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Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges

Strepsils Honey & Lemon Lozenges

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The only good thing about them is their taste

I get quite often throat infections. I tried many times to alleviate the symptoms (itchy or painful throat, coughing) with Strepsils Honey & Lemon, but I could not find any difference between taking and not taking Strepsils. They are supposed to have some antibacterial effects, but to me, there is no difference between Strepsils and any other candies. As I mentioned, they have a pleasant taste and they may help people due to the placebo effect.

Not good enough

Strepsils or any throat lozenges never worked for me and have stopped buying them well over 10 years ago. I seek medical advice and I am prescribed antibiotics after 3 days with a sore throat. Sore throats can be sign of something of a more serious outcome, so having a sore throat from more than 3 days seek a GP.


This is an expensive lozenge, but can be found on sale in some of the cheaper chemists. It has a wonderful soothing honey and lemon flavour which really does make my sore and pained throat feel much better. It also helps supress my cough as well. Overall, I have used this many times in the past and besides the numbing of the tastebuds for a couple of days, it really works well for me.
I always try to have this in the house so that if I get a sore throat, I will have this to use.
It works, but it is strong and if I use it for a couple of days, it burns my tastebuds and the sides of my cheeks, so I cannot taste anything for a couple of days afterwards.

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these are designed to help bacteria throat infections, therefore should only be available by prescription. i had them thinking it would help, sub since i only had a very very small sore throat( no bacteria) may be i did not have sore throat, but i felt like having one of that lozenge as my nose were blocked and it was very cold! i was in deep shock. after having the lozenge it made my throat numb and my mouth was continuously producing saliva, i think the bacteria inside the lozenge killed my good bacteria. over all it took a day to recover..!! Such a shame Medical Australia not taking them off super market shelf(displayed like nice lozenges!! this thing has bacteria man.. wake up!!

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