the response. Don't give up keep complaining until the problem is fixed.Hi Charl. I feel the pain. I would get another "experienced" and "trusted" roof installer or competent plumber to look at the installation and give an opinion. Then take those findings to Stoddarts. In my case (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDVBIT0UzQU ) Stoddarts used an installer that simply did not do the job properly in the first place and the real problem only manifest with a rusted roof 12 years later. It took 12 months for them to come and do a patch up job (23 patches). I'll have to replace to whole roof in the future. Hope they give you better service than I got.Hi Charl, where are you located? In general, the best way to approach any warranty works is to contact your builder who will work with us to resolve the issue. Please feel free to contact me directly on evef@stoddarts.com.au with more detail.

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